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7 Best Chicco Strollers (2021 Reviews)


Are you on the hunt for an affordable, yet durable stroller? Did you know there’s one brand that produces nearly all types of strollers at reasonable prices?

That brand is Chicco.

Chicco is much more than a company — its dedication to helping parents and children goes well beyond its products. When you leave this page, you will know everything about this brand and which of the best Chicco strollers will work for you.



Product Comparison Table


Product Image of the Chicco Shuttle Frame Stroller, Black

Best Frame

Shuttle Frame Stroller

  • Easy to use
  • One-handed fold
  • Parent-friendly features
Product Image of the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System - Camden

Best Travel System

Bravo Trio Travel System

  • Car seat included
  • Excellent stroller
  • Adjustable handle and parent tray
Product Image of the Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller - Titan

Best for Jogging

TRE Jogging Stroller

  • Durable frame
  • Waterproof fabrics
  • Car seat compatible
Product Image of the Chicco Liteway Stroller, Fog

Best Umbrella

Liteway Stroller

  • Adjustable backrest
  • Comfortable handles and storage basket
  • Rear-wheel suspension and superior steering
Product Image of the Chicco Bravo LE Quick-Fold Stroller, Coal

Best for Commuting Parents

Bravo LE Quick-Fold Stroller

  • Compact folding
  • Full-sized toddler stroller
  • Converts into frame
Product Image of the Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Lightweight Stroller, Graphite

Best Lightweight

Mini Bravo Plus Lightweight Stroller

  • Excellent for family excursions
  • Extended sun canopy
  • Car seat compatible
Product Image of the Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller, Minerale

Best Double

Cortina Together Double Stroller

  • Great for independent babies
  • Superb steering
  • Slim design


Who Is Chicco?

Chicco is an Italian company, launched in 1958 by Pietro Catelli. At the time, Catelli was a developer of pharmaceutical devices and an inventor.

After his son’s birth, he expanded to include baby products. He aimed to develop wholesome solutions for parents (1).

The baby product branch developed quickly to include a range of baby gear. This includes carriers, nursing merchandise, clothing, baby care, toys, and strollers.

The company is all about discovery. Through its “Happiness Lab,” Chicco creates innovative products with the help of experts and parents.

Chicco says that it observes how the products benefit babies and help them grow.

The company’s commitment to parents and babies across the world emphasizes its love of family bonds and child health.

Chicco does some fantastic work — it’s involved with several organizations aimed at helping children in need. One of these is the Mission Bambini, which cares for sick children in medical-scarce countries. The mission carries out heart surgery operations and provides training for local doctors (2).

Chicco Today

Chicco has become renowned in the U.S. and has an influence in more than 120 countries around the world. It currently has its main office on the outskirts of Milan. The company is motivated to produce goods that are as fashion-forward as they are functional.

One contributing factor to Chicco’s global success is its all-inclusive approach. Its strollers are available at reasonable prices, without compromising quality or features. We recommend this company for parents who want a good-looking, functional buggy without breaking the bank.

What Parents Say About Chicco Strollers

Chicco is doing exceptionally well with parents. Many appreciate how stylish and feature-packed its strollers are. There’s a lot of attention to the small details, such as plenty of zippered pockets to store valuables.

Another pro many reviewers mention is the simple fold and self-standing ability. Thanks to this, the strollers are easy to store away from sight or pack in the trunk.

The large variety of products also impresses parents. Chicco has many products, including frames and umbrella-style strollers, double-strollers, stand-on doubles, and jogging buggies. All do consistently well in feedback from parents.

Parents praise how easy the strollers are to handle. The steering is smooth, and they turn tight corners with ease.

With all that said, not everyone seems pleased with Chicco customer service. Parents say they took way too long to respond to inquiries and requests for replacements.

Where Are Chicco’s Strollers Made?

Although it’s an Italian company, most of Chicco’s products are constructed in China. This is one of the significant differences between the company and its direct competition, Peg Perego, whose strollers are made in Italy.

Still, Chicco has found great success, especially with its infant car seats, which are among the top in the industry. In particular, the Keyfit 30 is currently one of the best within the U.S.

