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15 Best Electric Cars & Power Wheels for Kids (2021 Reviews)


Do you have a child with the need for speed?

Power Wheels and electric cars can help kids fuel their desires while working on motor skills and spatial processing. However, not all electric cars are created equal.

We’ve collected a list of the best of the best Power Wheels and electric cars for kids. We’ll take a look at what you need to consider in a purchase, and which ones we recommend.



Product Comparison Table


Product Image of the TOBBI Licensed Mercedes Benz Car for Kids,Ride on Cars with 2.4G Remote...

Best Luxury Car

Mercedes Benz Car

  • Realistic, luxurious detailing
  • Ample battery life
  • Remotely controlled by parents
Product Image of the Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV, Green

Best Tractor

Peg Perego Tractor

  • Sturdy & durable
  • For off-road use
  • Offers safety features

Best for Girls

Pink Hummer Ride-on

  • Forward and reverse gears
  • 2.5 miles per hour
  • Realistic looks and sound effects
Product Image of the Huffy Kids Electric Ride On Car Mini Quad, Yellow (19148P)

Best for Boys

Huffy Electric Mini Quad

  • 30 minutes ride time
  • Included trailer and building blocks
  • 1.5 miles per hour
Product Image of the Kid Trax Toddler Disney Princess Electric Quad Ride On Toy, Kids 1.5-3 Years...

Best Bike

Kid Trax Electric Quad Bike

  • Push button acceleration
  • All-terrain tires
  • 1.5 maximum mileage per hour
Product Image of the TOBBI 12V Kids Ride On Car Mercedes Benz Licensed Kids Electric car 2 Seater w/...

Best for Toddlers

Tobbi Mercedes Benz

  • Sporty design
  • A breeze to setup
  • Three color option
Product Image of the Uenjoy 12V Kids Ride On Police Car Mercedes-Benz SL500 Electric Cars Motorized...

Best Remote Controlled

Uenjoy Electric Car

  • Realistic cop car feels
  • Spacious seats
  • Convenient pull-handle
Product Image of the Kid Motorz Xtreme Quad Red 6V Ride On

Best Speed Control

Kid Motorz Xtreme Quad

  • Safe speed limit of 1.5 MPH
  • Realistic design
  • Strong, sturdy and supportive wheels
Product Image of the Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Truck, Battery Powered Toy Car w/ Spring...

Best Off Road Truck

Best Choice Powered Off Road

  • Works well on most terrains
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Equipped with a seat belt
Product Image of the Best Choice Products Kids 6V Ride On Truck w/ Parent Remote Control, 3 Speeds,...

Best Budget Pick

Best Choice Ride On

  • Affordable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Manual and remote control


What You Should Know Before Buying

Before you start shopping for your next battery powered toddler car or ride-on toy, you’ll need to know what to look for. In this guide, we’ll start with the basics and move on to discuss some things you may not have even considered.

What Is a Kid’s Electric Car?

Wondering what, exactly, a kids electric car is? Ride-ons and battery-operated cars are small versions of the real thing. Popular brands you’ve probably heard of include Power Wheels and Kool Karz.

These trucks and cars actually work. Your child can sit in them and drive them. You’ll even find off-road options, capable of working on rough terrain.

There are a wide variety of electric cars on the market. Some are geared toward toddler-aged children while others are suitable for older children.

How Safe Are Kid’s Electric Cars?

These cars are designed specifically for children to use. Most types are wide-set to avoid tipping and have a low center of gravity.

Like any other toy or activity, there is risk involved with using electric cars for kids. However, there are things you can do to keep the activity safe.

  • Establish rules before using the vehicle: Let your child know where it’s safe to use their electric car — and where it isn’t. Clearly defining safety parameters will make your child confident in the choices they’re making while also keeping them safe.
  • Teach your child how to be safe when using kids’ electric car — and how to be safe when others are using it: Knowing how to behave both off and on a ride-on toy will help keep your child injury-free.
  • Always supervise your child when they’re in the vehicle: Supervision can help you intercept a child who’s using a ride-on toy dangerously.
  • Consider a helmet: Even if the likelihood of an accident is low, protecting your little one from a head injury is worth the extra effort (1). Not only that, it sets a good precedent for later activities where head injuries are more common. Knee and elbow pads may also be useful, in case any mishaps occur.

