19 Stylish Fall Coats for 2021- Best Fall Jacket Styles for Women

Surely fall is the best season for fashion. With the warm-to-cool-but-not-cold temperatures, and the variety of festivities that crop up during the months from September to December, there are more than ample opportunities for incredible outfits. But with that plethora of temperatures, the final piece to your outfit will likely require a jacket, from wool and cashmere classics, to windbreakers and fleece, and even faux fur toward the end of the season.

Freshly sharpened pencils for the desk, apples (ok, more like apple doughnuts) at the farmers market, and cooler temperatures all make the fall a special season—but the best part of autumnal shopping is undoubtedly a new coat. Here, 19 stylish coats to celebrate a new season.

Billie Quilted Jacket

Sure, a quilted puffer works for winter, but this glossy fabric and wave quilt is just the kind of quirky piece that will spark conversation yet still be ultra wearable. 

Collared Field Jacket

Channel Kate Middleton with a collared field jacket—it’s the perfect match for a pair of wellies and jeans. 

Cardigan Inspired Jacket

For the warmer Fall days, a cardigan jacket is the ultimate hybrid with its tweed knit. Pair with a belt for a touch of refinement or wear it loose for an air of ease. 

Sienna Faux Fur Teddy Coat

Teddy coats: the perfect blend of comfort and warmth. This faux fur, with its waist tie and notch collar, will look glamorous from the minute you take it out out of your closet for the season.

Shearling Jacket

A classic shearling bomber jacket will last you season after season. 

Pieced Colorblock Trench Coat


When in doubt: go with a statement coat. They do the work to keep you warm, but also do the heavy lifting to lock in a striking outfit. 

Quilted Bandana Jacket

For those chilly but not cold mornings, a quilted jacket will do just the trick.

Single-Breasted Oversized Linen-Blend Coat

Sure, a leopard print coat is timeless, but this oversized print with a single breast gives the classic a boost. 

Gloucester Patchwork-Gingham Quilted Cotton Coat

Take the quilted coat trend into the next season with a patchwork gingham number that crops at the knee. Perfect for those off-white ensembles. 

Cragmont Fleece Jacket

No wardrobe is complete without a good fleece, whether you’re dashing to a workout or perhaps going for a hike. This one, from North Face, is elevated, so you’ll look fashionable no matter what. 

Tile-Patterned Wool Trench Coat

Fancy an eye-catching print? Look no further than this tile-patterned wool trench, which will do all of the talking for you. 

Leather-Trimmed Brushed Wool and Cashmere-Blend Coat

Stefan Coat

A belted crimson cashmere coat with a hood—need we say more?

Uzbek Suzani Hand-Embroidered Cotton Coat

It’s all about the craftsmanship with his hand-embroidered cotton coat. Pair with jeans for an fun and casual ensemble, or drape over your shoulders while wearing a slim skirt in a similar hue. A feast for the eyes. 

Hooded Jacket

Who doesn’t need a functional windbreaker? With it’s punchy hue and sophisticated details, you’ll feel anything but regular wearing this hooded jacket. 

Faux Fur Overcoat

Though an animal print may be daunting, you’ll never feel more fabulous than when you throw on your faux fur leopard coat (take it from ’60s icon Edie Sedgwick). 

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