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Best Spray In Bedliner (Review) 2020 – Top 12 Picks


Even the roughest surface needs to be taken care of at times. And it’s necessary to protect your things before it gets damaged beyond repair.

You might wonder what I am talking about. Right?

Although this theory can be applied to our life, relationships and human nature, today, in this article, I am talking about protecting the Bedliner in your vehicle.

Best Spray In Bedliner
Best Spray In Bedliner

Every day the bed of your truck goes through a lot. From hauling heavy cargo to delivering your kid’s favorite bicycle, a truck bed suffers without complaining at all. Or does it?

The truth is, even though you might not realize it today, one day you will discover a lot of tears and scratches that are unrepairable. To save yourself from that embarrassing moment, it’s a good idea to use a bed liner beforehand.

The best spray in Bedliner will protect your truck bed from getting damaged and help the cargo to stay on a more stable surface at the same time.

Best Spray In Bedliner Choices 2020

Made from Polyurethane material, the spray-on bed liner is a liquid substance, which is applied on the inner side of a truck bed.

So, are they worth it?

Yes! Especially when it acts as a shield against heavy loads on your vehicle. The Bedliner provides a skid-resistant surface so that the cargo can hold on more tightly.

Now that you have decided to buy one for your truck, it will be easier for you if you have a proper guideline and know all the options that are available to you. Don’t forget to check out our buying guide to get an idea of which one will be most suitable for your vehicle.

Top Spray In Bedliners Comparison Chart

Herculiner Brush-On
(Editor’s Choice)

  • Roller, Roller Handle, Abrasive Pad.

  • UV, Scratch & Stain Resistant

Raptor UP4885
(Expert’s Choice)

  • Impact, Scratch & UV Resistant

  • Abrasion And Stain Resistant

  • rapid-drying & long lasting

  • Rust, Stain & Abrasion Resistant

  • Roller Frame, Cover, Tray, Stir-Stick, Brush, Scuff Pad.

  • 2-part epoxy & long lasting

  • Great UV, Adhesion & Toughness

  • Water, Corrosion & Abrasion

  • UV, scratch & stain resistance

  • Most higher & long lasting

  • Waterproof, rust & temp resistance 

  • Adhesion Promoter, Mix-Paddle.

  • UV, Scratch & Stain Resistant

Our 10 Picks For The Best Bed Liner Spray

1. HERCULINER Bediner Kit | Ford Spray In Bedliner

A do it yourself spray in bed liner that’s simple enough for even a complete newbie!

Designed to give your vehicle a glossy black finish, HERCULINER Roll-On Kit is an excellent choice if you want to have a professional appearance in your car. With almost 20 years of experience, the company is well known for producing quality materials that win their customer’s hearts.


Is it raining outside?

While I hope you find a shade nearby, you don’t need to worry about your vehicle getting wet anymore! The polyurethane material that is coated on the surface is waterproof and thus, protects the surface from getting damaged in extreme weather conditions.

The biggest advantage that you get this from kit is its thickness, which is 5X denser than others. Meaning, you can get away with only one layer of application. Just follow 3 simple steps, prepare the surface, apply the formula and let it dry and get ready to see a shiny outcome.

The package includes a paint roller, brush and abrasive pads for protection. Remember to seal the container tightly if you plan on going for a second coat, as the solution gets dry quickly once it’s opened.

Highlighted Benefits

  • It is compatible with all surfaces including wood and metal.
  • The formula is 5X thicker than others.
  • It doesn’t react with any chemical or lubricants.
  • The coated layer becomes weatherproof once applied.

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • The brush that comes with it is a little bit inconvenient.

View Features on Amazon

Bottom Line
If you don’t like to use the brush, you can always go for the paint rollers which works great. Also, the solution can be sprayed, if you have the correct type of application available at your place.

2. U-Pol Raptor | Colored Bed Liner Paint

From covering your RV’s roof to painting the metal bumper, U-Pol Raptor is known to work for them all!

What’s more is that you get to personalize your vehicle with a color from a wide range of collections including Red, Green, Blue, Purple and of course, Black. The 4 -liter kit includes three bottles of liners and one hardener in it.

U Pol Raptor Review
U Pol Raptor

Oh! Did I mention you are getting an additional Spray Gun with the whole package?

