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7 Best 4 Cup Coffee Makers of 2021


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Getting your hands on the best 4 cup coffee maker is sheer luck and a bit of brainwork.

You can save thousands of dollars every year if you make a good investment in an economical coffee maker, and of course, what’s a better luxury than waking up to an amazing cup of coffee on demand.

If one cup is not enough or you have a small household, a 4-cup coffee maker can be the ideal choice to make small batches, just enough for four people.


If you’re not sure which one to pick?

Read on further, and I’ll help you choose the best machine with all the essential features, and yes, without breaking the bank.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying 4-Cup Coffee Maker

1. Ideal Brewing Temperature

The best temperature to brew coffee is 205°F, anything above causes burnt taste and affects the quality of the coffee. On the other hand, the temperature lower than 195°F will not extract the optimal flavor and aroma from your coffee that will make you an undrinkable cup of coffee.

So, always make sure the coffee maker you are buying must brew coffee at an ideal range of temperatures.

2. Brew Speed

We live in a fast-paced world where time is money. No one wants to wait longer to brew a single cup of coffee, so it’s always the best option to pick an automatic start option machine with brew timers so you won’t need to wait long as you will be able to get your coffee right at the time when you want.

3. Consider Your Budget

Other than the upfront cost of the unit, consider the other costs too. Always check how much energy the appliance will consume, the maintenance and the accessories costs will add up to. Look for energy-saving brands and models, they might be costly but will also cut down on your maintenance costs.

Got it?

Now scroll a bit below to reveal those best 4-cup coffee makers of 2020!

Best of the Best

Zojirushi EC-DAC50

Zojirushi EC-DAC50

  • Brews up to 5 cups of coffee
  • Easily removable water reservoir
  • Automatic keep-warm function
  • Easy to clean and highly durable
  • Affordable

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Runner Up

Bonavita BV1500TS

Bonavita BV1500TS

  • Up to 5-cup capacity
  • One-touch brewing option
  • Maintains optimal brewing temperature
  • Showerhead for ideal extraction
  • Includes double-walled stainless steel carafe
  • BPA-free plastic

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Elite Cuisine EHC-2022

Elite Cuisine EHC-2022

  • 4-cup capacity
  • Dishwasher safe glass carafe
  • Power indicator light
  • Pause ‘N Serve function

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Mr. Coffee Simple Brew

Mr. Coffee Simple Brew

  • 4-cup capacity
  • Grab-A-Cup feature to enjoy a cup before the brewing cycle gets done
  • Smaller footprint

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Cuisinart DCC-450BK

Cuisinart DCC-450BK

  • 4-cup coffee capacity
  • Brew-pause feature to let you enjoy a coffee before brew cycle completes
  • 30-minute automatic shutoff

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Braun KF7150BK

Braun KF7150BK

  • Brews soul-touching coffee
  • 24-hour programmable
  • Strength selector (regular to bold)
  • Intuitive interface

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  • Sturdy 5-cup carafe capacity
  • Removable filter basket
  • Carafe keeps coffee hot for hours

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Let’s discuss these top-rated 4-cup coffee makers in detail…

Zojirushi EC-DAC50 features a compact silver exterior designed accurately for small kitchen owners. The machine doesn’t occupy a lot of space on kitchen counters, and the operation is super simple as well.

Zojirushi EC-DAC50 is a 650-watt powerful drip coffee maker that brews up to 5 cups of great-tasting caffeinated beverages. It has an incredible temperature precision, maintaining a consistent range of 195-215°F. No doubt, it takes a bit longer (about 6 minutes) to brew a single cup of coffee but the taste worths the wait.

A smoothly designed filter basket sits inside the glass carafe, so it’s much easier to use, and the coffee flavor is extracted thoroughly while brewing, enhances the taste of the coffee.

The water reservoir is concealed, so it doesn’t make the exterior look absurd and bulky. Moreover, it is removable and has measurement marks for hot and iced coffee and the number of cups you want to brew. This makes the refiling a breeze and quite accurate.

The automatic keep-warm function is very helpful as it keeps the coffee piping hot as long as you want it without the burnt taste.

The carafe basket is replaced by a filter lid. This means it works in place of a showerhead, distributing hot water across the coffee ground more evenly.

