12 Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day

To be clear, we advocate sending flowers to the people you love all-year-round, but Valentine’s Day is the one day you can go all out.

If you are looking for a little floral inspiration, we’ve picked out a few bouquets that are sure to make your loved ones smile, from cheerful sunflowers for your mom (don’t tell us you were going to skip her!) to sophisticated calla lilies for your significant other, and daisies for your best friend. These delightful and fragrant floral arrangements sure to put a smile on your Valentine’s face this year.

Long-Stemmed Roses

Sometimes classic is classic for a reason. Put together a bouquet of long-stemmed red rose and your Valentine won’t be mad about it. For an extra touch, mix red with pink roses, which represent poetic love and admiration

Purple Orchids

These delicate, exotic flowers are a beautiful gift and, unlike a typical bouquet, orchids can last for years, blooming each spring as a special reminder of your relationship.


These cheerful beauties are the perfect flowers to send your mom or a friend to brighten their day. Bouqs pairs these oversize blooms with Solidago, a smaller flower, for double the yellow, double the fun.

Rose Lilies

Crisp, creamy lilies are unexpected but ultra-sophisticated. Mix these with roses for a unique bouquet or let them stand out on their own. Lilies represent joy, which is exactly what they will deliver to anyone lucky enough to receive a bouquet.

Pink Tulips

A brilliant bouquet of pink tulips is the perfect gift to give to your true love. While every color of tulip has a different meaning, pink ones are meant to symbolize care and affection.

Dried Florals

This delightful Seussical bouquet is perfect for Galentines and Valentines alike. The dried florals will last forever and with every purchase from the Valentine’s Day collection, East Olivia will donate a portion of the proceeds to Childhood USA, an organization founded by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden.


A symbol of devotion and friendship, the alstroemeria flower is a relative of the lily and possesses and subtle scent that your loved one will adore.

White Daisies

Pushing Daisy Bouquet



Daisies always make us think of You’ve Got Mail’s Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan): “Don’t you think daisies are just the friendliest flower?” The white blooms are a happy reminder that spring is just around the corner and that you love your friendly Valentine more than you can say.

Calla Lilies

For a moody Valentine, the chic and understated midnight Calla Lily might be more her speed. These long-stemmed burgundy calla lilies are total showstoppers.


These white ruffled flowers make for an affectionate bouquet. They might get a bad rep as a supermarket filler flower, but invest in a luxurious bunch and their true beauty—and subtly spicy scent—blooms.


The anemone, a bright and peppy floral, is not a traditional Valentine’s Day choice, but it’s certainly fresh. Delicate and unexpected, the plant is known to symbolize protection, and is a great way to subtly tell your loved one that you care.


The bright, eye-catching ranunculus represents attractiveness and charm and is a perfect way to tell someone they’ve caught your attention. Ranunculus are perfect for the person who lights up a room, since these flowers do the same.

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