At What Age Can Kids Use Electric Cars?

Ride-on toys are available for a variety of different ages. Power Wheels and electric cars for kids are usually suitable for children ages 2–8, but each car will come with its own recommended age. It’s important when selecting your purchase that you choose one which is appropriate for your child’s age.

Age isn’t the only factor you’ll want to consider. You’ll also need to take into account the height and weight of your child.

An overly tall 2-year-old may have difficulty fitting in a toddler-geared car, but opting to move to a larger vehicle may not always be a good choice. Your toddler might not be ready for a ride-on made for older children.

Many of these cars also come with a weight limit. Don’t forget to consider the weight of your child — especially if you’re buying a two-seater for children at the upper age limit.

How to Choose the Best Kids Electric Car

The best power wheels and electric cars for kids are high-tech and come with many fun features. Here are a few you might encounter while shopping.

Bluetooth Capability

Looking to sync a playlist to your kids’ electric car? Some models offer this option.

Seat Belts

Not every electric car will come equipped with seat belts or safety restraints. Looking at toys that are capable of greater speed? Will your child be on uneven terrain? Go ahead and opt for safety belts.

Speed Options

Some electric cars may only have one-speed option. Many, though, come with multiple gears. A word of warning — a little speed can go a long way, especially for rambunctious children.

Parental Override Options

If you have an overly rambunctious child,  you may want to consider a remote-controlled option that allows you to make good decisions for your child — especially when they’re not going to.


Some electric cars can come with preloaded music or a fully functional AM/FM radio.

Suspension and Shock Absorbers

Buying a vehicle you know will be for off-road use? You may want to consider vehicles that offer shock absorption and suspension systems. This will keep your child comfortable while preventing unnecessary wear and tear on the car.

Towing Capabilities

Some vehicles come equipped with the ability to tow other items behind them. If you have a little helper who’s interested in outdoor chores, a towing option may be ideal.

Sound and Lighting Effects

Realism is great for children. Electric cars for kids can be found with revving sounds, working horns, and headlights that turn on and off.

Additional Features

There’s no limit to what you might encounter while shopping for a kids electric car or other ride-on vehicles. You’ll find gradual acceleration, themed car options, battery level indicators, and other fun features.

The Best Kids Electric Cars & Power Wheels of 2021

Here are 15 great power wheels to consider.

1. Mercedes Benz Car for Kids

Best Luxury Electric Car for Kids

This single rider luxury model is great for one child ages 3–6 years. It reaches a maximum of 1–4 miles an hour and is suitable for children up to 66 pounds. This model includes great safety features, like a seat belt, and parental remote control.

The realistic exterior and design include LED headlights, music, and horn. The interior boasts a stroller seat belt. Two speeds and a forward and reverse switch are also found in this luxury model electric car.

Gradual acceleration, an electric brake system, and rubber traction help create a smooth ride. Opening doors add to the experience. A smart charging battery system helps prevent overcharging.

A full charge requires 8–12 hours of charging time and provides about 4-6 hours of running time.


  • Easy assembly that takes about half an hour.
  • Realistic, luxurious detailing.
  • Ample battery life.
  • MP3 player built-in.
  • Can be remotely controlled by parents.


  • The body of this car is easily scratched.

2. Peg Perego John Deere XUV

Best Electric Tractor for Kids

Sometimes you need a toy that’s more than just a toy. If you’re looking for a ride-on that makes your child feel like the little helper they really are, you may want to consider this tractor model.

With two speeds to choose from, this tractor can travel at 2.5 or 5 miles per hour. You can also choose to lock out the greater acceleration for younger children or beginners.

Large wheels help provide fantastic traction, even on grass and uneven terrain. The seat is highly adjustable. This model provides plenty of space for a growing child and can support up to 65 pounds.

This model’s battery offers plenty of power. Hauling leaves and moving yard equipment has never been easier with your helper and this little tractor at your disposal.

This product is suitable for children aged 3–8 years old and comes with a two-year warranty.


  • A sturdy and durable ride-on that’s great for off-road use.
  • Offers safety features for young riders, but still holds appeal for older children.


  • Does not include a seat belt.

3. National Products Pink Hummer Ride-on

Best Electric Car for Girls

This bright pink hummer is perfect for your adventurous yet glamorous little girl. Now, she can ride around the yard or your neighbourhood in your single rider car. With only room for her, she can have her first taste of independence!

