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4Health Dog Food: Ingredients, Recalls, and Reviews


4health dog food

An inside look at Tractor Supply Company’s 4Health Dog Food

We treat our dogs just like part of the family. This means that our pet and beloved companion enjoys the same comforts as we do, which includes eating healthy pet food.

After all, taking care of your health and diet is important and this is no different for our pet.

Of course, it can be difficult to find a pet food that isn’t full of additives and ingredients that are bad for our pets. Often you have to search high and low to find the right pet food that would be recommended by a veterinarian.

So, we have been on the hunt for a pet food that meets the nutritional needs of our furry friends and the one brand that has stood out from the rest is 4health Dog Food.

4Health is a premium dog food brand that offers quality wet and dry food that is full of beneficial ingredients that will keep your pet strong, healthy and happy.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small breed or a large breed of dog; there is something for every pet with 4Health Dog Food. In fact, there are even formulas that are available for cats too!

So, who is this pet food company?

Well, 4Health dog food is manufactured by industry giants, Diamond Pet Food and the brand is owned by Schell and Kampeter Inc. You can buy this premium pet food brand from the Tractor Supply Company, which is the largest rural lifestyle store in the US, selling a variety of home, pet and farming products. This means that you can find all of the different 4Health dog food and cat formulas across the country in Tractor Supply Company stores.

A Close Look at the Popular 4Health Salmon and Potato Formula for Adult Dogs

4 health dog food

The Tractor Supply Company boast that the 4Health Salmon and Potato Formula is one of their most popular options for dog food, which has been well received by dog owners and their pooches.

Let’s have a look at why this pet food is so great.

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First of all, the ingredients are clear on the dog food label, so you know exactly what you are buying and feeding to your pet.

In fact, it has never been easier to make sure your dog stays nice and lean! There is salmon in this fish meal for your dog, which provides 25 percent protein for sustaining muscle and providing energy throughout the day. Since it contains fish, this also makes a great choice if your pet has an allergy to other types of meat, such as chicken or beef.

In addition, this 4Health dog food offers 12 percent fat, with canola oil containing important omega fatty acid. This will be beneficial in maintaining a beautifully healthy and long coat, as well as help manage troubled skin.

In the 4Health Salmon and Potato Formula, your dog will love the other wholesome ingredients, such as fruit and vegetables, which provide 43 percent of carbohydrates and contain lots of good antioxidants. This can help to prevent serious diseases, especially if your dog is pre-disposed to them.

Moreover, your pup can benefit from glucosamine and chondroitin, which is good for the joints and helps to keep cartilage healthy. For breeds such as a German Shepherd dog, this pet food is particularly worthwhile.

It should be noted that this pet food is low in fiber. The tomato pomace and flaxseed provide only three percent of fiber when combined with other ingredients.

However, there are probiotics in 4Health Dog Food, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and dried chicory root, that can aid and promote healthy digestion.

4Health Dog Food Ranges for Your Pet

4Health dog food uses fresh meat in their pet food, as well as fewer filler ingredients and chemicals that can do more harm than good to your dog’s health.

It provides the right nutritional balance for a small breed, such as a Boston Terrier, to a large breed like a German Shepherd dog, with different types of wet and dry dog food available.

You will be able to see lean meat in their pet food products, such as chicken, turkey, duck, and beef. Not only is this pet food nutritious, but it also tastes good for your dog too!

4Health Original Dog Food

For their Original Dog Food, 4Health has sourced high-quality meat to make sure your pet can enjoy nutritious protein that is not a poultry by-product nor contains harmful ingredients.

This dog food does not contain corn, soy or wheat, but does contain powerful antioxidants and omega fatty acid for a silky and shiny coat and a healthy immune system.

You will also find probiotics on the dog food label to improve digestion. Overall, 4Health Original Dog Food offers a wholesome and beneficial meal for your furry friend.

4Health Grain Free Dog Food

When your pet has a food allergy, it can be difficult to find the right pet food products at the store that won’t make sure your dog sick. But, 4Health Pet Food caters to those that have a food allergy by offering a grain-free meal option.

In addition, it is free from wheat, soy, and corn so your pet can enjoy their food without any consequences.

Now you don’t have to worry about what you are feeding your pet; you have the peace of mind that they will love their food and are still getting the vitamins and minerals that they need to stay healthy.

4Health Grain Free Dog Food also contains probiotics that aid digestion and avoid an upset stomach. The natural ingredients do not irritate the intestines and can help to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, such as salmonella and E coli.

