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best acog scope

Initially developed for military use, ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) scopes have seen more combat than any other optic on the planet. Today, civilian shooters can find the best ACOG scope for hunting, competition, home defense, or recreational shooting.

If you’re in the market for an ACOG, but aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help. We’ve put in the leg work to find the best ACOG models (and clones) available to the modern civilian shooter. We even have a list of our top picks. By the end of this article, you should be armed with enough knowledge to find the right ACOG to meet your shooting needs.

If you don’t have time for the details, check out the list below for the best rated ACOG Scope:

  1. Trijicon ACOG TA31 4×32 BAC Riflescope
  2. Trijicon ACOG TA33 3×30 Riflescope
  3. Trijicon ACOG TA45 1.5×24 Riflescope
  4. Trijicon ACOG TA110 3.5×35 LED Riflescope
  5. Trijicon MRO 1×25 Miniature Rifle Optic
  6. Monstrum 3×30 Ultra-Compact Rifle Scope
  7. TACFUN Prismatic Series 4×32 Riflescope
  8. CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope
  9. CRUSHUNT 4×32 Scope
  10. Sightmark Wolfhound 3×24 Prismatic Weapon Sight

What is an ACOG?

ACOG stands for Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight. Originally developed by optics giant, Trijicon, the ACOG is made for the battlefield. Engineered for combat weapons like the M16 rifle and M4 carbine, civilian shooters often choose ACOGs for modern sporting rifles like the AR-15. In fact, if you spend any time at a civilian gun range, you’ll probably see a Trijicon ACOG (or an ACOG clone) paired with a SCAR 17 or Sig 556.

Trijicon manufactures 12 different ACOG variants. Models vary in size, magnification, and illumination power, so you can find one suitable for just about any shooting application. Whether you’re an avid hunter, an accomplished 3 Gunner, or a tactical shooter, there is an ACOGto pair perfectly with your shooting passion.

Here are a few defining features of ACOG scopes:

  • Low, fixed-power magnification.
  • Compact, lightweight design.
  • Built for Binden Aiming Concept (BAC) shooting with both eyes open.
  • Battery-free reticle illumination powered by fiber optics and tritium.

What is an ACOG Clone?

True ACOG scopes are manufactured only by Trijicon. However, these high-quality combat optics are expensive. Even the least expensive models run well over $1000. While that may seem like a significant investment, the performance, reliability, and rugged durability of a Trijicon ACOG are well worth the price tag. These things are literally bomb-proof!

If a Trijicon ACOG is outside your budget, there are other options. Several optics companies have developed their very own ACOG clones. These compact optics are built to look and function like an ACOG. While there is no real substitute for a true ACOG, some of these clones deliver surprising performance at a much lower price point.

How to Choose the Best ACOG Scope?

While all ACOG scopes are awesome, some are better suited to certain types of shooting. Here are the key things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for your new ACOG.

Type of Illumination

Trijicon ACOG scopes are famous for their battery-free reticle illumination. They accomplish this with a combination of fiber optic and tritium technology. This technology self-regulates brightness levels for optimal visibility in any light condition.

Most ACOG clones (and a handful of Trijicon models) illuminate the reticle with battery-powered LEDs. This allows you to set the brightness levels to suit your own personal preferences.

Reticle Styles

Trijicon ACOG scopes come in five reticle designs. Even most ACOG clones feature some version of these reticle styles. You can choose from:

  • Chevron – This reticle looks like an upside down V. At 300 yards, a silhouette target fits perfectly inside the legs of the chevron, allowing you to quickly and easily estimate range. 
  • Triangle – This reticle has a simple triangle as the aiming point. 
  • Donut – A simple, no-frills circular aiming point.
  • Crosshairs – Basic crosshairs, sometimes with BDC hash marks. 

It is important to choose an ACOG model designed specifically for the caliber and cartridge you plan to shoot. This is crucial to ensure the BDC marks match the ballistic performance of your ammo and allow you to make accurate adjustments when shooting targets at distance.


ACOG scopes feature low power, fixed magnification. When you look at the specs, the level of magnification is represented by the number that precedes the x.

For example, the Trijicon ACOG model TA31 is a 4x32mm riflescope. When you look through the optic, the image you see will appear 4 times (4x) larger than when you look at it with your naked eye.

