ANGEL NUMBER 1111 (The Real Reason You Keep Seeing 11:11)

11:11 is one of the best- known and sought after numbers around today. Even those who aren’t that numerologically inclined recognize the significance of number 11:11, or sign 11:11.

Why? Because Angel Number 1111, 11/11 Numerology, and 11:11 are all a part of the human journey wake up call.

Almost everyone on a spiritual path or spiritual journey of awakening go through a period of their lives where they begin to see numbers, and further know within that this means something.

11:11 is the first and most frequently occurring number they see.

Before going into the why, let’s explore the what.

11:11 holds great energetic significance.

What Does the Number 1111, or 11:11, Mean Holistically?

11/11 is a sign of synchronicity.

This very significant angel number and message from the universe in general is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful of ALL the numbers.

11/11 is built from two master numbers (we explore this in depth later), therefore it has double the power and impact of one of the most powerful numbers in numerology. (There are only three master numbers!)

Holistically, 11/11 is a sign of synchronicity and awakening.

It is a wake up call to those it appears to, helping receivers align with and attune to their true path.

The key messages of awakening surrounding this number are attuning to your soul mission, personal destiny, soul path, spiritual vibration, true purpose, life purpose, or true self.

This number also relates to your own unique blueprint.

Your personal blueprint is your unique frequency- the gifts, energy and profound strengths which make you … you!

No one shares the exact same soul print (individual frequency or energetic vibration), and even those in your soul family or spirit group will have individual strengths which separate you and make you all unique.

In short, there is a perfect vibrational frequency blueprint of yourself existing.

It is Angel Number 1111 which can awaken to you this.

11/11 Is Frequently Known as 11:11 Due To The Way The Number Presents Itself.

Many people first encounter this number through clocks, such as always looking at the clock or a watch at exactly 11:11.

It becomes freakishly spooky!

But, the key message is always the same; that there is some higher power or unseen benevolent force by one’s side.

In fact, when people begin to see the physical time as 11:11 (1111…11/11) more often and recurring you become sparked with an inner knowing.

Your intuition becomes activated, and the higher awareness that they are seeing this number for a reason takes over.

Even those who aren’t spiritually inclined or believers in psychic phenomena start feeling an internal shift take place!

The power of this intuitive knowing really cannot go overlooked.

11/11 is associated with supreme and heightened intuition and sensitivity.

So, in short, the presence of 11/11 in one’s life is a message that the angels are watching over you.

It also signifies your guardian angels may be near, or wishing to communicate with you.

Furthermore, the power of this double master number extends beyond the realms of angels and guardian angels or spirits.

Many people who are aligned with the full scope of this number and the energy it brings recognize the connection to even higher powers.

Light beings and beings or animal spirits existing on other planes become present in the lives’ of those who fully surrender and open themselves up to the 11:11 reality.

This reality is one of a higher consciousness and new dimensions of being.

The universe is a magical place. Yet, it is not only a place- but it is an entity; an interconnected and conscious self- regulating organism, designed to achieve harmony and a perfect vibratory state.

We only have to look at OM, the sound of creation, to know the truth in this!

In a 3- dimensional world with the mind- created fears, stresses and illusions of a societal world, further with its endless distractions (and soul & spirit numbing substances); it can be so easy to forget what reality really is.

Reality itself is multi-dimensional.

There are infinite worlds and realities existing simultaneously.

Spirit can open us up to the magic and beauty of an energetic universe, and meditation can really help with this.

Where is this going? The answer is simple!

Life is a sensory experience- we have more than the 5 physical senses.

There are certain things which exist in this miraculous world that shake us up out from our illusions and inner distortions.

Intuition, heightened sensitivity, an ability to perceive subtle energy, telepathy, psychic ability, a connection to a higher wisdom or power, and an inner knowing of our divine and multi- dimensional nature, are all “symptoms” associated with 11/11.

Yet, they are not symptoms- they are extraordinary, yet oh so ordinary gifts!

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At our core, these are gifts already available to us.

It is our worries, concerns and illusions which disconnect us from true reality and our true nature.

So, the presence and appearance of 11/11, or 11:11, is a sign from the universe to tell you that the time is now.