This car has a forward and reverse gear so they can learn to navigate the car themselves. But it still ensures safety, with a 2.5 miles per hour limit, so they can have a risk-free but fun drive.

The car comes with realistic sound effects on the steering wheel. It has stylish decals, accents and even a hood latch! This electric Hummer is as close as you’ll get to the real thing!

This car has a rechargeable battery which gives your child up to an hour of drive time per charge. Suitable for kids three years old and older, up to 66 pounds, this is a great gift for your little one.


  • Forward and reverse gears.
  • Safety limit of 2.5 miles per hour.
  • Realistic looks and sound effects.
  • Up to an hour of drive time per charge.


  • Loses power on terrain.
  • Too slow for older kids.

4. Huffy Electric Ride On Car for Kids

Best Electric Car for Boys

This mini quad bike will make your little one feel like they’re out doing a day’s work. It’s the perfect electric car for kids to build confidence, have fun and use their imagination. It comes with a super cool trailer which attaches to the back of the bike. Your kids can put their toys or the included building blocks in it and take it with them as they ride.

The building blocks are an added bonus that add extra fun and excitement when your little one stops their ride. They can learn how to build or organize the blocks as they go.

As for the bike, it’s designed for children between 1.5 and three years old. It has a maximum speed of 1.5 miles per hour so it’s safe yet fun! It’s easy for kids to control with the switch on the left handlebar to turn it on. The button on the right handle bar is what starts the acceleration. The large, easy-to-grip handlebars make turning easy, too.

With 30 minutes of run time between charges, this is perfect as an afternoon activity!


  • 30 minutes ride time.
  • Included trailer and building blocks.
  • 1.5 miles per hour.
  • Easy to use.


  • The foot rests are too small for some children’s feet.

5. Kid Trax Toddler Disney Princess Electric Quad

Best Electric Bike for Kids

The Kid Trax quad bikes are enough to make any child jump for joy. There are seven awesome options inspired by your child’s favorite characters. There’s a disney princess bike, Spider-Man, Lightning McQueen and many more.

This is the perfect bike for toddlers, as it doesn’t go too fast. It has one forward speed of 1.5 miles per hour. All the driver needs to do is press the acceleration button with their hands, no foot pedal required.

The bikes have rubber traction strip tires, making them suitable for all-terrains. So whether you’re on the road, in the back yard or going through the woods — this is the perfect mode of transposition.

The bike is intended for 18 to 30 month olds, and can handle up to 45 pounds in weight. Just make sure there is one rider at a time.


  • Inspired by popular animated characters.
  • Push-button acceleration.
  • All-terrain tires.
  • 1.5 maximum mileage per hour, for ensured safety.


  • Loud motor.
  • Difficult to turn.

6. Tobbi Mercedes Benz Electric Car

Best Electric Car for Toddlers

The sporty exterior of this child-sized Mercedes Benz is a great option for an older toddler. It’s capable of driving on both hard surfaces and uneven terrain, like grass.

This car offers three speeds from low, normal, to high. It’s great that this is a car that can grow with your child. As they grow and become more capable, you can go ahead and increase the speed capability.

The exterior features appeal to both younger and older children. It can seat two and can support up to 90 pounds, which is also great for growing children.

Tobbi Mercedes Benz moves forward as well as backward.

Suitable for children 3 to 7 years of age, this car runs on a 12V battery.


  • Sporty and super cool.
  • Will last from toddlerhood through 7 years of age.
  • A breeze to setup.


  • Others find the remote control troublesome.

7. Uenjoy Electric Car for Kids

Best Remote Controlled Kids Electric Car

This police-style car is attractive and great for kids aged 3–6 years old. You can choose between two different speeds in manual mode while three on remote controlled mode that best suit your child’s needs. The maximum speed of this vehicle is 5 miles per hour.

You can also remotely control the car until your child is old enough to handle driving it alone. It’s loaded with safety features, perfect for a growing child.

Made with non-toxic plastic and equipped with an adjustable seat belt, it also offers suspension. Your child will love the LED lights, audio system, and larger body style.

I like the longevity this ride-on car has. It’s safe for a young child, but has the power and features an older child will still want. The 12V battery offers an hour of driving time and requires 4-6 hours of charging time.


