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10 Best Biscuit Joiners Of 2021 [Reviews And Buyer’s Guide]


Last Updated on August 7, 2021 by Bright Ochuko

If you make and assemble furniture, a biscuit joiner is a woodworking power tool for joinery. You should have one in your workshop.

With a biscuit joiner, you can create a strong and lasting joint with two pieces of wood without the need for any additional supports. It also saves time and effort needing to hammer them together.

A biscuit joiner helps in cutting slots for the biscuits in the wood you want to join and align properly.

The biscuit joints are perfect for making quick miters that can use whatever type of glue is most convenient for you.

Joining solid wood edging to a veneered plywood is a breeze with biscuits in place.

If you’re looking to get an end table for your living room, you should consider the many brands and types of end tables available because each person has different needs.

The type of software you choose will largely depend on your desired features, pricing and how easy it is to use or handle

Here in this article are the 10 best biscuit joiners you can choose from.

1. Dewalt DW682K Biscuit Joiner Kit

dewalt biscuit joiner

Equipped with a powerful 6.5 Amps motor which spins at a speed of 10,000 rpm, the Dewalt DW682K biscuit joiner is capable of cutting through any wood you’re working with, hard or soft.

The table saw has a built-in dual system which assures the blade and fence are parallel so you can make exact joints each time.

You can adjust the fence from 0 to 90 degrees easily to make any type of angled cut you want to make. It has a notch in the 45 degree angle which makes cutting slots for miter joints very easy.

You can make flush cuts without removing the fence, and there are positive depth stops for all of the common biscuit sizes.

The Dewalt DW682K biscuit joiner has a tough aluminum shoe that provides a level of durability necessary for medium and heavy duty projects.

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2. Porter Cable Plate/Biscuit Joiner Kit

porter cable plate joiner

With a Porter Cable plate joiner, you have a reliable tool that lets you create slots for biscuit joints on any surface of wood for a jigsaw or circular saw.

It comes equipped with a power 7 amp motor which rotates the blade at a speed of 10,000 rpm.

You can tilt the fence from 0 degrees to 135 degrees easily to make any type of angled biscuit joint.

It comes with two blades. A 4 inch blade for making standard sized cuts and a 2 inch blade for making finer cuts up to 1-1/2 inches.

The porter cable biscuit joiner has seven different cutting settings so you can use it for any project, and a 7-position rotating depth stops so you can switch between different biscuit sizes for each joint.

It’s portable and easy to handle, weighing just 7.5 lbs and measuring just over 7 inches in height.

3. Makita PJ7000 Biscuit Joiner

makita PJ7000

Makita’s PJ7000 biscuit joiner features a rack and pinion fence system that makes it easy to make angled cuts..

This device has a 700 watt motor that can spin up to 11,000 rpm. That alone is enough power to cut through any type of wood you’re working with.

With the cover open, you can install new blades or replacement blades. When closed, it will prevent the blade from spinning to keep the workpiece safe.

There are 6 pre-set cutting depth settings, and one touch stops of 0, 10 and 20 you can use to make cuts for common biscuit sizes.

You can adjust the fence quickly using a provided cam lock & positive stops to make common angle cuts.

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4. REXBETI Biscuit Joiner Kit

REXBETI plate joiner

One of the best biscuit joiners you can use when completing woodworking projects is the REXBETI REX031.

The Dremel 3000 is a handheld power tool that can be used no matter the type of tool you’re working with. Its weight is only 7 lbs and it has a powerful motor producing a no load speed of 10,000 rpm.

The REX031 comes equipped with a 4 inche blade and it has a cut depth capacity of 15 mm.

The fence is able to be adjusted from 0 to 90 degrees and it’s suitable for making biscuit joints no matter the type of joint or angle with which you want to make the joinery.

There are stops at 0 degrees, 45 and 90 degrees respectively, to ensure ease of cuts at commonly used angles.

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5. AOBEN Biscuit Joiner

AOBEN plate joiner

An AOBEN is an indispensable tool for professionals in the woodworking industry. It can help you install biscuits anywhere, so it’s worth investing in one.

If you’re a woodworker or cabinet maker, you can minimize time spent cutting slots or biscuits with this biscuit joiner. It has all the features you need and is easy to operate for any level of skill.

The AOBEN features preset stops for the most common sizes of biscuits you use for your projects like the size 0, 10, and 20.

It’s common for not only bakers but also manual joiners to come with various sizes that can be adjusted manually. You can do this for any custom biscuit size if you’re working on a project that requires special made sizes.

The A0BEN is equipped with an 8.7 Amp motor that spins the blade at a no load speed of 11,000 rpm–this means it can do any type of woodworking you want, no matter what j/w joinery you’re working with.

It has a diameter of 4 inches and weighs 7.6 pounds. It is very portable, easy to grip, and this makes it one of the best woodworking tools in terms of its ability to perform tasks with finesse that other similar devices lack.

6. Ryobi-JM83K-AC

ryobi jm83k-ac biscuit joiner kit

The Ryobi-JM83K-AC is a great tool to cut slots for biscuit joinery. It cost less than other units we reviewed and has a variety of other compatible accessories.

The Ryobi features a sharp carbide chrome tipped blade, metal rack and pinion fence and balanced adjustable side wings to slice through any thickness of metal reliably and accurately.

The adjustable height is not only very simple to use, but it’s also easy to hold with its ergonomic handle.

Ryobi is excited to announce that they now offer the new 6 amp motor tool, which is capable of spinning the blade at 11,000 RPM and cutting through any wood you are working on no matter how hard it is.

With it you can cut slots from at different angles from 0 degrees to 135 degrees and it has positive stops at 0, 45, 90 and 135 degrees, so you can work at commonly used angles.

7. Makita XJP03Z 18V Cordless Biscuit Plate Joiner

makita xjp03z 18v cordless biscuit joiner

Want an effective cordless biscuit joiner? This Makita XJP03Z will provide exactly that. It’ll be convenient, easy to use & very reliable.

You can even cut slots for the different sizes of cookies, and there are preset depths to stop you from over cutting.

The XJP03Z comes equipped with a rack and pinion vertical fence system which you can use to make accurate adjustments for the joints you want to cut.

8. Gino Development 01-0102

gino development 01-0102

Talking about biscuit joiners, the Gino Development 01-0102 is a great choice for a low-priced option from reputable manufacturers.

With a maximum cutting depth of 0.55 inches and a cutting angle from 0- 45 degrees, you can use it to cut slots at different angles for different joints.

It comes equipped with hard tungsten carbide tipped blade you can use to cut through any type of wood.

9. VonHaus 8.5 Amp Plate Joiner

With a hard tungstens blade, this 8.5 amp biscuit plate joiner is designed well for cutting slots in your biscuits.

Since the fence is adjustable, you can set it at different angles and at preset depths to easily cut your biscuit slots. It also has preset stops for cutting the standard size slots as well as other sizes.

The large ergonomic top handle makes it easy to take along with you throughout your workday.

10. Lamello Top 21 101500 Biscuit Joiner

lamello adjustable cutter height biscuit joiner

Cut biscuit slots at angles from 0 to 135 degrees with this Lamello 101500 adjustable height biscuit joiner.

The Lamello biscuit joiner has a repeatable adjustable blade height and a stop square that mounts under the workpiece for support when cutting slots close to the end of it.

It comes equipped with a powerful electronically controlled 800 Watts smart motor with a stop start feature and overload protection.

With it, you can cut biscuits on even the hardest of woods as it’s equipped with a 6 tooth carbide scoring blade.

This tool is really expensive compared to the others, but it’s a great addition to any project.

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