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Best Jeans Made in the USA: 2021


Jeans are a staple of every closet around America, and there is so much to consider when buying each pair! There are dozens of styles, colors, and fits that are different from brand to brand. We did the research to find the manufacturers that are making the best jeans right here in the USA. Check out our top recommendations below, with in-depth analysis, our favorite styles from each one, and the factors we considered in our research and testing.

Our Findings

There are a ton of jean manufacturers in America. In order to sort through all of them and truly find the best ones, we had a strict set of evaluation criteria that included: materials, fit, construction, style, and value. After our thorough research, we landed on 15 brands. At the end of the day, everyone has a different fit and style that they need, so we did our best to highlight the best in class for a variety of styles. Make sure to watch our video below as well!

Top Recommendations

Recommendations: Going Deeper

Check out additional information around each of our top picks, along with our favorite styles from each one.

American Giant

American Giant is a newcomer on the scene of American made denim, but has entered with a bang. Their 218 Straight Denim style is getting rave reviews from us and others. They get their denim from Mount Vernon Mills, a centuries old factory in Trion, Georgia, and assemble all their jeans in Los Angeles. The Dakota Straight style comes in one cut and one wash – simple and classic style.

Our Favorites

Atlas 46

Atlas 46 is making some great work jeans made with super flexible and durable A-Flex denim. They are handcrafted in the USA and have a reinforced triple stitch inseam. They fit great and the front pockets have nice depth as well. You will definitely be comfortable on the job site with a pair of these jeans.

Our Favorites

Bluer Denim

Bluer Denim has risen on the scene to be one of the best options for American made denim. They are 100% made in the U.S.A. and Bluer Denim donates a pair of jeans for every single one that is purchased. Bluer Denim is also really transparent about their process. Jeans are designed in Portland, OR, they feature Georgia grown cotton, denim is milled at Cone Mills White Oak facility in North Carolina, and buttons/rivets/zippers are made in Kentucky. They have one of the highest standards for quality, and their products reflect that.

Our Favorites

M10S Classic Straight Selvage Raw Indigo – For Men

More Details

W20 Slim Skinny High Rise Soul Mate Rinse – For Women

More Details

Bullet Blues

Bullet Blues makes designer jeans for both men and women that just plain fit – they are stylish, comfortable, and durable. The men’s collection includes options for skinny jeans, boot cut, and relaxed fit. The women’s collection has a lot of variety as well. What makes Bullet Blues stand out is their dedication to quality – they don’t cut corners, which makes their denim some of the best on the market and something that their customers love about them. “A true pair of denim simply has to be made in America,” says Isabelle Benoit, owner and designer at Bullet Blues.

Our Favorites

Dearborn Denim

Dearborn Denim makes some of the most comfortable jeans in America. Their denim has a slight stretch to it, and when that is combined with some long staple West Texas cotton, you get a pairing that is unbeatable for comfort. All of their jeans are cut and sewn at their facility in Chicago, Illinois with 100% U.S. materials.

Our Favorites

Diamond Gusset

The Diamond Gusset Jean Co. has been making jeans in the USA since 1987. They have great styles for both men and women with really good durability and comfort. Most of their jeans have a slightly higher raise that sits up on the waist.

Our Favorites

Imogene + Willie

The Imogene + Willie founders struggled to find jeans that fit them well, so they set out to create the perfect fitting jean themselves. They set up shop in Nashville in 2009 and have been off to the races every since. They have several different styles and fits for men and women: skinny, straight, slim, indigo, high rise, black, and much more. Check out a couple of our favorites below.

Our Favorites

Jean Shop NYC

Once described as “the Cristal of the denim world,” the Jean Shop in New York City is the cream of the crop of boutique jean shops. Even though they have a small physical shop, you can order their jeans from anywhere on their website. All of their jeans are named after famous rockers. Unfortunately, none of their women’s jeans are made in the U.S.

Our Favorites

Left Field NYC

Left Field NYC was started in 1998 and has grown to be a staple for specialty American made denim, produced in New York (obviously). “For me, it’s not authentic if it’s not made in USA and our image reflects American culture, so there’s no other legitimate way to do it,” says Christian McCann, founder at Left Field. They also love to incorporate a bit of American history into the inspiration for their jeans, focused on the hard working coal miner, since Christian is from PA where some of the best coal in the world is mined. It’s everywhere, from a coal miner’s bandanna printed on each pocket, to the leather label art and buttons on the jeans. “These are the things that our customers appreciate: top quality American manufacturing, using the best denims available and American made copper burrs, rivets and buttons,” says McCann. They have styles in black and indigo, most with a bit of a slim (but not skinny) rocker fit. We love the Cone Mills Chelsea Jean (see below), which are great for everyday wear.

Our Favorites


Origin makes a wide variety of clothes, boots, and other durable goods, all made in the USA. Their jeans are grown and sewn in America from the foothills of Maine’s western mountains. We really like their Delta 68 denim jeans, super tough and comfortable with some nice flexibility to them as well. The only downside is long shipping times right now.