  • Realistic cop car feels.
  • Spacious seats.
  • Convenient pull-handle for when you need to manually move the car.


  • Not recommended for driving beyond the maximum speed.

8. Kid Motorz Xtreme Quad

Not every parent wants their child zipping through the yard in a speedy electric car. If you’re looking for a safer and slower model, check out the Kid Motorz Xtreme Quad. It has a maximum speed of 1.5 miles per hour, so you can walk alongside your child as they ride around in their new toy!

Although it’s slow, your little one will still have a total blast in this car. It has a foot pedal to control the movement, even though the speed remains the same. With these features, they’ll feel very grown up in their Xtreme Quad.

The car has super cool and realistic decals. It’s been made to replicate a motorcycle dashboard, which will keep your little one entertained for ages.

It’s super easy to steer and operate. The sturdy structure provides support while your child maneuvers around their yard.

It has a 6-volt battery and a maximum weight capacity of 66 pounds. When the car arrives, it’s easy to assemble so you can get it set up and in gear in no time!


  • Safe speed limit of 1.5 MPH.
  • Easy to steer.
  • Realistic design.
  • Strong, sturdy and supportive wheels.


  • 50-60 minute battery life.
  • Doesn’t have a reverse mode.

9. Best Choice Powered Off Road Truck

This off road truck is great for kids aged 3 to 8. It offers a remote control feature and can also be driven manually by your child. This ride on vehicle will support riders up to 65 pounds.

The truck is packed with great features. An incredibly roomy and comfortable seat, equipped with a seat belt, is perfect for a single rider. The mirrors are functional and movable, and both the doors and the horn work.

Dashboard lights, a high/low-speed switch, extra storage, and a power indicator round out this product’s features.

A powerful 12V twin motor allows for great rear-wheel drive and increases performance even on uneven or wet terrain. A built-in MP3 port allows you to supply your own soundtrack to your child’s backyard fun. Plan to charge this for 8–12 hours or overnight, and you can expect to have 1-2 hours of riding time per charge.


  • Works well on most terrains.
  • Realistic sound effects.
  • Equipped with a seat belt.

10. Best Choice Ride On Electric Car

Finding a budget-friendly ride-on is entirely possible. This model has great features and it won’t break the bank.

An easy to operate start-and-stop button makes driving easy — even for a beginner. A remote control with three different speed options can help you create safe riding conditions for your child. The working horn, lights, and AUX jack add to the appeal.

This vehicle can seat one rider weighing up to 44 pounds. It runs on a 6V battery and is ASTM certified. Recommended for children ages 2 years old and up, this is a good option for a younger or more petite rider.

This model maxes out at 2.5 miles per hour. It also has a safety belt and a bench-style seat to suit your child. It’s capable of moving forward and also has a reverse function.


  • Affordable price point.
  • Great safety features for a younger child.


  • Some users report the battery life doesn’t last very long.
  • Smaller than expected.

11. Costzon Ride On Car

Best Electric Truck for Kids

This sauve black truck is great for kids who want a substantial car and parents who want to control their child’s safety. There are two handy modes. Firstly, there’s the parental mode which allows you to control the truck. This is great for younger kids.

There is the second mode: manual. Your child can control the truck by themselves using the foot pedal and steering wheel. This feels like driving a real car, giving your little one a sweet taste of independence!

But don’t worry if they do choose manual mode. It’s totally safe. It comes with a seatbelt, so they’re secure. Even if they do bump into your mailbox, they will remain steady and safe.

As well as the realistic look and the seatbelt, there are more authentic features. Think MP3, wing mirrors, headlights, and rear lights, reverse mode, opening and closing doors, a horn, and more.


  • 60 minute run time.
  • Suitable for different surfaces, including grass, brick, asphalt, and more.
  • Rear storage box for your kid’s supplies.
  • Parent mode and manual mode options.


  • 8-12 hours charge per battery.
  • Parents found it difficult to assemble.
  • If your child is older than four, it may seem too small for them.

12. Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

This Jeep Wrangler has a flashy exterior and comes with Hot Wheels colors and graphics. The chrome detailing adds to the realistic experience, as do the sound effects.

This is a great option for two children, the cab is roomy, and there’s plenty of storage space in the back. The 12V battery gives this car plenty of power, and it’s well-suited to even or rough terrains. This car can travel at 2.5 miles per hour or 5 miles per hour to suit your child’s needs.