Zojirushi EC-DAC50 is also equipped with a charcoal water filter that purifies the water and helps to enhance the taste of brewed coffee. It can last for 2 years if used normally.

Lastly, thanks to its detachable parts which makes cleaning no more hassle. To increase the durability of the machine, it’s suggested to descale the machine periodically with citric acid cleaner.


  • Sleek and compact design
  • Optimal heat retention
  • Delivers great tasting coffee
  • Brewing temperature is ideal
  • Includes a heating plate
  • Cheap replacement parts
  • Carafe design is unique
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • No auto shut feature
  • Lacks programmability

What’s the bottom line?

If you are looking for a reliable coffee maker to brew small batches of iced or hot coffee, then Zojirushi is probably the best affordable 5-cup coffee maker for you.

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Bonavita 5 cup one-touch coffee maker is equipped with simple features, so you get to savor every toasty sip. This compact appliance with a one-touch brew option makes brewing so much easier for busy weekday mornings. This 5 cups automatic coffee brewer is smartly designed with stainless steel and has some great features to produce a quality cup of coffee every time.

The cross-shaped shower head ensures the steady shower of water evenly over the grounds and is accurately designed for ideal extraction for small batches. The 110 watts heater helps to maintain the ideal temperature consistently for brewing coffee until the end of each brewing process.

An auto-off feature is very useful when you forget to turn the appliance off, it shuts down on its own when not in use.

The thermal carafe is made with stainless steel, making it durable and can hold up to 5 cups of coffee. Bonavita uses standard #4 cone-shaped filters, so you won’t ever be without a filter basket.

Washing and cleaning the carafe lid, filter basket, and showerhead are easy as they are detachable and dishwasher friendly. The plastic is BPA free making the appliance safe to use and make your coffee free from chemical components.


  • BPA- free
  • Maintains optimal temperature
  • Complete coffee ground saturation
  • German thermal carafe
  • Pre-infusion mode allows fresh coffee to degas and bloom
  • High-quality stainless steel exterior
  • Brews 5 cups in approximately 6 minutes


  • The carafe design could be improved

What’s the bottom line?

Bonavita is a simple automated machine that brews decent tasting coffee in minimum time. This might be a good value for money if you are looking for a coffee maker that is optimized to brew small batches with little to no hassle.

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When you want a quick cup of coffee, have less time, and can’t do without a sturdy 4-cup coffee maker, Elite Cuisine EHC-2022 can help comply with your needs.

This appliance can brew 4 cups of fresh and rich tasting coffee every day with minimal mess and fuss.

The removable filter basket is reusable, so it cuts down on the expenses of replacing it with a new one frequently. It is easy to remove and clean under a tap in a sink and dishwasher friendly as well.

Elite Cuisine EHC2022 is equipped with a simple and easy ON and OFF toggle switch operation system, making it a hassle-free appliance. It also has a power indicator, so you know when your appliance is ON and ready to operate.

There are no complicated whistles that you might find difficult to comprehend and operate, just an easy-to-use 4 cup coffee maker to make your coffee drinking regime more convenient.

The water tanker is easy to fill and easier to access. You can refill it by lifting the lid and pouring fresh water into the tank.

Another highlight of this appliance is the automatic carafe warmer which means there is a hot plate to keep the coffee piping hot and fresh for up to an hour after the brewing process is complete.

Moreover, this appliance has a pause and serve function, so you can stop it for an instant while brewing and pour some coffee out in a cup. The drip-free pour spout prevents a mess that could be caused by the leftover coffee dribbling on the counter.

The stay-cool handles make the handling of piping hot caffeinated beverages easier and safe.

This little appliance works great as a travel coffee pot for gateways, making it a perfect choice for someone who loves to fill the travel mug in the morning and leave for work.


  • Easy to use
  • Washable and reusable water filter
  • Accurate brewing
  • Eco-friendly appliance
  • Works great as a travel coffee pot


  • No automatic auto-shut feature

What’s the bottom line?

Elite Cuisine EHC-2022 is a compact, easy to handle, and affordable 4 cup coffee maker. With a classic appearance, it can be an ideal choice for small offices, kitchens, apartments, and travelers.