That’s right! With the help of that gun, now you can easily cover any exterior without a delay. The Raptor coating and the Hardener needs to be mixed in a 3 to 1 ratio. However, don’t shake the bottle too hard while applying, as it already has a nozzle on top to take air inside it.

The product can combat extreme temperatures and moisture. The UV-resistant property makes this product a perfect tool to combat the harshness of the sun.

The heavy loads on your truck won’t be able to dent or leave marks on the floor anymore with the help of Raptor spray in Bedliner. It also reduces the noise and vibration of the cargo while the vehicle is on move and hits a bumpy road.

Highlighted Benefits

  • The solution makes the surface UV-resistant.
  • It helps the coat to dry fast within an hour.
  • The product comes with a spray gun.
  • It is available in different colors for your convenience.
  • While driving, it lessens the sound and vibration of the cargo.

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • The product contains toxic ingredients.

View Features on Amazon

Bottom Line
It is advisable to wear a protective suit like goggles, respirator and gloves while applying this solution. With the help of the spray-gun, it should be fairly easy to use this formula without getting in touch with it.

3. Raptor UP4885 | White Spray-On Bedliner

Sometimes the smallest thing captures the attention of the onlookers the most.

Like the fender flares on your vehicle may have a small spot that needs to be fixed. Now you can easily ignore this situation and go on with your life. But that scratch mark is eventually going to get bigger and become an eyesore soon.

Raptor UP4885 Review
Raptor UP4885

Raptor UP4885 White Bedliner is the perfect solution in this case. The aerosol spray is meant to work on small areas and give them a quick fix. You are sure to get impressed with its quality finish which is as good as a spray-gun!

When you apply this white bed liner to a metal surface, it leaves the surface a bit more textured, which will work as an anti-slip mechanism. You can even use this on fiberglass as this substance allow everything to be bonded quite easily.

Raptor offers to leave a nice smooth protection layer on your vehicle which combats against corrosion, saltwater or any chemical effect. Once applied, the outer layer doesn’t fade anytime soon, as the solution is UV-resistant and waterproof at the same time.

Highlighted Benefits

  • It helps fix any small spots pretty quickly.
  • The aerosol gives a gun-like textured finish to the surface.
  • It works well with any surface including metal and fiberglass.
  • The spray makes the plane UV-resistant and waterproof.
  • It helps neutralize the effect of saltwater and chemical.

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • The product comes in a small container.

View Features on Amazon

Bottom Line
The product is meant to be used for repairing small areas. However, if you intend to use it on large areas, this stuff will still work, but you may have to buy several bottles to complete your work.

4. Custom Coat | Best Spray On Truck Bed Liner

Custom Coat is famous for its ability to be compatible with any given surface. Be it wood, aluminum, fiberglass, concrete, metal or any other platform, this solution works its magic on all of them.

With three liners and one can of hardener, the product is suitable for even for a beginner.

Custom Coat Review
Custom Coat

To give your vehicle excellent protection against sunlight and harsh environment, simply pour the hardener into the Base solution, stir, shake and spray using the spray-gun that comes with the package.

There’s a reason why Custom Coat should be added to your toolbox today!

The product includes enough material inside its container to last for a long time. Meaning, even after applying it to one surface, you will have plenty of leftovers, which can be used for reapplying or other purposes in the future.

Once the formula is applied, the exterior is protected from getting any kind of scratch marks or dent in it. It doesn’t get affected by high temperature, therefore, it can withstand an extended time without a change in color.

Highlighted Benefits

  • The bottles contain a generous amount of solution.
  • The polyurethane layer increases its lifespan.
  • It helps protect your vehicle from scratch marks and stains.
  • The formula is suitable for a wide range of surfaces.

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • The product might start flaking off over time.

View Features on Amazon

Bottom Line
The formula needs to stick to the plane you are applying properly. Before applying this product, try using the Custom Coat Adhesion Promoter, which will help you to prepare your vehicle and give you access to those hard-to-reach spots that need to be sanded properly.

5. U-POL Tintable Coating | Best Bed Liner Paint

If you are looking for some ways add color to your car and make a brand-new cheerful appearance in the parking lot, then the U-POL Tintable Coating might be a good option for you.

With 3 bottles of baseliners and a container of hardener, this kit is good enough to cover any standard 8-foot truck bed.

U POL Tintable Coating Review
U POL Tintable Coating

Changing the color to your choice has never been easier! The U-POL only asks you to add a 10% urethane base color to the solution. And you get your very own personalized look on your vehicle.