What Strollers Work with Chicco Keyfit 30?

The Keyfit 30 infant car seat is adaptable. It’s suitable for all Chicco strollers, but also with buggies from Baby Jogger, Bugaboo, Mamas and Papas, UPPAbaby, BOB, and Britax. However, you will need to buy the appropriate car seat adapter.

Why We Recommend Chicco Strollers

Chicco is one of our favorite brands — even though its strollers are at the affordable end of the spectrum, it doesn’t compromise on design. It offers several prints and colors — there’s everything from black and gray, to neutrals and various shades of blue. You can find the most extensive selection on the website.

The best feature of these fabrics is that they’re machine-washable. Most Chicco strollers allow you to remove the seat liner and toss it into your washer for cleaning. This isn’t something you see with every brand — many can only take a wipe down.

What’s also great is that Chicco shows impeccable attention to the smaller, unexpected details. All its strollers feature something extra for parents — often it’s a parent tray with cup holders. Others feature neat compartments for all your little extras.

We love the little zippered pockets featured on most of the buggies. They’re great for storing valuables such as your cash or phone.

If you’re going on a stroll, there’s no need to take your purse. The less extra to carry, the better, right?

Chicco’s strollers are constructed for years of use, long after their warranty expires. So if your tires wear out or the seat gets worn and tired, they offer a range of parts you can buy to replace them.

Chicco Stroller’s Price Range

Most of Chicco’s strollers are at a good price point for most families. It does have its more expensive models like the joggers and all-in-one travel systems. These are cheaper than many of Chicco’s competitors, and are built to be more durable and have included infant car seats.

The Best Chicco Stroller Reviews of 2021

Chicco has a broad selection of superb strollers, so to narrow down your search, we scoured through user reviews and expert recommendations. Here are the best Chicco strollers.

1. Chicco Shuttle Frame Stroller

Best Chicco Stroller Frame

To simplify the first few months after delivery, Chicco offers its ultralight stroller frame. It’s compatible with all Fit2 and KeyFit infant car seats, which securely attach using click-ins.

A stroller frame gives you the benefits of a travel system without the extra weight. Many parents recommend this for the first six months as it makes it easy to get on the move.

The frame itself folds effortlessly into a small unit. It features an easy-grip handle with a parent tray and two cup holders. The front wheels swivel, and there’s a secure parking brake.

Why We Love It

Easy to Use

When you’re a first time parent, everything seems complicated, especially when it comes to strollers and car seats. Chicco made sure the frame was easy to use.

You attach a compatible infant car seat using a click-in method. It takes less than two minutes after some practice, and it keeps your precious bundle secure.

One-Handed Fold

The frame features a practical fold handle. It’s a one-handed procedure — you pull up, and the frame retracts. You can then use the handle for carrying.

Once folded, the frame can stand on its own. The stand-alone construction is compact, making storage easier.

Parent-Friendly Features

We always appreciate something extra, and Chicco did not let us down. By the handle, it features a parent tray and a pocket.

The pocket is roomy. Some reviewers used an iPhone X as a reference, saying that it will fit vertically inside.

The tray is where you have two cup holders for water or other drinks. For all your essential gear, Chicco included a large storage basket underneath the seat. It provides plenty of space for a big diaper bag and groceries.

Keep In Mind

Cup Holders Are Shallow

A few moms expressed their displeasure with the depth of the cup holders. They’re fairly shallow, and bottles can easily fall out.

Additional Specs

Color Black
Product weight 15 pounds
Maximum child weight N/A
Folded dimensions 28.3 inches by 20.8 inches by 13 inches

2. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Best Chicco Travel System Stroller

A travel system is an ideal pick if you’re working with a budget. It’s a system you can use from day one, through toddlerhood until your little one is happy walking. Chicco’s offering, the Bravo Trio Travel System, is exceptional.

You get an outstanding stroller that features Chicco’s signature easy-fold system, requiring only one hand. The buggy is also fitted with full suspension and swivel wheels for superior maneuverability.

Included is the KeyFit 30 infant car seat, which clicks smoothly onto the stroller after you remove the backrest, seat, and canopy.