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Available in a matt black classic design Mr. Coffee Simple Brew Maker is equipped with all the essentials features required to brew a perfect cup of coffee. This mess-free appliance can make great-tasting caffeinated beverages in minimal time, occupies less space on kitchen counters, and is pretty durable.

An on/off indicator light makes it easier to figure out when the appliance is functioning. The power-on status will remind you that you have to switch the appliance off, thus saving energy.

The Grab-A-Cup auto-pause stops the brewing cycle if you want a cup of coffee before the brewing process is completed.

As you refill the water tank, a dual water window gives a clearer view of how much water is being filled, this also reduces the water from overflowing out of the appliance on the counters.

Moreover, a removable filter basket is easy to lift and clean, so even if you don’t have much time on your hands, you can just simply but efficiently clean it quickly.

Talking about the capacity, it can make two mugs of coffee, 4 cups of coffee, to be precise, in a single brew. Fairly enough for anyone looking for a small batch to brew or has a small household with limited space. The appliance produces steaming hot coffee on demand, the pour is smooth and won’t disappoint you.

This coffee maker is simply designed and features a timer that allows you to plan a brewing time 24 hours pre-hand so you can always have a cup of coffee the next day, right at the time when you want.

The dishwasher-friendly glass carafe sits on a warming plate, is easy to wash, and stain-resistant, so you won’t need to put a lot of effort into cleaning it more often.


  • Great looking design
  • Doesn’t take much space on the counter
  • Stain-resistant hot plate
  • Affordable
  • 24-hour programmability
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The heat retention system could have been improved as the class carafe doesn’t retain heat for much longer.

What’s the bottom line?

If you are looking for a simple, space-saving, and affordable 4 cup coffee maker, Mr. Coffee Simple Brew coffee maker can be a great option for you. It works efficiently for everyday usage and delivers the quality of coffee for just a fraction of the price.

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Cuisinart DCC 450 BK is a durable, sturdy-looking small coffee machine that is equipped with advanced features to deliver impactful coffee brews every morning. Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup coffee maker is an economical option for novice baristas who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a coffee maker to get started. This appliance is equipped with the easiest operating system to start with.

It is an ideal appliance for baristas who want to brew a perfect cup of coffee for themselves or a friend. Cuisinart DDC-450 BK comes with an ergonomically designed stainless steel carafe to retain the optimal temperature and heat of the coffee for a long period of time. The dripless pour and knuckle guard ensures a mess-free smooth pour in every cup. You can make a full 4 cups full pot of coffee in under 5 minutes with this appliance, and the professionally designed showerheads further optimize the taste and quality of your brew.

The brew-pause feature is very useful when you want to enjoy a cup of coffee before the brewing process completes. You can pause the brewing for 30 seconds and pour out a cup.

The automatic on/off light indicator lets you know when the appliance is running and ready to brew.

Furthermore, the 30-minute automatic shutoff shuts down the appliance after a brewing cycle has completed that not only saves the energy but also prevents the appliance from burning out, so even if you ever forget to turn it off after brewing, you still don’t need to worry about it.

Lastly, the parts are easy to clean and descale, and not much of a hassle to maintain the machine.


  • Attractive design
  • Stainless steel carafe retains the heat of the coffee
  • Brew-pause feature
  • Auto-shutdown feature
  • Easy to operate
  • BPA free makes it safe and claims minimal health hazards, which can be caused due to poor quality plastic parts
  • A hot plate keeps the coffee warm for adequate time


  • The carafe lid needs to be handled carefully.

What’s the bottom line?

Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker is an economical option for novice barristers who are looking for quality and speed in a single coffee maker.

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Braun KF7150BK coffee maker looks elegant on kitchen counters and is extremely useful for small offices to brew small batches of coffee. It comes with a high-tech brewing unit. Braun is known for its consistency and reliability and produces a great cup of coffee from the first sip to the last.

This high-tech brewing unit by Braun features a stainless steel and piano black finish with an extra-large display user-friendly control panel that is equipped with LED light indicators so you know exactly what you are programming as the lights blink.

Moreover, the easy-to-read bold buttons clear out the functional technicalities of the appliance, making it easier to brew without any hassle.

Another great automatic feature about this appliance is the automatic shut-off feature that turns off the machine after 2 hours, this saves energy and prevents the machine from overheating.

