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10 Best Fake Amazon Review Checker


As an Amazon customer, you’ll be more interested in purchasing a product when you read positive reviews from other customers who have previously bought it and vice versa.

As an Amazon seller, you understand how customers feel about your products from the reviews they leave behind.

The problem here is that not all reviews on Amazon are legit. Some merchants plant positive reviews on their product pages to entice customers while they plant negative ones on that of their competitors to beat them.

Detecting fake Amazon reviews is not so easy. You’ll need a fake Amazon review checker and I’ve researched the 10 best ones that are used mostly by both buyers and sellers.

To start with, I will show you the best fake Amazon reviewer checker tools for buyers.

Check them out.

Best Fake Amazon Review Checker For Buyers

1. Fakespot 

This fake Amazon review checker tool was founded in 2016 by Saoud Khalifah. It was developed to help Amazon buyers to analyze and identify fake reviews and counterfeit products.

Fakespot is easy to use. In fact, you can check for fake Amazon reviews in three ways with Fakespot.

First of all, you can copy an Amazon product URL and paste it on the Fakespot analyzer bar on their website. Then, click analyze. 

The next is by installing the Chrome extension and it is the easiest. With the Chrome extension, you can check for fake reviews on the go as you browse. 

The third option for checking negative Amazon reviews with Fakespot is by using either its iOS or Android app.

Fakespot uses AI which is why the platform is one of the best fake Amazon review checkers. Their chrome extension alone has over 300,000 users.

When you scan product reviews with Fakespot, the tool highlights each review based on what the customer is saying.

This includes highlights on quality, competitiveness, price, shipping, and packaging. That way, you can simply identify the specific review information you are looking for. 

You don’t pay to use this tool. The analyzer bar on the website, Chrome extension, and mobile apps are all free to use.

However, the analyzer bar will work only on Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome, Brave Browser, and Microsoft Edge. 

Conversely, Fakespot doesn’t work for Amazon alone unlike its alternatives. You can use it for other online shopping websites such as eBay, Walmart, Sephora, and Best Buy.

2. Review Meta

The developers of this tool describe it as a must-have for Amazon shoppers. Review Meta scans Amazon product links for reviews and examines them after which a report is generated.

It takes a while for this process to be complete, could be up to two minutes for products with so many reviews. 

From the report, you get an adjusted rating from the Amazon rating. For instance, if a product is rated 4.6 stars on Amazon, Review Meta might rate it differently and the rating will be a lot lower if many fake reviews were detected. 

You will get a report like this “While claims 65 Ratings, we counted 28 Reviews available on their site”.

In other words, Review Meta doesn’t take user ratings (which the platform calls “one tap ratings”) into consideration, just the reviews. 

Review Meta grades the product reviews on three scales; Pass, Warn, and Fail. Also, the tool identifies the most trusted and least trusted reviews.

Review Meta’s reports are very well detailed as every score is explained. Graphs and charts are also used making the reports a lot easier to digest.

If there have been incentivized reviews (reviews prohibited by Amazon) or deleted reviews, the report lists them all. 

The report generated by Review Meta also includes other information about the product.

This includes the last update date, title history, and report history (reports generated by other users on the same product). 

You can analyze reviews on the Review Meta website or use the browser extensions available for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

Also, there are Android and iOS mobile apps. They are free like Fakespot. 

3. The Review Index

The Review Index is a simple fake Amazon review checker that is mostly used by buyers.

It was launched in 2017 and works by checking for quantifying recurring patterns in reviews. 

To use the Review Index, simply copy and paste the Amazon URL in the box provided on the website and click summarize.

From the report, you get an over 10 score based on the number of verified reviews against unverified reviews.

You also get a Spam Test result. If it’s a PASS, then the majority of the reviews are genuine, if it’s a FAIL then the majority of the reviews are fake. For in-between reviews, you get a WARN sign.

This tool lists out reviews according to the product features. 

For example, running a review check on the Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS Running Watch Black Gray, the reviews are categorized on features like running, heart rate, GPS, battery life, notifications, pedometer, software, reliability, comfort, compatibility, and more.

For every category, the verified reviews are separated from the fake.  

In detailed mode, you can view and read all the verified and fake reviews. Also included in the review report are recommended products. 

You can use this tool to check for fake reviews on different Amazon markets including the US, UK, Canada, and India. It also works for Steam and Flipkart. 

Furthermore, it is free to use and you can either check for fake reviews from the website or download and install the browser extensions to check on-the-go.

In fact, The Review Index has browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

4. AppBot

If you are an Amazon buyer that loves shopping via the Amazon mobile application, this fake review checker is ideal for you. 

It was developed to check product reviews and ratings on mobile apps. In fact, it is a top review checker used by companies like Verizon, Twitter, Microsoft, BMW, The New York Times, etc. 

