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10 Best Toddler Nap Mats (2021 Reviews)


As a mom, you’d probably be thrilled to get regular naps in every day, but toddlers often don’t feel the same way. Especially when they are on a family trip, or away from home.

Nap mats provide a soft place for a child to sleep in the absence of their regular bed.

A nap mat not only keeps your child comfy while they’re sleeping away from home, but it also provides them with a familiar space to support their emotional comfort, too.

We’ve rounded up the best toddler nap maps to help your little ones get some shut-eye.



Product Comparison Table


Product Image of the Wildkin Original Nap Mat with Pillow for Toddler Boys and Girls, Measures 50 x...

Best for Toddlers

Wildkin Olive Kids

  • Machine washable
  • Blanket and pillow are attached
  • Portable
Product Image of the Urban Infant Tot Cot All-in-One Modern Preschool/Daycare Nap Mat with Washable...

Best All-In-One

Urban Infant All-in-One

  • Attaches to standard cots & mats
  • Machine washable and durable
  • Has “secret” pocket
Product Image of the Hi Sprout 100% Cotton Kids Toddler Lightweight and Soft Nap Mat (Cactus)

Best With Pillow

Hi Sprout Lightweight

  • Portable and cozy
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
Product Image of the Milliard Toddler Nap Mat Tri Folding Mattress with Washable Cover (24 inches x...

Best Thick Mat

Milliard Toddler

  • Thick and relatively long
  • Comes with a fitted sheet
  • Material is Certi-PUR
Product Image of the Angeles 2” Super Rest Mat, Red/Blue – 50” by 25” by 2” – Comfortable...

Best for Daycare

Angeles Sleeping Mat

  • Good size
  • Four-year warranty
  • Waterproof
Product Image of the KinderMat, DayDreamer 2' Thick Rest Mat, 4-Section Rest Mat, 48' x 24' x 2',...

Best for Babies

KinderMat DayDreamer

  • Waterproof
  • Can be sanitized
  • Doesn’t pose suffocation risk
Product Image of the Stephen Joseph All Over Print Nap Mat, Llama

Best for Travel

Stephen Joseph Mat

  • Rolls up quickly
  • Super soft extra-wide blanket
  • Everything is machine washable
Product Image of the My First Nap Mat Premium Memory Foam Nap Mat with Built-In Removable Pillow,...

Best Memory Foam

My First Nap Mat

  • Cooling memory gel foam
  • Certi-PUR approved
  • Machine washable and portable
Product Image of the Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Rolled Nap Mat, Sweet as Minnie, Minnie Mouse -...

Best Disney Theme

Aquatopia Deluxe Mat

  • Can be machine washed and dried
  • With blanket and pillow attached
  • Super comfortable memory foam
Product Image of the Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed, Includes Fitted Sheet, Royal Blue

Best With Sheets

Regalo My Cot

  • Waterproof
  • Comes with a cover
  • Made from durable steel

What Is a Nap Mat?

A nap mat is a piece of material that provides a soft place for a child to sleep in the absence of their regular bed. They are usually lightweight and portable, and come in a variety of styles including:

  • Roll-up mats.
  • Stackable mats.
  • Cots.
  • Fold-up cushions.

Nap mats keep a child physically comfortable when sleeping on the floor, but they also offer a hygienic barrier from the ground. They help delineate a special space reserved for the child to keep them from leaving their bed, and a regular nap mat offers them familiarity even when sleeping away from home to help them settle down and sleep.

Some situations where a nap mat can be useful include:

  • Childcare centers.
  • Grandparents’ house.
  • Sleepovers.
  • Vacations, hotels, and travel.
  • Camping.
  • At home — some children will sleep on nap mats when they refuse to stay in bed.
  • As a cozy lounging space for movie nights.
  • In a reading nook.

Finally, nap mats are easily washable, unlike a mattress or a carpet, so they are often used in childcare centers to help ensure children have a comfortable yet hygienic space to sleep and to prevent the spread of germs.

How to Choose a Nap Mat

When shopping for a nap mat, consider the following:


Your child needs to fit on it. Choose one that is big enough — and that they won’t outgrow too quickly.


You want a nap mat to be portable and easy to store. Unless you expect your nap mat to be a semi-permanent fixture in your home, avoid institutional mats. While more durable, they tend to be rigid and don’t collapse very well.

Cleaning Instructions

If you’re choosing a mat for a potty-training toddler, consider choosing one that isn’t absorbent, will protect the carpet below, and can wipe clean after accidents. If you’re picking a nap mat for an older child, you might want to focus more on comfort and choose a soft mat that can be thrown in the washing machine to clean it.

