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10 Best Hot Tub Apps


10 Best Hot Tub App Choices

Your hot tub offers a lot of benefits, but taking care of it yourself can be difficult. Professionals provide a generous selection of hot tub services at competitive rates. Hot tub apps allow you to find the features, ratings, and reviews of all the hot tubs on the market. This makes it easier than ever to locate a new hot tub without having to visit every one individually. AI assistants are convenient, easy to use and they allow you to monitor your tub quickly and easily.

Hot Tub App include many features such as the ability to control the temperature of your home, whether its through apps or other appliances. So, which should you choose? Read the article & find out the 10 best options for you.

10 Best Hot Tub App Choices – Ireview365

1. AquaCheck

This app tests water on both Apple and Android devices. Though the app is free, it has a lot of relevant features that give you a leg up on other writing apps. This test strip is designed to help you manage your tub and make sure it stays clean. This device can help you prepare a water solution for getting rid of unwanted, persistent stains. It simply takes a photo of the strip and tells you what chemicals you need to add.

2. Pool Calculator

There is no need to do any calculations because the app does all the complicated calculations. You just have to enter the required information about how much water it will hold and what type of chemicals you would like to add.

3. Balboa Spa Control

If you happen to have a Balboa system and it is equipped with Wi-Fi, you can use this app even if you are miles away from the tub. This app will make it possible for the system to be controlled remotely.

With this Wi-Fi spa controller, you can control the water temperature and cycle cycles.It truly brings the experience of the tub to a whole new level.

4. Sunsmart

If your tub is a Sundance Spa hot tub, you can use the Sunsmart app to get recommendations on what to wear outside. This app will allow you to manage and control every little detail about your bath tub. This system is one of the most advanced management devices.

Consider downloading our mobile app. It can allow you to control different aspects of your home from your phone or tablet. You will be able to change things like temperature, lights, and pumps right from your screen

5. Cloud Control

This app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. So, take your phone or your tablet – you can download the Cloud Control app from within the App Store or Google Play – and control your hot tub on any device from anywhere

You need to have a Bullfrog Spa to use this Wi-Fi spa controller. It lets you control the temperature, adjust many types of settings, manage filtration, pumps, and more.

6. ProLink

ProLink is compatible with most Jacuzzi spas. WiFi is also an important part of creating quality content online but in order to maintain this, you need to make sure it is stable inside your home. Connecting your smartphone up to the same WiFi Network can be used as a backup in case your Internet connection fails.

This device lets you control the conditions of your hot tub from anywhere. It also allows you to adjust many things, such as water temperature or even jets.

7. MAAX Collection

The Balboa app uses the MAAC Collection system. It is very easy to adjust the settings on your hot tub with this app. With a stable Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone, you will feel like you are right beside the tub.

You will be able to change anything on the Balboa system from the comfort of the Orpheum. You’ll be able to adjust the temperature, pump settings, or even lights while you’re away from your pool. You’ll also be able to set up a timer for the pump. And like other AI products, you can make all these changes without leaving home!

8. OnSpa

The OnSpa app is compatible with Arctic Spa hot tubs, connecting wirelessly to the system. It features different features that can help you maximize your spa ownership experience. If you have an internet connection at home and on your smart device, you can remotely manage your tub.

Taking hot tub maintenance to another level, the app will let you adjust the heaters and change the tub settings. It manages your whole spa even if you are on vacation.

9. Pool Doctor

With the generation of software that is constantly making new discoveries and improvements, an app like this can help you monitor your hot tub. It can be downloaded for iPhone and Android which makes it a great tool to have on the go. This is a very versatile app that’s also easy to operate. Checking the water quality in your pool for proper levels is now easy with this smart controller. You will have access to the level of alkalinity, bromine, calcium hardness, chlorine, cyanuric acid and salt.

This app offers a lot of different functions, but it is not overwhelming and complicated, making it easy for even beginners to use. This post will only show the measurements you need for the type of tub you own. If you’re not sure how to find your type, check our tub finder! Quantities can be converted to liters, kilograms, ounces, gallons, etc.

10. Leslie’s Pool Care

Balancing the tub water is important. Leslie’s Pool Care app can prevent headaches and save you time. It will help you easily do a water test at your home and receive your results. In addition, it’ll offer you a custom treatment based on the type of water in your swimming pool

This app also has unique features that can make it easier to manage the condition of your tub. It can even track the water testing history, which is a huge convenience when managing your health.

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