While it is primarily used to check app reviews of apps on the App Store and Google Play Store, you can also use AppBot to analyze product reviews on 

AppBot is very different from other Amazon review checkers. Reviews are analyzed and presented in easy-to-understand forms.

In fact, user sentiment, review volume, and star rating are put into consideration when analyzing the genuineness of reviews. 

An advantage of AppBot over other fake Amazon review checkers is third-party integrations. AppBot seamlessly integrates with numerous third-party sites including Slack, Zendesk, Zapier, Freshdesk, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, etc. 

Although this tool is mostly used by buyers, Amazon merchants with a team can easily share their findings on reviews with others.

5. AppBot Pricing

To use AppBot, you can opt for any of the following pricing plans:

  • Small Plan – $39 per month
  • Medium Plan – $79 per month 
  • Large Plan – $149 per month 
  • Enterprise Plan – $349 per month 

Note: For checking fake Amazon reviews, the small plan is enough as it gives you access to all standard features, although it supports only one user.

Now, I will show you the best fake Amazon review checker tools that are mostly used by sellers.

Best Fake Amazon Review Checker For Sellers

6. AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is a review checker tool for Amazon merchants. It was developed as an offense and defense strategy tool for Amazon sellers.

For checking fake Amazon reviews, you’ll use the defense strategy features.

With this tool, you can guard your listings as an Amazon seller and eliminate fake negative reviews from malicious competitors.

This works via alerts and before it’ll work, you have to turn on review monitoring for your products.

When set up with your store, the AMZ tracker will alert you whenever anyone leaves a review or rating that’s less than 5 stars.

Immediately, you can read the review, check if what the customer is saying about your product is true or false, and respond to it.

An advantage of using AMZ tracker is that it is optimized to work with different Amazon markets.

This includes Amazon US, Canada, Germany, Japan, UK, China, India, Spain, Brazil, France, and Italy.

AMZ Tracker Pricing 

This tool is not just for review checking, there is so much more you can do with it; hence, AMZ Tracker isn’t offered for free. 

Here are its pricing plans:

  • Corporate 3 Plan – $1,600 per month for monthly subscription, or $1,333.30 per month for annual subscription
  • Corporate 2 Plan – $800 per month for monthly billing, or $666.70 per month when billed annually
  • Legend Plan – $300 per month for monthly subscription, or $333.30 per month for an annual subscription
  • God Mode Plan – $200 per month for monthly subscription, or $166.70 per month for an annual subscription
  • Professional Plan – $100 per month for monthly subscription, or $83.30 per month when billed yearly
  • Basic Plan – $50 per month when billed monthly, or $41.70 per month for an annual subscription

Note: For just checking fake reviews, you can go with either its Basic or Professional plan.

6. Review Monitoring

This is an all-in-one platform for product review monitoring no matter your platform, product, or service. Nevertheless, it exclusively features an Amazon Review Checker. 

Review checking on this platform is automated which means there’s less work for you to do. For product reviews, it can be used by both Amazon merchants and buyers.

When you scan a product using this tool, it categorizes all reviews into three – verified, unverified, and vine – and you can view details of each review.

The verified reviews are the real ones, those from certified Amazon buyers so you can focus on them.

The unverified ones might be genuine or not, while the vine ones are those you can refer to as fake.

Review Monitoring is not a free Amazon review checker since its pricing plans are custom.

To get started, you should contact them to request a quick demo. It takes a little over 15 minutes for a demo setup after which you’ll be given login details. 

You can use the demo for about 3 months (90 days) after which you’ll have to pay to continue using it.

Nevertheless, with a Review Monitoring account, you can add an unlimited number of users and track reviews of more than 10,000 Amazon products at a time. 

Other shopping websites with exclusive Review Monitoring review checkers include Best Buy and Walmart.

Interestingly, the tool lets you compare the customer reviews you get on Amazon with that on the other shopping websites. 

7. AMZ Finder

This fake Amazon review checker is solely for Amazon sellers. The tool has two main features, customer email system, and review management, the latter is what we are interested in. 

Since its launch, the tool has been used to check over 21.8 million Amazon product reviews from over 1.6 million listings.

Its Review Management feature allows you to monitor and review all customer reviews on your products from one location.

Once a customer posts a review, you get alerted so you can immediately check if what they are saying about your product is true or false. Furthermore, you get daily review reports.

With this tool, you can check for fake Amazon reviews on multiple Amazon markets such as Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, and JP.

Also, you can check from multiple Amazon Merchant accounts.

One downside with this review checker tool is that you can only use it as a professional Amazon seller.

You cannot use it if you are an individual seller or you operate author central and vendor accounts.