Now let’s talk about its durability. Typically, people who live in a hotter climate like Arizona, tend to worry if the coat is strong enough to withstand the high temperature. The good news is, this formula is more than up for any combating extreme weather condition and holds up pretty well on its own.

Apart from cars, you can also use this solution on other planes like the fiberglass floor inside a boat.

Just make sure to prepare the surface properly before applying this formula. It is advisable to wait for at least 30 minutes before applying an additional coat on top of the first layer.

Highlighted Benefits

  • It offers to paint your vehicle with a customized color.
  • It works well with other planes like a fiberglass surface.
  • It can withstand high temperatures.
  • The product comes with a spray-gun for ease of application.
  • It doesn’t take too much time to dry.

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • It’s a bit difficult to achieve a darker shade.

View Features on Amazon

Bottom Line

Try mixing the solution in a proper ratio to get your desired shade. You also need to scuff the surface well before applying the formula to get a better result.

6. Dupli-Color BAK2010 | Best Spray Can Bedliner

A kit that includes everything in one single package gives us a break and brings a smile of relief to our face.

Duplicolor spray can Bedliner brings you a coating kit that cares about your need and comes with a lot of essential things like a roller frame, cover and tray for your convenience. It also includes some scuff pads which you will need while applying the formula on your vehicle.

Dupli Color BAK2010 Review
Dupli Color BAK2010

To make your work even easier, a brush and a stir-stick is included, so that you can do it all by yourself without needing any kind of assistance!

If you are searching for the reason why this product got such a high reputation in terms of durability, then look no further than its core ingredient. Dupont Kevlar, a powerful synthetic fiber, which has an excellent heat-resistant property, can combat the effect of gasoline or any kind of chemical pretty easily.

This water-based formula is less toxic than other available options on the market. With the help of some rubber particles, the solution is capable of providing you with a skid-resistant surface.

Highlighted Benefits

  • The water-based solution contains no strong odor.
  • You can start working right away, as it includes all the equipment.
  • The product can resist the harmful effect of gasoline.
  • It can be used on wood, fiberglass and concrete also.

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • The scuff paper that comes with the product isn’t much effective.

View Features on Amazon

Bottom Line
The scuff pads might not be able to do a good job if there’s too much rust. You can use sandpaper as an alternative in that case.

7. USC 18002 Defender-Pro | Best DIY Spray In Bedliner

From bi-cycle tires to bullet-proof vest, Kevlar is known for its multipurpose applications.

So, why is it so popular?

USC 18002 Defender Pro Review
USC 18002 Defender Pro

Well, it can absorb strong vibration, making the surface more stable. Also, it has a higher resistance to heat and flames. For these reasons, USC decided to use this formula to make a more durable product that will satisfy all of its customers.

If you always face trouble while moving your cargos and the vehicle gets damaged at the end of a trip, then you must consider this product. With its advanced, epoxy formula, the Defender Pro acts like a true hero while protecting your truck bed from reacting to any harmful chemicals.

Did you know Defender Pro uses the Non-isocyanate formula as its core ingredient? If you are an environmentalist, then you already know this non-toxic ingredient is better for your vehicle and our mother nature.

You also get to enjoy other benefits as well if you live in a humid climate. The Non-isocyanate formula doesn’t absorb much moisture and dries off pretty quickly once it gets wet.

Highlighted Benefits

  • It protects your car by resisting the UV-rays.
  • It uses non-toxic material as its core ingredient.
  • The product lets your truck bed dry off quickly.
  • It can absorb powerful vibration and protects your car.

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • It needs to apply within 2 hours after mixing the formula.

View Features on Amazon

Bottom Line
To get the topmost result out of this product, it’s advisable to mix the resin and the activator in a proper ratio. If you don’t need the whole product at once, then mix in a smaller amount and use all of it to paint within 2 hours.

8. LinerXtreeme | Best Spray In Bedliner Kit

In terms of choosing the perfect color for your truck bed, it is always a good idea to go with Black if you are confused.

I prefer this color, because, you know what they say! Black is a color that goes with everything.

Linerxtreeme spray on Bedliner Review
Linerxtreeme spray on Bedliner

Keeping that in mind, LinerXtreeme brings you a special kit with 3 gallons of powerful solution to give your truck a professional makeover. This company is known for its excellent service and its quality products that leave a long-lasting impression on the users.

