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Best Cum Lubes 2021: Review of Personal Lubricants & Fake Cum


Best Cum Lubes For Squirting Dildos – Or Plain Adult Fun!

There are lot of personal lubricants out there these days. Probably too many. For our purposes, it will be most interesting to review those that are described as “cum lubes” meaning they are supposed to resemble actual semen. Cum lubes are of particular interest to those making adult (porn) videos, as well as those that just enjoy a little cum play. Note that cum lube is not the same as fake cum, which may or may not also be a lubricant. See this post on the best fake cum for adult shoots etc.

Note also that some of the ‘lubes’ reviewed were produced specifically for squirting dildos. These tend to be less viscous than the regular personal lubricants. Thick and creamy lubes just don’t squirt well (unless you’re using a more powerful fake cum shot device, such as those provided by Magic Money Shot.) You can find a review devoted to the best 2020 ejaculating squirting cock dildos here.

So which are the best cum lubes for 2021? In no particular order, here goes…

1.) SPUNK Hybrid (personal lubricant)

spunk personal lubricant

THE CLAIM:  “SPUNK Lube Hybrid looks and feels like real CUM. It’s award winning, water-based silicone that’s white and creamy. SPUNK Lube Hybrid is toy safe, latex friendly and non-staining. It’s the perfect blend of water and silicone.”

Let’s start with the “hybrid” part. This means that it’s not entirely water-based – and not entirely silicone based. It’s a hybrid of the two, with the benefits of both, meaning it’s toy safe and latex (condom) friendly. These can be great lubes, provided the amount of silicone is on the low side. Otherwise they tend to be overly “oily” and can be difficult to clean up.

The Smell:  SPUNK is basically odorless. A little like vinegar or apple cider – but barely noticeable.
Color:  Realistic and creamy-colored. Too pale for a photo shoot, and not quite tacky enough, but otherwise excellent.
Feel:  A good feel. Slightly tacky, like the real thing, yet smooth and silky – and long lasting, due to the silicone. You won’t need to keep re-adding this once you get started.
Taste:  Slightly sweet, not unpleasant.
Overall:  SPUNK is as described, and a great overall lube with a hint of kink. One Penis Up!

2.) Jizzle Juice, by King Cock (squirting dildo cum lube)

Jizzle Juice

THE CLAIM:  “Our proprietary Jizzle Juice smells and feels just like real semen and was specially formulated to provide friction-free fun! The thick, cloudy white formula mimics the properties of real cum and is perfect for all of your nut-busting fantasies!”

It’s not clear from the bottle, but this also appears to be a hybrid lube for use with their King Cock squirters.

The Smell:  Claims to smell like cum. Basically odorless. A little like lanolin – does cum smell like sheep? But barely noticeable.
Color:  Realistic and creamy-colored. Too pale for a photo/video, but otherwise good.
Feel:  Fairly thin and watery, but remember, this is also for use in their squirting dick dildos, so it can’t be too thick. This one has a little more silicone in it, which makes it long lasting, but over oily. Good for vaginal sex but a little weak for anal.
Taste:  Sweet, not unpleasant.
Overall:  Not quite as great as marketing claims. Not a personal lubricant, but perfect for a squirting dildo. One Penis Up!

3.) Splooge Juice, by Doc Johnson (squirting dildo cum lube)

splooge juice

THE CLAIM:  “The perfect cum-like concocktion! Designed to emulate the look and feel of actual cum, Splooge Juice is the perfect companion to your favorite Doc Johnson squirting cock…”

Another hybrid, with a good amount of silicone. There are no outrageous claims on this bottle – it comes included with their Amazing Squirting Realistic Cock and its intended use is clear. It isn’t really marketed as a personal lubricant and even states that it is for “cosmetic use only”. Instructions state to dilute the mixture by 50% before using. We tried that – and basically produced water. Much better to use it straight out of the bottle. The problem is, the bottle is a tiny, 1 fluid ounce – enough to fill the syringe only once.

The Smell:  Sweet and pleasant.
Color:  Realistic if undiluted.
Feel:  Decent if undiluted but rather watery.
Taste:  Sweet, not unpleasant.
Overall:  Not disastrous but, One Penis Down.

4.) Jizz, by Master Series (personal lubricant)

Jizz Lube

THE CLAIM:  “Resembles the look, feel and smell of authentic cum.”

This one is water-based. Let’s start with the smell of “authentic cum”, because it turns out that’s the only thing that really matters. Clearly they were going for something “musky,” however, it actually smells like rotten fish. We’re talking baad, trash-can bad. This is coming from a guy who eats canned sardines every day, and thinks his breath smells great. This product crosses the line.

To the makers… Let’s be clear: Women are supposed to smell like fish, not men. That is to say, an unwashed pussy might smell like fish, even the inside of an unwashed foreskin might smell like fish, but the actual cum itself… no. If cum smells like anything at all (it shouldn’t) it’s might have a hint of chlorine about it (think swimming pool) and that’s because it’s slightly alkaline. if your cum smells like this product, you might just have a case of syphilis. See a doctor. Today.