AMZ Finder Pricing 

AMZ Finder pricing plans are based on the number of ASINs you can track. Check them out:

  • 10 ASINs – $49 per month when billed monthly, or $39 per month for an annual subscription
  • 30 ASINs – $99 per month for a monthly subscription, or $79 per month for an annual subscription
  • 50 ASINs – $199 per month for a monthly subscription, or $159 per month for an annual subscription
  • 200 ASINs – $249 per month for a monthly subscription, or $199 per month for the annual subscription
  • 500 ASINs – $499 per month for a monthly subscription, or $399 per month for an annual subscription
  • 1,000 ASINs – $799 per month for a monthly subscription, or $659 per month for the annual subscription

8. AMZ Alert

AMZ Alert is an Amazon Monitoring Software that works for Amazon review monitoring.

It works similarly to some fake Amazon review checker tools already mentioned. As a reliable tool, it utilizes Smart Automation Technology. 

To check for fake reviews on your products, simply enter the product ASIN on its platform. You’ll get notified by email or text if you get any negative reviews (reviews with a rating of 1 – 3 stars).

This allows you to quickly analyze reviews before other customers.

Interestingly, AMZ Alert lets you set automatic responses to such negative reviews so you can instantly drop a positive note to disapprove the fake review for others to see.

The software checks for review updates on your listings every 45 – 60 minutes and it is monitored 24/7 so you never miss any. 

AMZ Alert supports all Amazon seller account types which gives it an advantage. This includes vendor central, vendor express, and seller central accounts. 

Apart from tracking fake Amazon reviews, you can also track changes on product listings (titles, images, categories, descriptions, etc), monitor keyword ranking changes, get sales alerts, and  hijacker alerts with AMZ Alert.  

AMZ Alert Pricing

AMZ Alert Pricing is based on the number of products you’re tracking. There’s an on-site pricing calculator for checking the prices.

  • 50 ASINs – $35 per month 
  • 100 ASINs – $65 per month 
  • 200 ASINs – $110 per month 
  • 300 ASINs – $150 per month 
  • 500 ASINs – $230 per month

Note: Before opting for any of its premium plans, you can use it on a 10-day free trial.

9. Make My Jungle

As an Amazon seller, Make My Jungle review checker monitors your product reviews and ratings 24/7 and alerts you on fake reviews. 

There are four major things you can monitor with this fake Amazon review checker tool, which includes the latest negative reviews, top-rated negative reviews, product rating/star changes, and product reviews automatically deleted by Amazon. 

Make My Jungle features two APIs – Amazon MWS & Amazon EDI – with which you can easily connect with your Amazon account. Both APIs are easy to install.

Once integrated with your seller account, you start getting alerts of your products on Amazon by email. 

Every new review is either tagged as genuine or fake and if anyone posts a fake review, you can respond to it immediately.

The tool uses an algorithm to check for fake reviews. First, it looks at the keywords for words that relate to your competitors and identical words and phrases.

Next is the review tone, it checks for unnatural language and flags the reviews as fake.

Lastly, it checks if the star rating matches the description in the review.  

Most of the reviews Amazon auto-delete are fake reviews and with Make My Jungle Amazon Review Checker you can retrieve these reviews and analyze them.

You also use Make My Jungle for Amazon Product tracking, Amazon Keyword tracking, etc.

Make My Jungle Pricing 

Make My Jungle has a simple pricing plan. As a new user, you can freely use the platform for 7 days after which you are required to pay $15 per month.

10. AMZ Insight

Last on our list of best fake Amazon review checkers is AMZ Insight. 

Founded in 2014, the platform was developed for Amazon Market Research & Amazon SEO Tool.

AMZ Insight incorporates a critical reviews tracking tool for examining fake Amazon reviews. 

The tool checks for product ratings with 3 stars and below. From the review, you can detect if the customer is saying the truth or not, and if they are trying to redirect your customers by promoting your competitor. 

To make it easier for you to spot fake reviews, you can filter the negative reviews based on different factors. 

AMZ Insight Pricing

AMZ Insight is a premium tool. After a 10-day free trial, you can go with any of its pricing plans:

  • Warrior Plan – $129 per month 
  • Specialist Plan – $79 per month 
  • Professional Plan – $59 per month 
  • Researcher Plan – $39 per month 

Wrapping Up

There you have it! The best fake Amazon review checker tools.

Amazon is the dominant platform globally when it comes to eCommerce. Fake reviews are nothing but bad eggs as they solely deceive unsuspecting customers. 

With these fake Amazon review checkers listed above, you can differentiate between genuine and fake customer reviews. 

If you’re mainly looking for a tool to check Amazon reviews, you can consider Fakespot. 

It looks like the best fake Amazon review checker in this list. It allows you to check for fake Amazon reviews on its website, via browser extensions or mobile apps.

Author: Sam ZamanSam loves to write on technology & related stuff. Ecommerce, mobile and internet marketing equally drive her interest. Likes gardening and experimenting with new recipes. An avid reader and absolutely mad @bout donuts 🙂


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