Our Favorites

Raleigh Denim Workshop

Raleigh Denim Workshop, much like other boutique denim brands, started from very humble beginnings, which powers their grit and commitment to quality in their jeans. Founders Sarah and Victor (based in Raleigh, NC) started by making every pair of jeans themselves, then as business scaled, they have kept that human element in every pair of jeans they create. They actually sign the inside pocket of every pair! Their designs are some of the best fitting jeans on the market.

Our Favorites

Round House Jeans

Round House Jeans has been producing some really high quality work jeans made in the USA for over 110 years. They set up a factory in Shawnee, Oklahoma in the late 1800s and never looked back – they are still located in the same town today! Like I said, they produce some really tough and comfortable work jeans – we like their Dark Stone Washed Carpenter Dungaree Jean in particular. Also be sure to check out their overalls – they have denim and duck cloth varieties in a lot of different styles.

Our Favorites

Dark Stone Washed Carpenter Dungaree Jean – For Men

More Details

Stovall & Young

Stovall & Young is a small denim shop with only 5 styles of men’s jeans. They have a strong dedication to quality American manufacturing – all of their jeans are crafted in San Fransisco, home of one of the most iconic denim brands in the world – Levi’s. Their denim is woven in the famous White Oak Cone Denim factory in Greensboro, North Carolina. We spoke with Sean Young, one of the founders, who told a passionate, amazing story about how they started manufacturing in the U.S., largely by happenstance – and they are sure glad they did. They actually started out manufacturing in China, India, and Mexico, only to learn that it was simply too complicated and too far. That’s when Sean began looking at factories in San Francisco – “I bugged the [you know what] out of a factory owner in SF until she let me roam the floors of the factory daily like I was a worker, unpaid that is, and see and feel every single aspect from rivets to cutting patterns, to sewing.” Speaking of the manufacturing process, “It’s [my] favorite part of the company,” says Young. He loves helping other new retail companies get started too, sharing his experiences and consulting around the Bay Area.”I’m happy to be living in a country that makes [you know what] by hand. And yes, my grandpa George is smiling down on me and my jeans and my dad loves his S&Y’s…he wears them proudly for his son and country.”

Our Favorites


Tellason has several different styles of men’s jeans, all of which are really high quality. The guys behind Tellason put a lot of focus on the little things (like lining the back pockets with the same material as the front so your wallet doesn’t bust through), which sets them apart from the competition. According to one of Tellason’s founders, Pete Searson, they love being in the home of denim in San Francisco, “where denim culture was born,” says Searson. “We are driven to support our local economy and this is one way to do it while staying true to our core desire to keep things where they belong (San Francisco).”

Our Favorites

Ladbroke Grove Slim Tapered Selvedge Jeans – For Men

More Details

Texas Jeans

Texas Jeans is all about no-fuss denim – they make rugged jeans for the American working man that you can count on day in and day out. They can do custom inseams for most of their styles, which range from relaxed fit, to slim fit, and even flannel lined for those colder days. If you need a reliable, comfortable pair of jeans that you can wear every day – look no further than Texas Jeans. Funny enough, they are actually made in Asheboro, NC. Also be sure to check out all the other great products made in North Carolina.

Our Favorites

The Rising Sun Mfg Co.

The Rising Sun Mfg Co. uses classic sewing techniques and an intensive, detail-oriented research process to set their jeans apart from the field. They started in 2004 in Los Angeles, CA and have been producing high quality jeans ever since. We really like their New Rocker jean, which is a nice mid-rise style that is super comfortable and even has a twill-lined back pocket.

Our Favorites

Recap: Best Jeans Made in the USA

Factors We Considered


Obviously, fit is super important when it comes to any apparel, but jeans always seem to be super fickle. No two pairs, no matter what size they say on the tag, seem to fit the same. You want to make sure you find a pair that is comfortable, not too loose, and that you feel confident in. Make sure to check the sizing guides for any brand you want to buy jeans from, as fits differ among them.


We looked for jeans that are made of selvage denim, which essentially means that the fabric’s edge is used in its construction, which makes for a much more durable pair of jeans. In today’s tech-savvy factories, jeans can have a multitude of different materials in them besides cotton, including plastic, cashmere, and a ton of others. We looked for pure denim that doesn’t have a bunch of additives. Weight is also important – the heavier the denim the longer it will take to break in. We included a few different weight classes, since people have a variety of different preferences.

Construction and Durability

Not only should your jeans have the right materials, but the crafting process should be flawless. We eliminated several jean makers that cut corners during the construction process that can reduce the lifespan of the jeans. Most of the time, this has to do with the stitching, either not using the right sewing technique or the right heavy duty material.


Everyone has different style preferences, so we made sure to look for manufacturers that have at least a couple of styles that they do really well. Here are some of the most common styles we looked for in our research:

  • Skinny
  • Cropped
  • Slim
  • Athletic
  • Flared
  • Straight cut
  • Boyfriend
  • Boot cut
  • Relaxed fit


We wanted to make sure you get the best jeans for the money. That’s why we eliminated any jean makers that we felt like didn’t have quality that lived up to their price tag. After all, we’re consumers too!


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