The Smell:  No. Just… no.
Color:  Realistic and creamy-colored. White color is easily strong enough for photo/video.
Feel:  Couldn’t do it. Not even in the name of science. Ok, I touched it briefly. It has a decent feel and is slightly tacky.
Taste:  Ain’t happening, dawg. Not ever.
Overall:  I wouldn’t be able to get this stuff near my junk without puking. Couldn’t do it. Even after I tossed it in the trash, the smell remained in my nostrils for hours. Sort of like when you get stuck next to a vagrant on a subway train. Their other products are probably great, and there are enough of them to choose from – so skip this one. Two Penises Down.

5.) Kum, by Magic Money Shot (squirting dildo / fake cum)

fake cum

THE CLAIM:  “It looks like cum, it tastes like cum.”

Disclaimer: We make this one! Kum one was originally designed for the adult industry, i.e. porno shoots. It’s not an FDA approved personal lubricant, but it works and folk seem to love it. It works extremely well with our Monster Squirt dildo and other squirting devices. It comes in two flavors, strawberry and “authentic” which is the most realistic tasting cum product on the market today. For the purposes of this review, we obviously chose the authentic since the claim is it “tastes like cum”. (Photo is strawberry… hence the pink dot.)

The Smell:  Odorless (except the strawberry flavor smells like… strawberry).
Color:  White color is easily strong enough for photo/video shoots without being too white.
Feel:  Very thick and creamy. Can be diluted according to preference and need.
Taste:  Everyone’s cum tastes different of course, but in our view, this really does have the most realistic cum taste of anything created so far. It’s salty, slightly sweet and, well… it’s disturbingly realistic. Other than the disastrous Jizz (above), few lubes have even tried to duplicate the actual taste of cum. We think we have the taste, consistency and color of the real thing here.
Overall:  This one is in a category of it’s own. Kum was designed with one purpose in mind. To look and taste like cum for adult industry shoots. We’ll let you decide how many penises that’s worth. Here’s a photo from a prior formula. (We had to remove the granules in the end because they were blocking the nozzles in our devices.) Kum may be purchased in 3oz and 8oz bottles.

synthetic semen

6.) Cum Lube, by Bad Dragon (personal lubricant)

Cum Lube by Bad Dragon

THE CLAIM: “Slick, slippery, and stringy, Cum Lube is similar in appearance to the real thing!”

Bad Dragon is a great company. They make unique, killer dildos, some of the best on the market, but their cum lube is well, just awful. Yes, the claim says it’s “stringy” and they’re right. But this stuff is so stringy, that once you touch it, you can’t let go. Spider man could shoot this stuff out of his hands. It’s basically unusable, unless you’re looking to get completely enmeshed in the stuff. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Strictly for fetish play in my view, and you will need a serious shower at the end of your session to get rid of it. I actually threw mine in the trash since it was more like Elmers glue than real cum. What a mess.

Instant Spiderman… good luck with that!~

The Smell:  Honestly I totally forgot to smell it. I was tied up in string.
Color:  White color is easily strong enough for photo/video – but far too stringy to be convincing.
Feel:  No. Trust me on this, I’m not a cum whore, but I’ve seen some cum. Just sayin. This is nothing like real cum.
Taste:  See “Smell” above.
Overall:  This lube has been negatively reviewed so many times, I can’t believe they still make it. Clearly some people like it, which is great because there’s something for everyone out there. But mine went straight into the trash, along with the fish-flavored Jizz lube). Two Penises Down.

7.) Squirtz Cum Lube (personal lubricant)

squirtz cum lube

THE CLAIM: “Real look, real feel. Unscented. White, creamy, lifelike consistency. Toy friendly.”

Squirtz make this one to compliment their squirting dildo, which is also a nice product. This one is water -based and came in a 2.3oz bottle.

The Smell:  Slightly floral.
Color:  White color is easily strong enough for photo/video.
Feel:  Creamy, as described. Tacky enough to seem realistic.
Taste:  Sweet, not unpleasant.
Overall:  This is one of our favorites. It seems like a good lube, and also does a great job of looking like cum. Two Penises Up!

8.) Liquid Silk (personal lubricant)

Liquid Silk

THE CLAIM: “A water based personal Lubricant, a wonderful skin conditioner & it’s fun to use! LIQUID SILK is a luxury, non tacky, water based personal lubricant which will assist and enhance sexual intercourse, intimate massage and foreplay. Once used, it will leave behind a greatly improved skin feel, tone and texture… LIQUID SILK is also formulated to be bio-static, this means, should it be exposed to any bacteria, yeast infection or fungal spores it will stop them spreading.”

No magical claims here about looking or tasting like cum, yet it’s more convincing than most. It also claims to be water-based, however the ingredients list shows Dimethicone – which is a silicone. There’s probably a relatively small amount to make it “silky”, nevertheless, we would classify this as a “hybrid” lubricant. On the downside, it can be expensive as it usually ships from the UK and the silicone means that you may not be able to use it with certain toys as it can compromise the material.

The Smell:  Odorless.
Color:  White color is easily strong enough for photo/video.
Feel:  Creamy, as described. Tacky enough to seem realistic.
Taste:  Slightly sweet, slightly bitter.
Overall:  This is one of our favorites. It seems like a good lube, and also does a great job of looking like cum. Two Penises Up!

9.) Man Cunt (personal lubricant)

Let’s just call this an “Honorable Mention.” I mean Man Cunt? Seriously? WTF… 

One Cunt Down.


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