Whether you own an ATV, Jeep or a boat, LinerXtreeme will do an excellent job of coating the surface with a semi-gloss substance. Thanks to the generous amount of solution in the container, you can easily cover two small-sized truck bed twice!

Hey! You can even use this formula on a wooden floor.

Surprised? Well, let me tell you more. LinerXtreeme sticks to wood quite easily and works even more effectively than the metal surface. Just make sure the wood is all nice and dry before applying this product.

Highlighted Benefits

  • It comes with an instruction guide to help you out.
  • The product adheres to wood quite easily.
  • The container includes enough solution to cover 2 truck beds.
  • It leaves your vehicle with a long-lasting semi-gloss finish.

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • The solution needs to be mixed in by yourself.

View Features on Amazon

Bottom Line
LinerXtreeme isn’t a ready-made solution. You need to mix the formula in a correct ratio to make it work effectively. However, there’s a one-page instruction manual that will guide you through all the steps from beginning to the end.

9. Seymour 20-041 | Cheap Spray In Bedliner

Once you notice a small spot on your vehicle, it’s better to get it repaired as soon as possible. However, you don’t need a big bottle of solution to fix a small liner defect.

Seymour 20-041 Review
Seymour 20-041

Seymour 20-041 is an excellent option for coating small areas. The thick consistency of this solution will give you the nicest finish and a smooth texture. Don’t worry! Your cargo is in no danger of falling off, as this product creates enough traction on the surface so that it can have a stable grip while traveling.

You will be noticing some visible improvement as soon as you have applied Seymour in your car!

The way this formula creates a tough protective layer on the surface is truly impressive. Now you don’t have to worry about accidentally spilling water on your truck bed anymore. Seymour protects the outer layer from water, moisture and corrosion effectively.

So, before a scratch mark appears on your car bumper, it’s a good idea to get it coated with this powerful solution. However, don’t forget to give it enough time to dry before going for the second coat if necessary.

Highlighted Benefits

  • It is suitable for small areas like bumpers and running bars.
  • It dries faster and works great even on plywood.
  • The products create a layer that can resist rust and corrosion.
  • It gets tougher over time.
  • It protects the surface from moisture and water.

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • The quantity isn’t enough for large areas.

View Features on Amazon

Bottom Line
Although the product is supposed to treat small areas, it works just as good on large areas. However, you may have to buy more bottles to cover your desired area.

10. Custom Coat GM | Best Truck Bed Liner Paint

Another quality product from Custom Shop will knock your socks off with its premium-grade ingredients that promises to leave your car with a professional appearance!

Let me tell you what you can expect from the Custom Coat Package.

Custom Coat GM Review
Custom Coat GM

The kit includes a total number of 15 bottles in different sizes and an applicator gun. Although you are getting a pretty decent deal in terms of getting this enormous package at a reasonable price, there are some other benefits as well.

Each bottle of the bed liner base contains 21 ounces of solution. By mixing it up with the hardener and the urethane white-colored tint, you will be able to cover an area around 150 square feet with 10 mils of thickness. That’s quite a generous amount compared to the rest of the products available on the market.

Once you are done decorating your car with this paint coat, the protective layer will prevent your vehicle from getting chipped or flaking off.

This particular kit available in the color white. But, hey! You can choose any color you want from its 50 other available options and give your car a unique look.

Highlighted Benefits

  • The kit includes a spray applicator to your convenience.
  • It protects the surface from the harmful effect of UV-ray.
  • The formula gives you a thick coat that covers 150 square feet.
  • The protective layer doesn’t get cracked or peeled off over time.

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • The product doesn’t give your car a glossy outlook.

View Features on Amazon

Bottom Line
This formula is meant to give your car a professional, matte appearance. If you are after a glossier look, then you can try any bright color from its wide range of color collection.

11. T-Rex | Best Bed Liner Coating

If you are a Latino, then you already know that the word T-Rex means “King” of all things.

While we can’t bring the mighty dinosaur back to life, we can, however, present you an equally strong protection for your car bed with the help of the T-Rex bed liner kit.

T-Rex Black Bed Liner Review
T-Rex Black Bed Liner

This product has some features that will amaze you. While it leaves your car with a semi-gloss finish that’s bound to turn heads, the protective layer offers a rubbery texture at the same time. The rubbery texture helps the cargos stay in place on your truck bed.