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4Health Special Care Dog Food

The Special Care line of 4Health Pet Food is perfect for dogs that have dietary needs and could do with some pet health support.

There are wet and dry dog food options that have specific goals, including Weight Management, Sensitive Stomach, and Sensitive Skin.

If your beloved companion needs to lose some extra weight, the 4Health Weight Management dog food can help.

This pet food contains good quality meat for protein and provides healthy carbohydrates for plenty of energy. While the natural ingredients are controlled for weight loss, your dog still receives all of the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy and energetic.

The Sensitive Skin range is suitable for adult dogs and is a grain-free option. It contains hydrolyzed salmon, which is broken down to prevent allergic reactions, as well as having lots of omega fatty acid to promote healthy skin and reduce itching and soreness.

For a pet food that is easy on the digestive system, check out the Sensitive Stomach 4Health Dog Food.

This formula contains fewer ingredients that are known to be easier for dogs to digest, such as eggs and potatoes. Yet, these are still great protein and carbohydrate sources for sustaining muscle and energy. In addition, probiotics are contained in the ingredients list to provide soothing digestion.

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4Health Untamed Dog Food

4Health Untamed pet food is perfect for dogs that enjoy a high protein diet, with an emphasis on cutting out a lot of other unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients.

There are options that include exotic proteins for a tasty meal, such as wild boar, trout, duck, and lamb. This meaty option is available at Tractor Supply Company and you can get your hands on a bag of dry dog food, weighing from 8 lb to 25 lb. 

Now your pup can benefit from a delicious meat dish, with iron proteinate to help the immune system.

4Health Treats & Chews

When it comes to pet treats, we often struggle to find products that are actually healthy and nutritious for our pups. But, this has changed thanks to the Tractor Supply Company and 4Health dog treats. 

The number one ingredient in most of the treats is real meat to provide healthy protein. This includes beef, chicken or salmon; the choice is yours.

Using 4Health treats is a nutritious way to reward your dog and reinforce good behavior as part of their training. You can choose from strips, meatballs, chewy bars and sticks for your pup. What’s more, grain-free biscuits and jerky are available at Tractor Supply Company if your dog has an allergy. All of the treats are free from wheat, corn and soy ingredients.

4Health also offer dental bones that can be given to your dog to promote fresh breath and help to prevent tartar and plaque growth. The tasty dental bones contain natural ingredients, such as parsley, dill, and peppermint, as well as other herbs that contain chlorophyll.

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4Health Dog Food vs. Blue Buffalo: A Brief Comparison

There are a lot of similarities between 4Health Dog Food and Blue Buffalo Dog Food.

Both of these popular pet food brands believe in providing natural ingredients in their dog food, such as vegetables and fruits, with an emphasis on using real meat in their formulas.

Moreover, Blue Buffalo has grain-free dry dog food available like 4Health does, with a similar meat-rich diet option for your furry friend. You can also rely on both of these pet food manufacturer giants to provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for your dog, such as manganese proteinate for normal grow and zinc proteinate for energy.

Energy for bike rides!

The 4Health Dog Food Reviews Speak for Themselves

4health dog food reviews

It is difficult to find a bad review about 4Health Dog Food.

In fact, most dog owners are happy with the variety of dog food on offer at Tractor Supply Company and the premium quality they have experienced with the meat and fish meal options.

There have been reviews reporting that their dog is enjoying better skin and a healthier coat after eating 4Health dog food. The wholesome food recipes that subtract the artificial additives and leave in all the best bits, also make this pet food stand out from the crowd for being premium but affordable.

A History of 4Health Dog Food Recalls

4Health Dog food was voluntarily recalled by Diamond Pet Foods in May 2012. This was due to the discovery of salmonella contamination on their dog food brands with a best-by date from December 2012 to April 2013. After a thorough investigation, 4Health Dog Food was not found to have salmonella, but the action was taken as a precaution to protect pets across the country.

Where to Buy 4Health Dog Food

Tractor Supply Company stores of course!

Final Thoughts on 4Health Dog Food Ingredients, Benefits, and More

We think that 4Health Dog Food offers balanced pet food for puppies and adult dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes, as well as catering to allergies and dietary needs.

There is an overarching goal of the dog food brand to provide quality ingredients and fresh meat that brings a balance of macronutrients to your dog’s diet. This is important for everyday life and making sure your furry friend stays fit and healthy, promoting a long life.

The range of pet food and treats means that you can choose the option that suits you and your dog, yet no matter what range you decide on, you can enjoy the fact that it is wheat, soy and corn-free, yet full of antioxidants, healthy ingredients, and probiotics.


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