Why We Love It

The Best Car Seat Included

With this travel system, Chicco included one of the best car seats, the KeyFit 30 (3). It comes with everything, even the base for the vehicle. This car seat does an exceptional job of keeping your little one safe in the event of an accident.

The KeyFit 30 seat can safely accommodate a baby from 4 to 30 pounds. It features all the tools to ensure it’s installed correctly. This includes a LATCH system and a RideRight Bubble level indicator.

Excellent Stroller

The Bravo stroller underneath the car seat can quickly transform into a frame for easy transportation. The backrest and seat come off in one piece, as well as the canopy, which allows you to attach the car seat safely.

The brake is a one-touch procedure, keeping the buggy secure when parked.

Adjustable Handle and Parent Tray

The handle is comfortable to grip, and you can adjust it into three positions to suit various drivers. You’ve also got a useful parent tray with a small compartment and two cup holders.


Once your baby outgrows the seat, which is when they reach around 30 pounds, the stroller will continue to carry your child safely, well into toddlerhood. The buggy features cup holders for the passenger as well as a large sun canopy.

Keep In Mind

Stroller Feels Wobbly on Uneven Surfaces

Although the stroller is a smooth ride most of the time, some reviewers said it felt a little shaky to push on uneven surfaces.

Additional Specs

Color Brooklyn, Calla, Camden, Driftwood, Lilla, Meridian, Nottingham, Silhouette, and Springhill
Product weight 24.9 pounds
Maximum child weight 50 pounds
Folded dimensions Not specified

3. Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller

Best Chicco Jogging Stroller

We love a good jogging stroller — they’re pretty versatile and don’t have to be exclusively for running. The Chicco TRE is for the fast-paced family, who loves spending time outside. It’s suitable for the park, trail, or race day.

The buggy is built on an aluminum frame, giving it sturdiness without adding on the pounds. It’s a three-wheel design, with large 16-inch pneumatic rear tires, making the stroller easy to maneuver.

Must-have features included on the stroller are a large handle, handbrake, and FlexCore suspension. It has an extended sun canopy, with an integrated mesh window for ventilation, which you access by unzipping.

Why We Love It

Great for Going Fast

The Chicco TRE has all the potential to help you go a little faster. The sleek wheel design makes maneuvering an effortless task. The dual FlexCore suspension is adjustable — you switch the mode with your foot as you’re changing terrain.

Another practical feature is the hand-activated front-wheel function. If you’re navigating a crowd, push the button on the handle, and the front wheel can swivel, making the buggy even more comfortable to steer.

Durable Frame

Aluminum is an ideal material for a jogging stroller frame. It’s lightweight, yet highly durable. It gives you peace of mind knowing the buggy can withstand the rigors of going faster.

The TRE weighs a mere 28.5 pounds. That’s relatively light, as jogging strollers usually weigh over 30 pounds. It’s also easy to fold and place in the trunk.

Waterproof Fabrics

All the fabrics used are waterproof. It keeps your little one safe and sound, even on rainy days. The full-coverage sun canopy protects your baby when the sun comes out.

Car Seat Compatible

It accepts both Fit2 and KeyFit infant car seats — they’re sold separately. But if you want to use the stroller from day one, remove the current seat to expose the frame, and attach the car seat.

Take Note

It’s not recommended to jog with an occupied infant car seat in tow.

Keep In Mind

Takes up Space When Folded

A few reviewers noted it’s bulky when folded. It’s not suitable for a small vehicle.

Additional Specs

Color Titan
Product weight 28.5 pounds
Maximum child weight 55 pounds
Folded dimensions 37.5 inches by 25.5 inches by 16 inches

4. Chicco Liteway Stroller

Best Chicco Umbrella Stroller

For city dwellers or commuters, an umbrella stroller offers the convenience of folding it into a lightweight package. The Liteway Stroller is built on a sturdy aluminum frame, which collapses effortlessly into an umbrella shape, ready for the bus or subway.