Another good news is, you don’t have to wait for the upcoming winter season for coating your truck. Even a summer season is perfect for T-Rex!

While the other products are guilty of performing badly under the scorching sun, T-Rex is UV-resistant and looks great in any weather condition.

The kit contains enough solution to cover any large-sized truck bed and still have some leftovers. The formula is strong enough to stick to the surface pretty quickly once you start applying it on the surface.

Highlighted Benefits

  • The formula is easy to mix and apply.
  • It protects your vehicle against moisture and sunlight.
  • The product is saltwater resistant.
  • It leaves a semi-gloss finish on your car.
  • The kit contains enough solution to cover an 8-inch truck bed.

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • It doesn’t produce enough thickness on the surface.

View Features on Amazon

Bottom Line
If you want to get the topmost performance out of this product, then spend more time prepping the surface well. Use sandpaper to scuff the surface and clean with wax and grease remover before applying this product.

12. Al’s Liner ALS-BL | Best Truck Bed Liner Paint

A perfectionist wants everything done in his way. Even the thickness of the auto paint matters a lot!

However, with the traditional products available on the market, you hardly get the chance to make anything personalized these days.

Al’s Liner ALS BL Review
Al’s Liner ALS BL

To live up to your expectations, here comes Al’s Liner with its premium-grade quality and what’s more, you get to choose any customized color and have the exact thickness you prefer!

The urethane/acrylic component of this product gives a smoother finish that lasts for a long time. You can use this solution for any project you may have in mind. From painting a light post to the bed of your truck, Al’s good for them all!

The reason why this product is suitable for multi-purpose is because it is compatible with any given surface, be it wood, metal or fiberglass. To make the solution even more powerful an adhesion promoter is included in the package.

The kit is available in three different colors including Tan, Grey and Black. You can also make any customized color of your wish to give your car a unique outlook.

Highlighted Benefits

  • The solution dries pretty fast in only 2 hours.
  • It is suitable for multiple surfaces.
  • It is a premium quality product.
  • You get to choose your personalized color and thickness.
  • The color doesn’t fade away quickly.

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • It doesn’t have the anti-skid property for safety purposes.

View Features on Amazon

Bottom Line
If you want to make the floor slip-resistant, then the solution must make a rubberized texture on the surface. In that case, you can purchase the Al’s Liner ALS-RC Black Rubber Crumb.

How To Use Spray In Truck Bedliner

Is this the first time you will be using this product?

If so, we feel obliged to give you some tips and instructions on how to apply it effectively. Go through the following steps and get ready to face a fabulous outcome after finishing the job.

1. Preparation

Take a look at your truck bed. Most probably it’s filled with dirt and debris from being on the road for so long!

First, you need to give it a good wash to get rid of all the grimes. You can either use a car wash soap or any good solution for this purpose. Give it some time to dry completely.

Next, scrape the surface well with sandpaper so that the Bedliner can stick to it easily. Clean out all the excess dust after you are done stripping the paint off.

Then, take a painter tape and mask the areas you don’t want to apply the spray-on. I would suggest covering the area near the tailgate at this point.

2. Protect Yourself

Before you start applying the solution to the surface, get yourself prepared. Don’t worry! It’s just a precaution, as the solution contains some chemical ingredients.

Wear a protective suit to protect your skin while applying the solution. Keep your eyes out of its reach with the help of a safety glass. And most importantly, don’t forget to wear gloves while in operation.

3. Coat The Surface

Before you start spraying on the whole surface, first, test a small amount on board to see if it meets your expectations. Then read the instruction manual that comes with your product carefully to understand every step.

Some products require you to use a primer beforehand. Depending on the formula, you should mix the required amount with the recommended solvent and mix it well.

Then apply the liner in a way so that the whole surface gets coated evenly. Start with a thin layer of paint at first. Then wait for at least 10 minutes for the surface to become dry. Then add another layer on top of it. Continue doing this until you get your desired level of thickness.

Read Also: Ceramic coat Car paint protection review

Spray-On Bedliner Buying Guide


1. Aliphatic

If you hate doing maintenance on your truck now and then, the Aliphatic type may be the perfect option for you. With a strong polyurethane coating, this solution gives you the topmost pigmentation on your truck bed.