Time is now. Nothing exists past the present moment.

Number 1111 can show us parts of ourselves we have forgotten and awaken us to our true nature.

Spiritual and advanced creative and imaginative gifts are ours, they are our birthright.

There is no greater time than now to remember who we truly are and further take steps to align with this. This is the key message of 11/11, and why it is so powerful and catalytic.

Shifts are GREAT change is coming.

Ultimately, this is the message 11/11 brings.

What Does the Number 1111, or 11:11, Mean Spiritually?

Because 11/11 is such a powerful number, it is naturally associated with spiritual awakening (hence everything explored above being in the ‘holistically’ section!).

But, the spirituality of 11 goes even further.

11/11 is your direct connection with God, the angelic realms, ascended masters, and Source.

It is the higher dimensional spiritual energy which allows you to achieve your fullest potential and manifest your desires.

This is the ultimate spiritual meaning and message of number 1111: it can connect you to soul.

11:11 is both a message and unique frequency in itself, from Spirit, showing you that new doorways are open.

These can be accessed through expanded consciousness, attuning with a higher awareness- or universal consciousness, acceptance and recognition of benevolent entities and guides or spiritual beings by your side, unconditional love, and healing.

11/11 is essentially a subtle, yet powerful, shift to unconditional love and healing.

You are furthermore being presented the chance to vibrate at a higher spiritual frequency.

Raising your vibration has never been more attainable than now, so from the moment 1111 makes its way into your life; make sure you fully PAY ATTENTION.

Engage in daily meditation and affirmations, work on your chakras, learn a Healing Art.

Receiving healing, consider holistic and spiritual therapies, go on a spiritual retreat, become wise on metaphysical and ancient knowledge.

Also tune in to your own inner spirit, and discover your birth chart and unique soulprint in relation to the stars, numerology and astrological systems.

These are just a few examples of what is available to you for healing and reaching new spiritual frequencies of being.

In relation to your soul or unique soulprint (personal blueprint frequency or vibration in this lifetime), this angel number and highly significant numerological sign is a message of connection.

You are being told, directly, to center yourself and re- align with your soul mission or unique destiny in the world.

Spiritually, you may have become out of tune with your true soul- self or connection with Spirit.

Now is the time to re-connect with your true purpose here on this earth timeline and reality.

Yes, that is an integral aspect to 11/11; “this earth timeline reality!” Whatever stories and beliefs you are telling yourself is just one reality.

If it is not rooted in soul or connected to the innate spiritual energy and awareness in any way, it most likely a very limited reality.

Take this wisdom and awareness with you and find ways to merge intuition with a higher spiritual power and knowing.

This can have so many wonderful effects mentally, emotionally, physically and astrally too!

11/11 Numerology: Four 1’s (Quadruple the Power!)

An exploration of Angel Number 1111 or 11:11 would not be the same without taking note of the numerological foundations behind this powerful sign & synchronicity spiritual number.

1111 is constructed by four 1’s, the number of independence, leadership, and self- sovereignty.

Number 1 is all about innovation, invention, self- leadership, and confidence.

Those with number 1 as a life path are very independent and passionate, with a love of leading or inspiring others.

They may dedicate their lives to some innovative or initiating cause, and they certainly don’t follow the crowd.

They create their OWN life and destiny.

Personality Number 1 is also about strong will, determination and a successful mindset– it is signified by ambition and great energy.

There is also an element of dynamism and sovereignty.

Those with Life Path Number 1 are natural-born leaders, hard-working and full of energy with a pioneering spirit.

Self-motivation, determination, strength and vitality define them, and they further channel these qualities into some artistic, creative or next level project.

There is nothing “shy” about number 1!

Finally, those with a Soul Urge or Heart’s Desire of number 1 are led by this innate desire to be soulfully independent, a leader, and masters of their own destiny.

They crave control over any aspect of life they give their full attention.

All of these associations surrounding number 1 show just how significant and profound this number is.

So, combining everything you know about the number with the fact that it is quadrupled– meaning there is 4 times the power of one 1 alone; this is sure to have some powerful implications!

