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7 Best Solar Flagpole Lights


According to U.S. Flag Code, flags that fly during the night should stay lit up all night long. One energy-efficient way to comply with the code is to install a solar flagpole light.

They’re wire-free and as long as your flag is in the sun all day, a solar flagpole light will keep it lit all night without costing you an extra penny.

Keeping “Old Glory” illuminated through the night is easy with a solar flagpole light. That is because the lights either are installed directly on top of the flagpole or clamped onto the lower section of the pole.

They operate on an automatic-on/automatic-off system. The only thing to consider, then, is which solar flagpole light is best for your flag.

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7 Best Solar Flagpole Lights

Best Overall: ALPHA 180X Flagpole Light

alpha 180x flag pole light


  • Includes: 35 LED bulbs, 230-260 lumens
  • Size: Fits flagpoles up to 2.5 inches in diameter
  • The High Points: adjustable to different flagpoles, three brightness settings, water-resistant
  • The Not-So: light angle not adjustable

The ALPHA 180X Flagpole Light takes first place on our list because of its clear user-centered design. This flagpole light is well-thought-out, efficient and durable. It’s also a breeze to install.

We love that it is adjustable to the size and shape of different flagpoles and that it consists of high-quality materials.

It also has a rating of IP 65 for water and dust resistance. It is one of the only lights on this list with a certified rating. That means that you can count on it to hold up to weather events.

What Reviewers Think

Reviewers rave about this light. They say that it’s powerful, bright and reliable. All say that is consistently comes on and stays on all night long, going beyond the runtime expectations.

In their reviews, users also highlight that you can easily install this light in other places, not just on a flagpole. Using the flagpole design, some reviewers show how they clamped it to porches, slim columns and other places.

The one consistent gripe in relation to the ALPHA 180X Flagpole Light is that it illuminates in a concentrated beam, like a solar spotlight. According to reviewers, that is still wide enough to comply with flag etiquette.

However, it isn’t as wide as some would like when the flag is completely furled out. This has to do with the fixed angle of the light. Reviewers do, however, note that some adjustment can make this problem a little better.

Features & Considerations

This solar flagpole light shines at three different brightness settings using 35 LED bulbs. The settings range from about 230-260 lumens, which the manufacturer classifies as bright, normal and dim.

It has a runtime of 6-12 hours. The runtime varies depending on charge level. In order to reach the maximum runtime, the battery must be fully charged – and setting – brighter settings use more solar power.

One of its weaknesses, though, is that in having such a specific design, although it provides flexibility in size and shape of flagpole, the light angle is fixed at 60⁰. In general, this light angle works well, but may not be the optimal angle for all situations.

A similar problem applies to the solar panel, which also is not very adjustable. You can adjust it slightly more than the light component. However, it is also limited in angle by the proximity to the pole.

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Runner-Up: LBell Solar Flagpole Light

lbell solar flag pole light


  • Includes: 30 LED bulbs, 400 lumens
  • Size: Fits flagpoles 15-20 ft. tall, with 1/2 in. thick rod at top
  • The High Points: water-resistant, good brightness
  • The Not-So: must buy ornament ball separately

The LBell Solar Flagpole Light packs 32 LED lights into an 8.5-inch diameter circular disk that shines at 400 lumens. The lights are in a circle with a few extra lights intermittent closer to the pole. On the flip side, there are 11 mini solar panels.

What brings the LBell Solar Flagpole Light into second place on our list is its reliability. At 400 lumens and with a consistent 10-hour working time, the LBell Solar Flagpole Light will illuminate your flag every night.

Like the ALPHA 180X Flagpole Light, it also has an IP rating of 65. That means that rain isn’t a concern either with this light.

What Reviewers Think

The best part about the reviews for the LBell Solar Flagpole light is that the reviewers praise just about every aspect of it. They praise the brightness, the ease of installation, the durability and the runtime.

It consistently earns very high ratings for each of those things. When reviewers had a failure with the light (a few mentioned water leaks through a crack in the plastic), the company replaced the lights. The issues were almost always solved.