Although all the parts of the coffee maker are not BPA-free, it does have a charcoal filter basket so that filtered water reaches your cup to maximize the optimal flavors of your coffee.

Braun KF7150BK features a fully programmable 24-hour clock that is reliable enough to preset your fresh cup of coffee just when you want it. You can easily customize your cup of coffee thanks to the bold strength selector that allows you to pick your coffee from regular to bold.

The anti-drip system lets you pause and pour coffee in a cup mid-brew cycle, and that too with zero mess on kitchen counters from dripping.

Braun Brew Sense coffee maker also features a ledge that collects the condensed water, which is left over after the brewing cycle ends. A condensation tray ensures the water stays inside the coffee maker and shouldn’t cause a mess that means no more spilling of water on the kitchen counters.

This compact appliance also features an easily accessible glass carafe that is integrated into the coffee maker, so it occupies less space.

The water reservoir is clearly marked with a water level indicator, so you know exactly how many cups of coffee you are brewing. The warmer plate is very helpful in keeping your coffee piping hot for hours, and you can adjust a temperature too as to how hot you want your coffee.

Cleaning and maintenance is an easy department as it’s pretty effortless; a “clean” button does the descaling job for you. Moreover, the carafe and filter are dishwasher friendly.


  • Made BPA- free plastic
  • Ensures optimal coffee extraction
  • Auto-off feature
  • Programmable
  • Easy to clean
  • High-quality stainless steel exterior
  • Brew batches of coffee


What’s the bottom line?

The appliance is suitable for anyone looking for a compact, fully programmable, and good-looking machine. The affordable price tag and durability succumbs make Braun KF7150BK probably the best bet for you.

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If you have been looking for a convenient and affordable way to make a standard cup of black coffee, then Black and Decker DCM600B is certainly an easier approach to brewing the perfect cup.

It is a compact appliance making it a great choice for small kitchens, apartments, and offices. The one-touch operation system lets you make the most delicious cup of coffee in the comfort of your kitchen.

It comes with a one-piece cover and dura life glass carafe with a 5 cup capacity which makes it suitable to brew an adequate quantity of coffee. It also has markings for accurate filling and an easy-grip handle to ensure a smooth pour experience. It offers optimal temperature for brewing within a couple of minutes, so you don’t need to wait longer to overcome your craving for a delicious cup of black coffee.

The water window ensures an easy view, and this compartment is also marked with measurements, so you know the perfect brew amount. The optimal heating element gives a better flavor extraction from your coffee fresh and on-demand.

Furthermore, the machine is equipped with a keep hot carafe plate which is non-sticky, keeps the coffee hot for a couple of hours after the brewing cycle ends.

The removable filter basket is dishwasher friendly, and is compatible with basket-style filter paper, and uses a 1 to 4 cup basket style.


  • Cord storage saves the counter mess
  • Easy to use
  • Fast brewing unit
  • Small and compact
  • Exclusive Design
  • Makes a decent amount of coffee
  • Affordable


  • No timer to preset a brew.

What’s the bottom line?

BLACK+DECKER DCM600B is a great pick if you are looking for low-cost, low maintenance yet easy-to-use appliance which is durable, compact, and makes decent-tasting black coffee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make the most of the 4-cup coffee maker?

If you aren’t utilizing your 4-cup coffee maker to its maximum potential, it might not be able to give that 5-star coffee you’ve been craving for. Take care of these things to get your hands on the best coffee.

Water: Make sure you are using filtered water. Look for a brewer with a built-in water filter. This saves you the hassle of separately filtering it out.

Grounds: Make sure you are using good quality grounds, watch out for the roast date. Always use freshly roasted beans, so there is no compromise on the taste of your coffee.

2. How do I clean my appliance?

Read the company’s manual for instructions. Add a portion of vinegar and 2 parts of water and mix them to wash the reservoir clean. Dishwasher-friendly components available in any 4-cup coffee makers are a bonus.

3. What features an Ideal machine should have?

The best appliance should have:

  • Ideal temperature control for brewing and water steam
  • Auto-shutoff feature
  • Brew strength selector
  • Water filters to ensure the best-tasting quality of your coffee

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