An ACOG scope with little to no magnification works best for close range targets. Choose one with a higher magnification for targets at longer distances.

Best ACOG Scopes on the Market Reviews

Here are some of the top-rated ACOG scopes (and a few ACOG clones).

 1   Trijicon ACOG TA31 4×32 BAC Riflescope

Trijicon 4x32 ACOG Riflescope with Green Dual Illuminated Chevron Reticle and TA51 Mount

Every optic in the Trijicon ACOG line-up is tough and reliable, but the TA31 ranks as the world’s most battle proven optic. This particular ACOG model has the distinction of being the first ever Rifle Combat Optic (RCO) of the United States Marine Corps.

Perfect for daytime or nighttime shooting, this model features the ACOG signature Dual Illumination. This feature uses fiber optic technology to illuminate the reticle during the day and tritium to light it up at night. Because illumination isn’t powered by batteries, the scope is always on and ready to go.

Proven to withstand recoil from weapons ranging from .22 LR to .50 BMG, this tough optic features a rugged and reliable housing design. With outstanding optical clarity, durable construction, and incredible accuracy, the Trijicon ACOG 4×32 BAC is perfect for a wide variety of shooting applications.

 2   Trijicon ACOG TA33 3×30 Riflescope

Trijicon ACOG TA33 3x30 Riflescope

The Trijicon TA33 was developed specifically for law enforcement applications. It has all the awesome features of the TA31, including battery-free, dual fiber optic/tritium illumination and bomb-proof construction. However, Trijicon threw in a little extra eye relief for maximum situational awareness. This one pairs particularly well with higher power rifles, like those chambered in .308 Winchester. It literally makes the perfect topper for your AR-10.

The TA33 is available with several specialized BDC reticles, including .300 BLK and 7.62×39. You can also choose from reticle designs like a classic rangefinder chevron, simple crosshairs, or an easy-to-use horseshoe dot.

 3   Trijicon ACOG TA45 1.5×24 Riflescope

ACOG 1.5 X 24 Scope Dual Illuminated Crosshair Reticle

This compact, lightweight ACOG is built like an absolute tank. With an effective range of 200 yards, the TA45 is perfect for engaging fast-moving targets. It offers a generous 3.6 inches of eye relief, providing the best peripheral awareness of any of Trijicon’s ACOG models. Perfect for short barrel rifles and AR pistols, the TA-45 is a great partner to have on your side during close quarters battle (CQB).

You won’t find a BDC reticle on this model, because you just won’t need it. This is a short range optic featuring simple triangle or crosshair reticles.

 4   Trijicon ACOG TA110 3.5×35 LED Riflescope

Trijicon 3.5x35 LED ACOG Riflescopes

The ACOG Model TA110 features the same rugged durability that has made Trijicon optics famous. However, this model differs from most in the ACOG line. In place of the signature fiber optic/tritium illumination, the TA110 features a battery-powered LED illuminated reticle. Although this optic will need an occasional battery change, the LEDs allow the user to set brightness levels to suit his or her personal preferences.

The TA110 provides ample eye relief of 2.4 inches, making it ideal for use on heavier recoiling rifles.

 5   Trijicon MRO 1×25 Miniature Rifle Optic 

Trijicon MRO 1x25 Miniature Rifle Optic

The Trijicon MRO isn’t technically an ACOG. However, this battle-ready reflex optic really shines for CQB. Plus, it’s a Trijicon, so it definitely deserves a spot on this list.

This optic features a 2 MOA red dot reticle that works wonders for fast target acquisition. However, it also provides a precise aiming point for targets at intermediate distances. The Trijicon MRO has a large aperture and tapered light path, which work together to maximize the viewing area. This allows you to shoot with both eyes open, just like you would with a true ACOG.

Built for durability in the field, the Trijicon MRO has a hard anodized forged 7075-T6 aluminum housing. The optic is fully sealed and completely waterproof. If you want a Trijicon, but can’t quite afford an ACOG, this optic is a great compromise, providing the best value for the money of any optic on our list.

 6   Monstrum 3×30 Ultra-Compact Rifle Scope

Monstrum 3x30 Ultra-Compact Rifle Scope with Illuminated Range Finder Reticle

All of Trijicon’s ACOGs require a pretty hefty monetary investment. While the quality and performance of these iconic optics make them worth it, we realize not everyone can afford a rifle scope in that price range. That’s where this ultra-compact scope from Monstrum Tactical steps in. If you don’t have the cash to drop on a true ACOG, this highly affordable clone is the next best thing.