Reviewers also point out that you don’t have to worry about which direction the flag is blowing. That is due to the shape of the light, which illuminates in a circle.

As a result, even when the wind is blowing, the flag remains illuminated. They said that this is one of the most important reasons they chose this style of light over another one.

Features & Considerations

The LBell Solar Flagpole Light is made for flagpoles that are 15-20 ft. tall. It has space for 1/2-inch-thick rod at top to secure the light to the top of the flagpole.

Unfortunately, the ornament ball that is used to secure the light is not included with the light. Therefore, it might be necessary to buy it in order to secure the light, depending on what your flagpole already has.

What it does include, though, is a carabiner plug. That way, you can use the light in other situations without the ornament ball. The advantage to this is that if you already have a flagpole topper than can be used in place of the suggested ornament ball, you do not pay for that extra.

It is also important to highlight again that the light has a 10-hour runtime, which is subject a full charge. In optimal conditions, the light can be expected to charge in 6-8 hours.

The circular arrangement of the LEDS above the flag allow for maximum illumination and high power of this particular solar flagpole light. The illumination also extends down the pole, not just lighting the flag, but also some area around it.

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Another Favorite: Moico Solar Flagpole Light

solar flag pole light


  • Includes: 42 LED bulbs
  • Size: Fits flagpoles 15-20 ft. tall, with 1/2 in. thick rod at top
  • The High Points: very bright, two modes
  • The Not-So: runtime on high mode is short

Out of all the solar flagpole lights that we loved, the Monico Solar Flagpole Light manages to cram 42 individual LED lights into the disk on which they’re mounted, making for a very bright solar flagpole light. It comes it at 640 lumens, making it one of our brightest choices.

We love that this solar flagpole light packs brightness and multiple settings into a small package, putting it in third place on our list. It also consists of high-quality materials and is easy to install, although the ornament ball to install it with does not come with the light.

What Reviewers Think

Reviewers say that at first glance, this product is sleek and feels like it consists of solid materials. They then say that when you get down to using it, they were right, and they found that it goes beyond just material quality to also have excellent functionality,

A few reviewers said that they even use this solar flagpole light as a camping light, because it has a slot that can be hooked to a carabiner and suspended from a backpack to charge it during the day and hung at night to illuminate a tent. The users that bought it for that unintended purpose also loved it, saying that they thought it was durable and bright.

Features & Considerations

The Moico Solar Flagpole Light has the largest solar panels of any of the disk-shaped solar flagpole lights, which allows to get the maximum amount of sunlight possible. That efficiency allows to charge fast, reaching full charge in just 6-8 hours in ideal conditions.

This solar flagpole light also comes with two modes, the only disk-shaped solar flagpole light on our list that has this feature. Those modes are high and low.

On the high mode, you can expect that the Moico Solar Flagpole Light will stay illuminated for 6-8 hours. If you need the charge to go a little farther, you can switch it to the low mode, on which the solar flagpole light should stay illuminated for 10-12 hours, in both cases, assuming that it has reached full charge during the day.

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Best Value: Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar Flagpole Light

sunnytech 2nd-generation solar flag pole light


  • Includes: 20 LED bulbs
  • Size: Fits flagpoles 15-20 ft. tall, with 1/2 in. thick rod at top
  • The High Points: long runtime, good value
  • The Not-So: must buy ornament ball separately

The SunnyTech 2nd Generation Solar Flagpole light is easily recognizable due to its two-tone appearance. Its top surface, where the solar panels are located, is black, which matches the solar panels and even helps make them more efficient, and the bottom which faces the flags and holds the lights is white, giving it a sleeker appearance from below.

This excellent capability in combination with the relatively low price is what gives the Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar Flagpole Light the title of Best Value in our list. Although it isn’t as bright as other options, it still brings great runtime and efficiency to the table, balancing quality and cost.

What Reviewers Think

Reviews of this product often mentioned that they were a repeat buyer of it. Either they had bought the same version before and loved it so much that they bought another one to use or gift, or they had worn out an old one and replaced it with the newer version. In both cases, they were so happy with the functionality (and the price) of the first, that they had come back for more.