This unit is equipped with a power-brake system that brings the vehicle to a stop when the foot is off the accelerator. The wide-tread tires help create a stable base and prevent tipping while improving the car’s balance.

This vehicle is recommended for children aged 3–7 years and can support up to 130 pounds.


  • Lots of legroom for a growing child.
  • Fully safety tested by Fisher-Price.
  • High maximum weight capacity.


  • No seat belt.
  • Plastic wheels aren’t very durable.

13. Lil’ Rider Classic Sports Car

Best Electric Sports Car for Kids

This vintage sports car is just the right product to give your kid some swag in the street. Great for kids from the ages of three to six, this car can handle up to 70 pounds of weight.

It’s super easy for kids to use, or for parents to operate, using the remote control. You can put your little one in here and remain in total control of their electric car, if you’d prefer!

The car is battery operated, with headlights, car sound effects, and two speed options. The car can even reverse, which is perfect if you get stuck in a precarious situation, or need to do a three point turn!

The car is made from high quality plastic, and is designed to be both safe and durable. So your child can be endlessly entertained while remaining totally safe.

One more awesome detail: this car has an auxiliary input so your child can play their favorite tunes while cruising!


  • MP3 input.
  • Remote control operated.
  • Lots of cool features.
  • Vintage style sports car.


  • Much smaller than expected.
  • The remote doesn’t have a huge range.

14. Moderno Kids Explorer Ride-On Truck

This ride-on truck has great, wide wheels that provide stability and will work over even or rough terrain. It’s available in a wide variety of colors and is packed with features.

This model offers functional doors and seats two children. It can support up to 100 pounds and it’s suitable for ages 3–6.

The electric car runs on a 12V battery that has overcharge protection. This truck runs between 2 and 5 miles per hour and offers luxurious upgrades.

It comes with adjustable PU leather seats and a convertible seat belt that works for either one or two riders. A parental remote control option helps keep your child safe.

Additional features include shock absorbers that help ensure a smooth ride — whatever terrain you encounter. It also has LED light systems and foam rubber tires.

An integrated MP3 player has Bluetooth capabilities and lets your child choose the perfect soundtrack.


  • Gradual acceleration and a reliable brake system.
  • Has an on-screen digital battery-level display.


  • Assembly instructions are inadequate.

15. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer

Best Power Wheels Dune Racer

This Fisher-Price Dune Racer is fully safety tested. It offers two seats and side rails to help keep your child safe during use.

A 12V battery offers the power you’re looking for. It’s capable of traveling 2.5 or 5 miles per hour and will travel in reverse at 2.5 miles an hour. It’s a great option for children between 3 and 7 years of age, with a weight capacity of 130 pounds.

This unit sits low to the ground, which is good for maintaining balance and preventing accidental tipping. Its unique dashboard-less design will enable your child to get more use out of it, even as they grow taller.

This off-road model offers a “monster traction” system and plastic tires that do well on uneven terrain — even on wet grass.


  • A great ride-on option for older or taller children.
  • Performs well when off-roading.
  • Good instructions for assembly.


  • The plastic wheels slip on hard surfaces.

Kids Electric Car FAQs

We’ve rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions and answered them for you below.

How Fast Do Electric Cars Actually Go?

This will depend on the size of the battery. A car that runs on a 6V battery will usually go 2–3 miles an hour. A car working with a 12V battery can go up to 5 miles an hour.

How Long Does It Take to Charge?

An average-sized 12V battery generally takes 12 hours to charge fully.

How Many Different Types Are There?

There are a variety of Power Wheels and electric cars for kids available. Some have been modeled after existing cars and have their names, such as Jeep, Chevy, Lamborghini, and Maserati.

Ride-on toys aren’t limited only to cars, though. There are pickup trucks, tractors, sports cars, ATVs, and other three and four-wheeled options.

You can even find non-traditional, two-wheel options. For the sake of this article, however, we’ve stuck mostly with four-wheeled vehicles.

How Long Will the Battery Last?

Like a car battery, it’s possible you’ll need to replace your battery at some point. This likelihood increases if you have multiple children using the car over many years.

Most batteries will last you at least three years. You’ll be able to replace it and continue using your existing kids ride-on, rather than purchasing a new vehicle. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on how frequently to charge the battery.

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