This optic has a smooth, modern design reminiscent of the Trijicon line. It also features a rugged housing made from sturdy aircraft grade aluminum alloy and has some seriously impressive glass quality.

The etched glass rangefinder reticle is perfect for use with or without illumination. Although this model does require batteries, you can easily control the reticle brightness, which some shooters prefer. You can even choose between red and green illumination for maximum visibility in any shooting condition.

 7   TACFUN Prismatic Series 4×32 Riflescope

TACFUN Prismatic Series 4X32MM Scope MIL-DOT Reticle

If you want the tactical feel of an ACOG but aren’t able to fit one into your budget, this ACOG clone from TACFUN could be the answer to your prayers.

The TACFUN 4×32 prism scope has plenty of eye relief (3.5 inches), making it perfect for engaging fast-moving, close-range targets. That generous eye relief helps facilitate both-eyes-open shooting and preserves precious situational awareness.

Although this optic makes an impressive showing for CQB reflex shooting, the 4x fixed magnification also makes it well-suited for engaging targets at intermediate distances. If you want an ACOG clone for your DMR (designated marksman rifle), this is the perfect optic for the job.

Built for durability, the TACFUN prism scope features a tough housing that is milled from a solid piece of aircraft grade aluminum. The housing is o-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, providing reliable fogproof, shock-resistant performance.

 8   CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope

CVLIFE 4x32 Tactical Rifle Scope

Perfect for hunting fast-moving game, this ACOG clone from CVLIFE delivers a surprisingly crisp, clear image. With green multi-layer coated lenses, this prism scope excels at light transmission and provides impressive image brightness and clarity, even in low light conditions.

One awesome feature is the fiber optic sight positioned at the top of this scope. This pinpoint dot can work in conjunction with the scope’s glass-etched reticle. It can also work by itself for fast acquisition of up-close targets. And if your batteries fail in the field, the fiber optic sight is the perfect back-up.

Built for rugged conditions, the CVLIFE riflescope is o-ring sealed and nitrogen filled for reliable shockproof performance. It is also waterproof and fogproof, even in the wettest shooting conditions. Made from a high-quality aluminum alloy and coated in a durable black matte finish, this scope can also endure bumps, bangs, and drops without losing its zero.

 9   CRUSHUNT 4×32 Scope

CRUSHUNT 4x32 Scope

Although you probably haven’t heard of CRUSHUNT optics, their fixed magnification 4×32 riflescope is a surprisingly impressive ACOG clone. Like a true ACOG, the CRUSHUNT uses fiber optic technology for reliable battery-free reticle illumination. The fiber optic technology collects ambient light, providing a bright, highly visible reticle in daytime conditions.

The housing is constructed from a high-strength aluminum alloy. It is completely fogproof, shockproof, and waterproof.

The only thing this riflescope is missing is Trijicon’s tritium illumination for nighttime shooting. However, for a price tag well under $200, we think it’s worth the compromise.

 10   Sightmark Wolfhound 3×24 Prismatic Weapon Sight

Sightmark Wolfhound 3x24

This durable riflescope from Sightmark is inspired by military optics like those from Trijicon. Built for rugged battlefield conditions, this optic features a durable high-grade aluminum housing. The housing is covered in a tough rubber armoring, making it impact resistant. The lenses also feature a scratch resistant coating that provide an extra layer of durability. The optic is also nitrogen-purged for fogproof resistance and is 100 percent waterproof.

The Sightmark Wolfhound also has an illuminated horseshoe reticle that is perfect for challenging 3 Gun or hunting situations. It has an outer circle for quick target acquisition at close range and a .5 MOA center dot for precision shots at longer ranges, making this one of the most versatile reticle designs you’ll find in a riflescope.

Final Thoughts

Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) scopes are certainly one of the most exciting developments in the shooting world. These battle-proven optics are designed for fast target acquisition and close quarters combat, while also providing a solid aiming point for precision shots at intermediate ranges. One of the most versatile optics on the market, the best ACOG scope is perfect for competition, hunting, defense, and more. 


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