In reviews, buyers also consistently mentioned that the price was exactly what they were looking for for this product and felt that it accurately reflected what they needed. For this reason, it is our best value solar flagpole light.

The only improvement that users consistently recommended was that they wished the light had a wider radius. They found that because the disk that the lights are installed into is only about 9 inches in diameter, the light doesn’t reach out to the end of the flag when it is completely furled out.

Features & Considerations

The Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar Flagpole light is tied for longest runtime on our list of the best solar flagpole lights. Given a completed charge, users can expect the solar flagpole light to stay on for up to 18 hours.

This runtime is, of course, dependent on a user’s ability to full charge it during the day. In order to reach the battery’s full capacity, the solar panels should be in direct sunlight for as much of the day as possible and may only reach full charge and thus the complete runtime on a sunny day.

It has 20 LED bulbs installed into a circle close to the outside of the disk. Although manufacturers didn’t say exactly how many lumens it puts out, suffice to say that it’s bright enough.

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For Those on a Budget: Blinngo Solar Flagpole Light

blinngo solar flag pole light


  • Includes: 42 LED bulbs, 120 lumens
  • Size: Fits flagpoles 15-20 ft. tall, with 1/2 in. thick rod at top
  • The High Points: water resistant, lots of lights, low cost
  • The Not-So: must buy ornament ball separately

Blingo’s Solar Flagpole Light packs a lot of light into an inexpensive package, which lands it in our top spot for a solar flagpole light for people on a budget. They fit a whopping 42 LEDs (more than 2x some of the other, more expensive lights on this list) into an 8.5-inch diameter disk.

All of those LEDs are clustered into three strips that line the disk, focusing and at the same time, distributing the light, something that Blingo says is an improvement on their past models, because it allows for a better light angle.

You’ll also see that the arrangement and size of the solar panels on this light is different from some of the others on our list, which results in a modest, but reasonable charge/runtime, given the price.

What Reviewers Think

The most consistent comment from reviewers was that they were pleased with the brightness of this solar flagpole light, something that they pointed out is the number one necessity of any outdoor solar light. Some attributed it to the different arrangement of the LEDs in comparison to other similar solar lights.

One of the recurrent negatives that people mentioned was that this light doesn’t work well with a non-vertical flagpole. Some reviewers mentioned that the light can be modified to adapt to other kinds of flagpoles, but that it wasn’t ideal.

Features & Considerations

The Blingo Solar Flagpole Light is best for flagpoles that are 15-20 ft. tall and has space for 1/2-inch-thick rod at top to secure the light to the top of the flagpole.

The ornament ball that is used to secure the light is not included with the light, which surely in the case of this light is for the purpose of keeping costs down. Users need only to buy the ornament ball if their flagpole doesn’t already have an appropriate one, and Blingo offers combo packs that include the ball.

Given ideal weather conditions and sun angle, the Blingo Solar Flagpole Light should charge completely in 8 hours of direct sunlight. With that full charge, it can be expected to stay illuminated up to 10 hours.

This light is also rated IP 65 for water and dust resistance. As long as the disk is held together, it will be resistant to normal rain and weather conditions.

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The Brightest Choice: LED Solar Flagpole Light Blue

led solar flag pole light blue


  • Includes: 20 LED bulbs, 1,300 lumens
  • Size: Fits flagpoles 15-20 ft. tall, with 1/2 in. thick rod at top
  • The High Points: very bright, long runtime
  • The Not-So: blue, need to buy 3 AAA batteries

If you’re looking for an almost blindingly bright light, you’ve come to the right place. This 20-LED solar flagpole light packs 1,300 lumens making it by far the brightest option on our list.

The brightness of solar flagpole lights varies significantly, so we found it very important to highlight what sets this one apart from others: its brightness. Based on lumens, it’s more than 2x brighter than the next brightest option that we liked.

What Reviewers Think

Most reviews were concise and to the point: it works well, better than other options. It also is super bright, which makes it stand out among other similar products.