Your little one can sit comfortably — the backrest is adjustable with three positions to accommodate a resting or fully awake baby. The included canopy is flexible as well, or you can choose to remove it when not needed. Optional front-wheel swivel and rear-wheel suspension make the ride smooth and easy to steer.

Underneath the seat, you’ll find a large storage basket for all your essential gear. Chicco also included padded handles and a cup holder.

Why We Love It

Effortless Fold

Folding the stroller couldn’t be easier. You pull the handle, and it folds into a compact umbrella shape. The handle then serves as a carrier lever, or as an automatic storage latch.

Adjustable Backrest

To safely accommodate babies of varying ages, the backrest is fully adjustable. You can place it into three positions depending on your baby’s age and if they’re sleeping or awake. The five-point harness keeps them secure while you take a stroll.

Comfortable Handles and Storage Basket

The Liteway Stroller includes a lot of features for the driver. The padded handles are comfortable to hold and great for long walks. Then you have the large storage basket, capable of keeping all your essentials close at hand.

Rear-Wheel Suspension and Superior Steering

The rear wheels have a topnotch suspension system, making it easy to take the stroller off-road. The front wheels can swivel, giving you superior steering and maneuverability around crowded areas.

Keep In Mind

Difficult to Assemble

Some parents noted it is rather tricky to assemble. Everything is detachable, which can cause the canopy and cup holder to come off after folding. Many felt it was an unnecessary inconvenience to reattach everything when unfolding.

Additional Specs

Color Fog, sunset, moon gray, and ocean
Product weight 17.2 pounds
Maximum child weight 40 pounds
Folded dimensions 46 inches by 10 inches by 11.75 inches

5. Chicco Bravo LE Quick-Fold Stroller

Best Chicco Stroller for Commuting Parents

If you’re traveling daily by car, it’s handy having a stroller like this that’s easy to fold. It’s a full-feature toddler stroller, designed to lift your little explorer to see the world.

For your independent toddler, Chicco included a snack tray with two cup holders. You can also choose to remove it for days when it isn’t needed. If your baby is a little younger, the seat cushion features extra padding for support.

Once you’re ready to get going with your car, the buggy folds quickly with the pull of a lever. The handle is hidden within a pocket in the cushion so it won’t disturb your little one.

Why We Love It

Compact Folding

No matter the size of your car, the Bravo LE stroller should be able to fit in. It folds quickly into a compact package, ready to place in the trunk. The seat, canopy, and wheels are all detachable if you need it to fit into an even tighter space.

Full-Sized Toddler Stroller

Toddlers love to explore and see the world around them. The Bravo LE lifts your little one into an upright position, giving them a great view of their surroundings.

As snack time rolls around, your little one can feel independent when using the snack tray. It features two cup holders and a small plate. And because the seat cushion is removable, it’s easy to clean accidental spills.

Comfy Seat

Tots will be as snug as a bug in the seat. It’s fitted with extra padding, providing support and ensuring your baby is comfortable. The extended canopy prevents the passenger from overheating or getting sun damage from prolonged exposure.

Converts Into Frame

You can remove the chair of the Quick-Fold buggies, converting them into stroller frames which are car seat compatible. Then you can pair it with a suitable infant car seat during the first few months for extra protection and support. That’s great if you’re often in and out of your vehicle as it won’t disturb your little one as much.

Keep In Mind

Only for Smooth Surfaces

The wheels aren’t suitable for uneven terrain. A few moms noted that it felt wobbly and became difficult to push once the surface became less than smooth.

Additional Specs

Color Coal
Product weight 23 pounds
Maximum child weight 55 pounds
Folded dimensions 16 inches by 21.75 inches by 28 inches

6. Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Lightweight Stroller

Best Lightweight Chicco Stroller

To make every excursion a little simpler, Chicco offers its Mini Bravo Plus stroller. It’s lightweight and comes with user-friendly touchpoints such as one-handed seat adjustments. The adjustable backrest is complemented by an extended sun canopy, designed with a mesh panel for ventilation.

The Mini Bravo assures precise maneuverability around crowded areas. The swivel front wheels help to steer around tight corners.

A great feature is a padded handle, ensuring a relaxed, comfortable grip. You also get Chicco’s parent tray for your phone, as well as two cup holders.