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If you need some assistance on your “11/11 Journey of Awakening,” look to the number 1 and the energy and qualities it brings.

Seeking to integrate and embody its energetic associations can assist greatly on your path.

11/11 Numerology: Two 11’s (Double the “Master Energy” Power!)

11 is the first of 3 master numbers, meaning that 11/11 has DOUBLE the power!

11 is the most intuitive of ALL the numbers.

It is the master number associated with spiritual awareness or illumination, psychic ability, extreme sensitivity, creative and artistic gifts and talents, vision and inspiration, and compassion and caring.

People with life path 11 go on to become incredible philosophers, spiritual teachers, writers, musicians, artists, poets, teachers of metaphysical or esoteric studies, astrologers, clairvoyants, lecturers, inventors or innovators.

They also make excellent healers, therapists, psychologists,  physicians, mystics, shamans, visionaries or psychics.

Number 11 in numerology has the power of number 1 amplified, and the energy and power of number 2 operating at a higher vibration.

This is because each of the master numbers also carries the energetic qualities of its single digit equivalent.

Number 2 characteristics and qualities is associated with teamwork, cooperation, harmony and diplomacy.

A love for peace and harmony and success through relationships and partnerships also define this number.

So, in terms of 11/11, this all signifies that the presence of this number has a lot to teach us.

However you feel it personally applies to you, in terms of your life path, fresh chapter, new path, or re- awakening and remembering who you are and what you came here to do, can be applied in a life- changing way.

11/11 jolts us from the confines of our self- created limitations.

It helps us break outdated beliefs, emotional and mental frequency patternings, and “realities” which have kept us off course or out of tune with our true selves.

Why Do We See 1111, 11:11, or 11/11?

Now, onto the why.

We have already covered quite a bit of ‘why’ throughout this article, so let’s explore some specific meanings and associations.

  • You have been neglecting your health. Perhaps your pineal gland, the gland responsible for psychic and spiritual connection, has become calcified… Maybe you have been polluting your divine physical vessel with junk food, sugars, and food which lowers your vibration? Perhaps you have simply forgotten the intrinsic connection between mind, body and spirit, and how physical imbalances and blocks negatively affect your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being…? The body is a vessel and conduit for energy, consciousness and spirit. 11/11 may be appearing to remind you of the importance of physical health, and nutritious and high vibration foods. It is something many of us often forget!
  • You have been disconnected from spirit. Neglecting spirit and the spiritual energy which flows through all of life, including your own vessel, is one of the main reasons why 1111 will appear in your life. Sometimes we can become so lost in a Western society reality, or in the traps and limits of our own creation, that we forget how many different realities there are out there and available to us. Spirit is the source- the divine, mystical, powerful and loving energy, here to remind us just how connected we all are. Being disconnected from your spiritual source ultimately disconnects you from so many aspects of life. Creativity, artistic ability and expression, intuition, psychic or clairvoyant gifts, a sense of passion and purpose, and long term dreams, goals and aspirations can all suffer as a result. Your spiritual health is also deeply connected to your health. Remember, mind, body, spirit and emotions are all designed to work in harmony.
  • New love is coming, or you need to make the space for love to enter. 11/11 is ultimately a twin flame message depending on where you are at on your personal journey. You can be energetically ready for your ultimate partner and do the work necessary, years before ever coming together in the physical. Twin flame love is essentially the highest form of love available to us- it extends beyond soulmate love, which is here to teach us many lessons. Your twin flame is your soul’s counterpart (we explore this more in the next section!), and therefore the vibration of a twin flame partnership is completely synergistic with energy of 11:11. If you keep seeing 11:11, you may be receiving divine guidance that you are ready for true love, or soon will be.
  • Passion projects, ultimate goals and dreams, life long aspirations or soul’s calling. Finally, 1111 can appear as a grounding message to align with your true calling or passion. Maybe it is finally time to listen to your true self and stop making sacrifices or excuses? We all have a unique soul- print or blueprint waiting to be activated. An inherent part of this is a perfect or ideal match to ourselves on every level, as explained in the above point. So, the possibility of your twin flame or life partner sharing a passion with you, which turns into a life path or career, is strong. Simultaneously, 11/11’s ‘wake up call’ in relation to directing you onto your life path or soul mission is intrinsically shared with your twin flame. You can choose to go solo, of course, as many do; however ultimately the twin flame shared love and soul mission is the highest expression of spirit in any human lifetime.
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“11/11” and Twin Flames

There is a reason why Angel Number 1111 is often written and seen as 11:11. This is because the number 1111 can be seen as a mirror of two 11’s.