Reviewers also reminded other users to be sure to press the “on” switch and test the light before installing. Many had the experience of installing it and then realizing that they hadn’t turned it on, having to repeat the process. They emphasized that it’s difficult to know if the device is on or not until it is charged and it is dark, so waiting to be sure is necessary.

Features & Considerations

The LED Solar Flagpole Light Blue is easy to install, with a 1.6-inch-deep hole with a diameter of .5 inches. You’ll need to place a ball ornament through it in order to attach to a flag pole. Like many other options on the list, this ornament ball must be bought separately.

We also love that not only is the LED Solar Flagpole Light Blue very bright, but it also has an extremely long runtime. On a full charge, it can last up to 18 hours. It also incorporates 3 AAA batteries, but you must purchase those separately.

One thing to keep in mind is that unlike other products on our list that are relatively non-imposing white and black colored, this solar flagpole light is mounted into a blue disk. The blue disk is hard to miss sitting atop the flagpole, although we understand that the idea was probably to match the sky.

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For a Non-Traditional Flagpole: Solar LED Flagpole Light

solar led flag pole light


  • Includes: 3 LED bulbs
  • Size: Fits flagpoles up to 4.5 inches in diameter
  • The High Points: adjustable to width of pole, long runtime
  • The Not-So:

The vast majority of the lights on this list work for flagpoles that are within a standard width, within a certain range of angles and with an ornament top that can be unscrewed. If that description doesn’t fit your flagpole, then the Solar LED Flagpole Light is for you.

Instead of attaching to the top of the flagpole, this light comes attached to an adjustable set of clamps that you put directly around the flagpole, then tighten to the necessary size, up to 4 ¼”. The lights then shine up from below to the flag, acting like a spotlight.

What Reviewers Think

Reviewers were generally pleased with this flagpole light. They often chose this one particularly because it is adjustable and were then pleasantly surprised when they found that it lights up well and stays on for a long time.

One thing that reviewers were not completely happy with is the range of the light. Since this light is a spotlight, it is difficult to place as close to the flag as other options (which are often directly above it). Instead the light should shine up to it, in a focused beam.

Reviewers found that this worked pretty well – up to about 8-12 feet away. If they wanted to place the light much further away than that, they found that the light wasn’t as focused or strong as they were hoping for.

In short, if the pole is longer than 8-12 feet, it might be necessary to install this solar flagpole light part of the way up the pole.

Features & Considerations

The head of the spotlight is between the connection to the flagpole and the solar panel. You can slide it back and forth and tilted to find the optimal angle for lighting the flagpole, depending on the distance from the flag itself. It has three LED lights.

At dusk, the light automatically turns on, and it automatically shuts off at dawn, using light sensing technology. It has a runtime of 15 hours, meaning that given a full charge, you can expect it to stay on for a maximum of 15 hours.

In order to reach that full charge, the solar panel needs to be in full sunlight and as such you should install it facing the sun. The angle of the solar panel can also be adjusted if necessary.

Installation of the entire apparatus consists of first attaching the clamps to the flagpole, then angling the light and solar panel as needed. No tools are required for installation, making it quick and easy – the only thing to be aware of is if the flagpole is particularly tall, it might be necessary to install higher up on the pole.

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What Makes a Good Solar Flagpole Light?

Solar flagpole lights come in a number of shapes, styles, installation methods and brightness levels. When selecting a flagpole light that fits your needs, there are a few important factors related to your wants and needs to consider in order to determine the best solar flagpole light for your situation.

Flagpole Size

Flagpoles come in all different shapes, sizes and heights. Some of the lights on our list are specifically for a very standard flagpole shape, size and height, while others are more flexible. In order to determine which group of products fit you, knowing the measurements of what you’ll being attaching the light to is imperative.

The products on our list generally fall into three different size compatibility categories. Here, we listed them from most specific to most flexible:

  • 15-20 feet tall with a ½ inch rod at the top
  • Any height with a diameter of up to 2 ½ inches
  • Any height with a diameter of up to 4 ½ inches

Knowing which category describes your pole will help you to be able to determine which products are compatible with it and which aren’t. In the case of some products, it is also important to know if the top part is removable.