Why We Love It

Excellent for Family Excursions

If you’re often out with the family, going to the park, or perhaps the mall, Chicco’s Mini Bravo Plus is a match. It’s not an umbrella stroller, even though it’s as lightweight and compact as one.

It’s easy to fold and pack in the trunk once the day is over. Because it’s so small, it fits with ease through malls or grocery stores.

Extended Sun Canopy

Family excursions are best when the sun is out. But that also leaves your little one in need of additional protection. The extended canopy will keep your baby shielded from the sun.

To keep them well ventilated, you can unzip the mesh panel to allow fresh air to enter from all sides.

Car Seat Compatible

You can easily pair the Mini Bravo with either a KeyFit or MyFit infant car seat. This allows you to use the stroller from day one.

Keep In Mind

Front Wheels Causing Trouble

Many reviewers praise this stroller, but most seem to have an issue with the front wheels. Some say they squeak while others said they locked and couldn’t turn.

Additional Specs

Color Graphite, eucalyptus
Product weight 19.6 pounds
Maximum child weight 50 pounds
Folded dimensions 28.3 inches by 20.8 inches by 14 inches

7. Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

Best Chicco Double Stroller

If you have two small children, or are expecting twins, the Chicco Cortina is worth considering. It’s a tandem design, where one child sits behind the other. Both chairs are car seat compatible and accept either the Fit2 or KeyFit infant car seats.

Both seats feature extra padding for a comfy ride, and each has a separate canopy, which is also removable. The chairs can adjust independently to multiple positions for each child, whether asleep or awake.

Why We Love It

Great for Independent Babies

Nothing is set — each child can have the backrest and sun canopy set to how they prefer it. The front seat does have a slight advantage since it comes with cup holders.

Superb Steering

All the wheels feature a superior suspension to smooth out the ride for your two passengers. The front wheels have a swivel function, which you activate with foot control. Once activated, the buggy turns on a dime.

Large Storage Basket

Because you’re hauling along two kids, Chicco has increased the size of the storage basket. It’s double the size and comes with a zipper to secure everything inside.

Slim Design

Because it’s tandem, the width is still slim enough to fit through doorways and down narrow aisles. The added length also means the storage basket underneath is extra large, which is a huge plus with two kids in tow.

Keep In Mind

You May Struggle on Uneven Surfaces

A couple of reviewers said the stroller doesn’t do well on surfaces such as gravel. It becomes a little wobbly and unsteady. This could be due to the length.

Additional Specs

Color Minerale, ombra
Product weight 34 pounds
Maximum child weight 40 pounds for each child
Folded dimensions 47.75 inches by 23.5 inches by 16.75 inches

Chicco Stroller Accessories

Chicco offers some compatible accessories. These are:

  • Bravo Stroller Child’s Tray: Youngsters always appreciate a small snack tray — it gives a sense of independence. The Chicco snack tray is easy to clean with a simple wipe. If you use a car seat, install it before placing the seat.
  • Rubber Wheel Kit for Bravo Stroller: If you want to upgrade the wheels on your Bravo stroller to allow off-roading, Chicco offers this kit. You’ll receive a set of four wheels that are easy to attach. Sets are also available for the Bravo LE, BravoFor2, and BravoFor2 LE.

Where to Buy Chicco Strollers

Chicco strollers are available in many places throughout the U.S. You can buy them through Amazon, Target, Baby R’ Us, Toys R’ Us, Albee Baby, Buy Buy Baby, among others. The company also sells through its website.

Chicco Website and Contact

You can find any information you will need on the company’s website. It includes a comparison chart, buying guide, manuals, demo videos, and registry.

Its customer service section is thorough — when making inquiries, you will need to have some details handy. This includes the product’s model number, serial number, and date of manufacture.

You can also call them toll-free at 1-877-424-4226. This number is also on the website.

Chicco Stroller Comparison Chart

Our Verdict

Chicco is a great company, producing quality strollers for every budget and family. It has a varied selection of buggies such as jogging, umbrella, lightweight, and double.

All are easy to fold and come with additional features for mom and dad.


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