The Best Nap Mats of 2021

Here are the top nap mats on the market.

1. Wildkin Original Nap Mat

Best Nap Mat for Toddlers

This nap mat comes in tons of colors and designs, so there’s bound to be one that your toddler will be excited to sleep on. It has a removable pillow so your child can use it or take it off, based on their preference.

It rolls up to be easily portable and has attached carrying straps.

It has an attached blanket so your little one can’t lose it or kick it too far out of reach, and has a cotton flannel interior for maximum comfort. The thickness is about two inches, so your child won’t awaken if they scoot too far off to the side and fall off the mat.

And, best of all, it’s completely machine washable in case they have an accident.


  • It’s machine washable.
  • It comes in many colors.
  • The blanket and pillow are attached.
  • It is portable.


  • It has a blanket so it’s not appropriate for babies.
  • It’s not waterproof.

2. Urban Infant All-in-One Nap Mat

If your child’s daycare has institutional cots and you just need to provide the bedding, then this is the product you’ll want to consider. It has elastic loops that affix your child’s nap mat, with blanket and included pillow, securely to the cot, keeping it from sliding around and helping to ensure your child’s comfort.

All you need to do is bring it home every weekend and throw it in the wash since it’s 100-percent machine washable.


  • It attaches to standard daycare cots and mats.
  • It is machine washable.
  • It’s durable.
  • It has a “secret” pocket for your child’s stuffed animal.


  • It does not include thick padding.
  • It is not waterproof.

3. Hi Sprout Lightweight Nap Mat

This cozy nap mat is plush and soft to help your child have the best sleep possible when they’re away from home. It’s made of 100 percent cotton so you can feel good about not having synthetic materials next to your little one’s skin.

It has built-in buckle clips for easy roll-up, and handles for easy transport. And since it’s only about three pounds, most children will be able to carry it on their own.

It also comes in several different designs and colors for a personalized nap mat for your child.


  • It’s portable.
  • It’s cozy.
  • It is 100 percent cotton.
  • It’s machine washable.


  • It’s not waterproof.
  • The pillow and blanket are not removable.

4. Milliard Toddler Nap Mat

This three-inch-thick mat is made of Certi-PUR foam to ensure your child is not exposed to harmful chemicals while sleeping, which will give you peace of mind. The foam is high density so it will offer comfort to your child, but will not compress and lose its shape over time.

It comes with a soft, removable bamboo cover that also has a non-slip bottom so the nap mat won’t move around during naptime. The cover is also machine washable for easy cleaning when it is dirty or soiled.


  • It’s thick.
  • It comes with a fitted sheet.
  • The material is Certi-PUR.
  • At approximately 57 inches, it is relatively long.


  • There is no waterproof cover.
  • It’s bulky for taking outside the house.

5. Angeles 2” Super Rest Mat

This 50-inch-long mat has enough length that will suit your child for several years, and its durability makes sure it will hold up just as long. Plus, it has a four-year warranty so you know that your investment is secure.

It’s completely waterproof in case of accidents. Inside the vinyl exterior is a 2-inch-thick mat, to help keep your child as comfortable as possible.

The mat is also double-sided with two different colors, and can be folded for easy and more compact storage.


  • It’s a good size.
  • Four-year warranty.
  • It’s waterproof.


  • It isn’t plush.
  • It’s bulky so it isn’t easily portable.
  • You must provide additional sheets, blankets, and pillows.

6. KinderMat DayDreamer Rest Mat

It’s not cute and fancy, but it’s the best for your baby. This rest mat is made of vinyl so it’s easy to disinfect, contains no soft, absorbent blankets that are easily soiled, and has no pillow which is not necessary for babies until they’re about two years old, anyway (1).

Plus, it’s only 2 inches high, so when your baby wiggles around they won’t be startled or injured if they fall off the edge.

Simple is safest for your baby or young toddler, and you can upgrade to a fancy, full-feature nap mat once they get a little older.


  • It’s low to the ground.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It can be sanitized.
  • There are no soft materials that pose a suffocation risk.


  • It may not be comfortable for older kids.
  • It’s not machine washable.
  • It is bulky.

7. Stephen Joseph All-Over Print Nap Mat

The comfiest nap mats can also be the hardest to carry. After all, they’ve got so much padding. Luckily, you don’t have to choose between comfort and functionality with this special nap mat. A special strap system means you’ll be able to take it anywhere, whether you’re on a family road trip or just going to daycare.

The entire nap mat is connected into one giant piece, including the blanket and pillow. It all rolls together with hook and loop straps. A large front pocket has also been built into the design so the mat becomes a traveling case. Your child will love the fun designs and adults will love how easy it is to store and move.