Flagpole Angle

Like size, a flagpole’s angle can affect which flagpole lights it is compatible with your flagpole, so keeping in mind whether you have an angled or straight-up pole is important. The angle can also affect where the solar panel kit can be placed.

Amount of Illumination

The different products provide different levels and styles of illumination. Some are more of a direct spotlight, while others create almost a halo effect around the flag. Considering which style goes better with your desires should also be an important factor in your choice of the best solar flagpole light.

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Selection Criteria: How We Ranked the Best Solar Flagpole Lights

When considering our favorite choices of solar flagpole lights, we took into consideration a number of different factors that we found to be the most important in both the functionality and the durability of the lights. Some of those factors are size, lights and brightness, run/charge time, and whether there are any other helpful (or inconvenient features).


As we explored solar floodlights, we found that variation in different aspects of the products’ size made a significant difference with compatibility with different flagpoles and with ease of installation.

In the table below, we compare product dimensions, the dimensions of poles that would work best with the product and the minimum length that a connector rod to the ornament on top of the flagpole should be, if applicable.

In general, we didn’t particularly favor one type of solar flagpole light over another, but we did want to highlight the different compatibility because if your flagpole is incompatible, it may eliminate one or several of the options.

Lights and Brightness

Perhaps two of the most important questions to ask about a light are: how much does it illuminate and what kind of light does it give off?

In order to rank our lights, we favored the brighter ones where possible. We also took into consideration the arrangement of the lights to determine how far the light will be thrown.

Run/Charge Time

Whenever we look at solar lights, we prioritize information about their charge and runtimes, because these factors limit the ability to use other features. We measure run and charge time in hours and prefer longer runtimes and shorter charge times.

Other Helpful Features

Where applicable, we also looked at other features that might be helpful or annoying about the lights. Some of these factors include:

  • Different modes/brightness
  • Water, dust resistance
  • Adjustability
  • Color

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How do I know if my solar flagpole light will fit my pole?

First, you should consider the height and diameter of the pole, then check out the table above, which shows the ideal pole dimensions for each of the products, and match up your flagpole’s measurements to one or more of the products on the list.

When in doubt, there is always the final option on our list, the Solar LED Flagpole Light, which is the most adjustable option on our list, fitting to a flagpole of up to 4.5 inches in diameter.

How are the solar flagpole lights installed?

There are two main styles of installation. The first is clamping the light/solar panel device to a lower part of the pole. This method is generally more adjustable, and the products include all of the pieces necessary for installation.

The second method is by using an ornament ball on the top of the flagpole. To install, you must remove the ball and thread it through the disk-shaped solar flagpole light. In this case, a proper-sized ornament ball is normally sold separately, and compatibility is more limited.

For the lights that don’t include the ornament ball, how do I know which ornament ball fits with my flagpole?

Many of the options on the list are compatible with the same size ornament ball (see the table above for size information, specifically the rod minimum length, which refers to the rod that is attached to the ornament ball; they are typically .5 inch in diameter), and they are often sold by the same sellers.

Sometimes the seller also links to the ball in the listing or even has another listing which includes both pieces (sometimes at a discounted price).

What if the ornament ball that’s on my flagpole can’t come off?

If this is the case, then you are limited to the first and last options on this list, which are the ALPHA 180X Flagpole Light and the Solar LED Flagpole Light, which do not require the removal of the ornament ball for installation.

Instead, they use a system of clamps, which can be placed anywhere below the flag at an optimal height of 8-12 feet lower than the middle of the flag.

Do I have to install the lights in a specific place?

No, the only requirement of solar flagpole lights is that they are in direct sunlight. If they are not in direct sunlight, then they will not charge, and thus will not work.

It is also important to consider the angle and positioning of the light, though, because some of the lights will not work as well at certain angles and their solar panels could be blocked by the shadow of part of the flag if not placed correctly.

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