The product is a bit costly, however, you will be compensated by its long lasting protection.

2. Aromatic

If your budget is a little bit tight and you are looking for something more affordable, then go for an aromatic spray-on.

A downside of this product is, it fades away quickly. Use darker colors like, black, if you decide to purchase an aromatic product. You may need to reapply after a while to keep it effective.


Are you buying an entire kit or a single bottle?

Depending on this answer, we can categorize the spray-on in 2 groups.

1. Ready-Made

These types of formulas are plug and play products. All you have to do is just whisk the mixture a little bit, add a necessary amount of solvent and it’s ready to be applied on any given surface.

2. Mix-Ins

If you buy a kit with several bottles that contain different types of formulas, then you have to mix them up according to the instruction labeled on the bottles. These work as good as the ready-made products, if not better!


Once you have applied the solution on your truck, you might not need to reapply for a long time. So, before buying this product, check how much you will need to avoid wasting too much money on this.

Luckily, the manufacturers provide enough information about how much of the formula is needed to cover a specific area. Measure the bed size of your truck and purchase accordingly to make a good investment.


Here comes the fun part!

You get to choose the color you want for the bed liner. From bright orange to flaming red, choose the one you like the most. However, if you are confused and can’t decide, it might be a good idea to go with Black color in general. Take note that the color should match the design of your vehicle.

You can also choose to go for a matte or a glossy finish for your truck bed by selecting the right shade.


Nowadays everyone is super busy in their daily life. So, it’s important that the product that you buy works for an extended time.

Premium quality spray-on tends to last longer, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for a long time. Instead of buying a cheap alternative, it’s better to go for a product that stays on the surface and doesn’t peel or crack under pressure anytime soon.

Resistance Ability

Your car will most probably spend most of the time outdoors. The harsh weather, bright sunlight, winds and storms will gather up and try their best to damage your vehicle. So, it’s important the Bedliner can protect its surface against all of these situations.

Before purchasing one, make sure the product has UV-ray resistant capability. So, it doesn’t peel or fade after a few months while spending time outside.

Application Process

We have already discussed the basics of the application process in this article. Most of the spray-on that are available on the market can be applied by following that process.

However, you should still check to see if any product requires any special treatment or attention. For example, some manufacturers add a primer to prepare your truck bed more effectively.

Make sure to read the manual carefully and see if it is simple enough to do it by yourself. If you need to ask for professional help and you don’t have anyone nearby, then the whole product might get wasted.


You need some basic tools to get started with your job. A gritting paper, for example, is needed to get rid of all the rusty particles.

Some products come with all the necessary equipment included in their package. If you are lucky, then you might find the one that has everything you need like, brush or roller, spray gun, applicator etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Much Does A Spray-In Bedliner Cost?
  2. Answer: It depends on the type of product you are buying. A single bottle may cost as little as 16 dollars, whereas an entire kit might be worth 100 to 500 dollars depending on the quality and the quantity of the solution.

  3. How To Clean A Spray-In Bed Liner?
  4. Answer: First, remove all the things on top of your truck and clear the space.

    Then, get some car soap or shampoo and water to wash all the dirt and debris on the surface.

    Lastly, use a high-pressure hose to clean the bed and wipe it with a soft cloth to make it dry faster.

  5. Is It Possible To Remove A Spray-On Bedliner?
  6. Answer: Technically, yes. But we highly discourage you to do that, as the process is quite difficult. And most importantly, your truck has a high risk of getting damaged while removing the Bedliner.

  7. Where Can I Get A Spray-In Bedliner?
  8. Answer: You can find plenty of options in the online marketplace. You can also choose one from the list that is provided in this article if anything happens to catch your eye.

  9. How Much Time It Takes To Coat The Bedliner?
  10. Answer: It depends on what type of surface you are working on. If it’s your truck bed, then typically it would take about 4-5 hours depending on what color you are using and what type applicator is available.

Final Words

We take care of our appearance and try to look presentable when we decide to go out. Right?

Well, then why would you neglect your car’s appearance? Scratched and dinged up trucks are a complete no-no in any situation.

A clever way to make sure that your vehicle doesn’t get damaged and end up looking all sad and battered is to apply the best spray in Bedliner on its bed. Not only the truck bed will be protected from any scratches, but also it will provide an anti-slip surface for your cargos and make sure they reach their destination safely in one piece!


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