They are essentially a reflection of one another, and this represents the twin flame relationship in its purest.

Twin flames as briefly described above are the highest expression of love on the earth plane.

Many people confuse them with soulmate love, yet soulmate love is different.

Soul mates are here to teach us a lesson, they are here to teach us about ourselves.

They may come and go or only be present for a portion of our lives.

They may also be non-romantic or sexual connections.

Twin flame love, on the other hand, is a rare and deep bond between two individuals whose souls have been connected throughout all time and space.

They have journeyed together in previous lifetimes, and therefore share the same soul mission or life purpose.

This is the key point with 11:11 as a symbol for the twin flame bond.

The number itself can be seen as manifestation of the twin flame energy, as each is literally a mirror of the other.

Twin flames are highly telepathic and share a deep and often unexplainable psychic and spiritual bond.

They also know each other completely, on every level.

Your twin flame and you will know what the other thinks, feels and perceives before they even express it.

There is no hiding or keeping secrets from your twin flame; they can read you in every way and vice versa.

If the HIGHEST expression of yourself is a connection to your own innate spiritual gifts, psychic or empathic abilities, and a connection to Source, the divine and Spirit…

…and if the HIGHEST expression of love is the twin flame love, a bond defined by telepathy, a shared soul mission and a complete understanding and knowing of the other; with intimacy on a whole new level…

…then, surely, one could see the similarities and purposes behind the numbers?!

The purpose is connection.

You are being asked to reconnect with yourself– your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, and further balance, heal and harmonize them.

You are also being asked to develop and evolve this healing to your twin flame, sharing your new found health, vitality, spirituality and vibration with your equal.

The “11:11 Phenomenon:” A Divine and Cosmic Reality

This brings us onto the conclusion, the accumulation of all of this wisdom and awareness.

The “11:11 Phenomenon” is the realization and recognition that YOU are beyond this physical body.

The universe is interconnected and an energetic web of stories, frequencies, patterns and cycles.

Cycles and patterns can keep manifesting in your life until you learn how to heal from them and transcend the lessons in play.

Lessons will keep showing themselves to us until we finally integrate the message and move forward, meaning 11/11 is the catalyst to do so.

11/11 acts as an initiatory force, change- maker and shifter to align you with your true self, or your soul self or inner spirit.

We ALL have the capacity to connect to our higher selves and live our best lives,

…however not everyone chooses to do so in their lifetime.

The signs, subtle vibrations, messages and signals of 11/11, therefore, allow us to take note of the spiritual and energetic quantum world, providing us with choice and opportunity to listen

There is a divine and cosmic reality awaiting every single human being.

In a sense, we are all sleeping and aimlessly drifting through life.

How could we possibly know what is meant for us if we do not stop, slow down, and take sufficient time to embark on a process of healing, self-evolution and love?

Unconditional love is the strongest vibration yet it can be clouded by the fears, illusions and concerns of everyday society.

Number 1111 appears when the higher self wants us to wake up from this “dream,” and reawaken to our true selves.

This can be achieved through meditation, sound therapy, working with crystals, divination, spiritual healing, shamanic practices, and an awareness of our quantum and holographic existence.

Spiritual awareness and healing is the key, so any practice which connects you to a journey of self- love, self- care, increased intuition, self- evolution and personal development, on profound levels, will open you up to the messages and shifts in store.

11:11 is a gateway, an interdimensional portal to new realms of consciousness and dimensions of thought.

The result is an amazing, magical and multi-dimensional life and reality.

Thank you, you now the different meanings of seeing 1111 in your life.

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ANGEL NUMBER 1111 (The Real Reason You Keep Seeing 11:11)

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