All of the materials are machine washable for easy cleaning. The exterior is made from polyester and the inner blanket and pillow features a velvety soft Velboa. It measures 20 x 52 inches with an oversized 28-inch wide blanket.


  • Rolls up quickly for easy transport.
  • The extra-wide blanket is attached and super soft.
  • Everything is machine washable.


  • You’ll have to teach your child how to roll it up if they want to use it on their own.

8. My First Mattress Memory Foam Nap Mat

This mat is portable, has a carrying handle, and rolls up with a velcro strap for easy transport. It also has a removable pillow for use based upon your child’s preference and developmental stage.

It is constructed of a half-inch polyurethane foam, which is thin enough and firm enough to be safe for younger toddlers, and is made of Certi-PUR approved materials to avoid unhealthy chemicals and irritants. It also has cooling gel foam, which helps prevent your child from overheating during nap time.

While it’s not waterproof in the event of accidents, the soft removable cover is completely machine washable.


  • It has cooling memory gel foam.
  • It’s Certi-PUR approved.
  • It is machine washable.
  • It’s portable.


  • The cover is not waterproof.
  • It is only a half-inch thick.
  • It does not include a blanket.

9. Aquatopia Deluxe Memory Foam Nap Mat

There isn’t a little girl around who doesn’t love Minnie Mouse — and even though Mickey and Minnie have been around for almost 80 years now, the trend isn’t going away any time soon. This cute nap mat will make your little princess enthusiastic about nap time, and ready to crawl into their cozy bed.

The mat itself is made of comfy 100 percent polyester microfiber. It also comes with a blanket and attached pillow, which can be removed from the case to wash.

This nap mat can be both machine washed and dried.


  • It’s cute.
  • It can be machine washed and dried.
  • It has a blanket and pillow attached.
  • It is memory foam, which is super comfortable.


  • It’s not waterproof.
  • There are no carrying handles.
  • Made of polyester, which is a synthetic material.

10. Regalo My Cot Portable Bed

This is more than just a nap mat — it’s practically a bed in a box. It comes with a solid, all-steel frame that will keep your kiddo off the floor or ground, and a waterproof nylon canvas.

It also comes with a carrying case for easy portability — and even though it has a solid construction, it still only weighs in at 4 pounds.

An included fitted cotton sheet helps protect the mat, and is machine washable for easy cleaning. The cot itself is waterproof and wipeable, and can clean up easily with soap and water.

It sits at 9 inches high, so it’s most appropriate for older children and not the best choice for younger toddlers who may not be accustomed to sleeping in a bed, as they may fall out.


  • It is waterproof.
  • It comes with a cover.
  • It is made from durable steel.


  • At 48 inches, it’s on the shorter side.
  • Young children could fall out.

What Age Can My Toddler Use a Nap Mat?

Nap mats can be used for children of any age over the age of one. However, their use will differ by age group.

  • Babies under one year: Nap mats should not be used. Babies are the safest sleeping in cribs, pack-n-plays, or bassinets without bumpers or blankets.
  • One-year-olds: Nap mats won’t be used regularly at home or daycare for young toddlers as they most likely still need the crib to prevent them from leaving their sleeping space. However, a nap mat can be helpful on the rare occasion you’re away from home without a pack-n-play to set up a designated napping or sleeping space on the floor, so your child will not be at risk of falling out of a bed or off a couch.
  • Two- to three-year-olds: As toddlers get a little older, they can understand commands and follow directions more easily — and they’ll be more likely to use a mat if their friends at school are too. If your child is in childcare, the use of nap mats will likely become commonplace as your child will understand that they should stay on the mat and not wander around.
  • Older preschoolers and school ages: Even if your child has outgrown naps, a nap mat can still come in handy. They’re great to take to sleepovers, throw in the tent when you go camping, or lounge on in the living room during family movie nights. Many schools still have naptime or quiet time until pre-kindergarten.

The Bottom Line

Our top pick as the best nap mat is the Urban Infant All-in-One Nap Mat. It has elastic to fit over the cot and hold it in place at a child’s daycare.

But it also conveniently rolls up — including a pillow, blanket, and secret place for a lovey — for easy portability if your child is heading to grandma’s house. To top it all off, it’s machine washable to keep it safe and hygienic for your little one.

It’s a great option for any kid, whether they attend daycare or not.

Getting a child to sleep away from home isn’t easy, but having a safe, comfy, and familiar space set aside for them can help. They might start to love their nap mat so much they’ll insist on sleeping on it at home, too.


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