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Best Wireless HDMI Extender Review 2021


Why Wireless HDMI Extender?

Everything nice and convenient comes at a cost. And so is going wireless. If you’ve been using an HDMI cable to operate over distances, using a wireless signal will definitely give you an easy time. But, not without some sort of challenges, especially when selecting the best option according to your needs. No need to worry though. We are here to help make a worthy investment by choosing the best wireless HDMI extender.

Best Choice

Nyrius Aries Prime Wireless Video HDMI Transmitter & Receiver
Nyrius Aries Prime Wireless Video HDMI Transmitter & Receiver

Nyrius Aries Prime allows you to watch your favorite streams from any HDMI-compatible device, including your laptop to your TV. It ensures the videos remain razor-sharp and uncompressed at 1080p, without affecting the picture quality. Expect impressive results up to 30ft. range, as you enjoy unlimited entertainment according to your preference. With this device, you simply plug and play. Highly recommended!

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7 Best Wireless HDMI Extenders – Rating & Overview

Detailed Overview

Author’s Choice

Nyrius Aries Prime’s top-notch digital signal is the best way to transmit all your favorite films, music, shows, and even games through various barriers within a 30ft range. This wireless device is a true definition of modernization as it doesn’t disrupt the interior décor of your space. And although Nyrius Aries Prime is primarily optimized for laptops, it’s also readily compatible with most HDMI devices. Besides, its usage doesn’t interfere with other wireless operations such as the use of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


  • Great for on-the-go screencasting
  • Supports 3D formats
  • No interference with other devices


  • May not work through walls

People’s Choice

IOGEAR is undoubtedly an innovative wireless HDMI extender that embraces 3D connectivity. This makes multiple room entertainment so efficient, while at the same time taking home entertainment to another level. This device can comfortably stream uncompressed video content with 5.1 audio support over a distance of 100 feet. However, various environmental factors such as concrete walls and bricks might affect the transmission distance. It easily penetrates through various barriers such as ceilings and walls to suit your setup needs. With IOGEAR’s wireless 3D audio/video transmitter and receiver you can connect to most HDMI-enabled devices. You can even consolidate your devices to customize your entertainment space. With this device, you can maintain your home’s neatness since there wouldn’t be any cable on sight.


  • Very low latency
  • Package includes remote control
  • 5.1 channel digital audio support
  • Can stream 3D content


  • Delays when switching input sources

Premium Choice

This device is designed for conference rooms and classrooms to enable wireless presentations. BenQ InstaShow WDC10 is ideal for small to medium-sized spaces. It comes with a reliable system that can comfortably connect various presenters across meeting rooms. So, you all only need to tap and present when ready. The device’s buttons work with most OS or hardware electronics compatible with the HDMI signal. This saves you the hassle of installing apps whenever you want to connect. When you get the BenQ InstaShow package, you will receive everything that you need to set up and enjoy your purchase within 5 minutes. It’s also energy-efficient allowing you to charge the device from a USB 3.0 port, so you won’t need the help of an IT expert.


  • Perfect for Presentations
  • Switches between users in seconds
  • Two transmitters in the box


  • Not designed for 24/7 continuous use

Best Budget

IOGEAR’s transmitting and receiving units are equipped with external antennas for a more stable connection. The kit allows you to broadcast video and audio up to 150 feet away, but since walls and other obstacles interfere with signal reception, the manufacturer recommends placing the units in direct line of sight. Some users have already figured out how to improve the reliability of the wireless link. Due to the 5.8 GHz operating frequency HDMI Receiver and Transmitter can interfere with your existing dual band Wi-Fi router. To prevent that you can manually set the router’s 5G channel below 155.

The package includes IR Blaster and IR Receiver extension cables to transmit remote control signals to the media source. This means you can hide your Blu-ray, cable or satellite box for a clean look.


  • Good performance at an affordable price
  • Comes with IR extensions


  • You may need to tweak your Wi-Fi router setting for better reception

Best Range

J-Tech Digital Wireless HDMI Extender kit embraces modern technology to offer its users a more stable and long-range signal transmission thanks to its dual antenna design. You can conveniently transmit both high-quality audio and video up to 600 ft. With automatic frequency matching, up to five transmitter & receiver set pairs can operate in the same home or office without any interference. The WEX310 is the perfect solution for stable Full HD streaming throughout your home, over walls and ceilings. What’s interesting, the manufacturer added a USB port for Firmware upgrades in this model.


  • Full home wireless coverage
  • Automatic frequency selection to avoid interference
  • Wall mounts in the box

Best for 4K

IOGEAR 4KUHD Ultra Long-Range Extender guarantees top-notch video quality over a distance of up to 600 ft. And because of this, the device is ideal for large homes, retail stores, restaurants among other similar large spaces. This gives users flexibility when dealing with various TV and other display placements. The package comes with IR blast and extension cables to give you easy remote control over your source from your comfort zone. Besides, this device operates independently so it doesn’t dig into any bandwidth of your existing home or business wireless network. Therefore, you can use your other wireless devices without interference. Also, the manufacturers of this device use advanced technology to ensure the extender is safe from common wireless devices, such as Wi-Fi routers and mobiles.


  • Excellent signal range
  • Can transmit 4K UHD video
  • 7.1 surround sound audio support

Best Audio

Nyrius Aries Home+ is easy to set up giving you an enhanced wireless entertainment within a few minutes of package reception. It offers 3D compatibility with your favorite projector or HDTV to achieve high definition videos. The system also supports a range of audio formats, including uncompressed 7.1 PCM, DTS, and Dolby Digital Surround Sound. This device makes entertainment more fun, especially for game lovers, thanks to its HDMI Loop feature that allows double viewing pleasure. So go ahead and set up those two separate viewing spaces and let family and friends join in the fun. Besides, you get to control your device remotely, allowing you to multitask as you listen to your favorite channels or movies. Also, one of the best attributes of Nyrius Aries Home+ is the ability to handle almost all devices’ resolutions, making it easy to display on TVs of any size. 7.1 PCM, DTS, and Dolby Digital Surround Sound.


  • Wide support for audio formats
  • Two HDMI inputs
  • Zero latency


  • It takes up to 20 seconds to boot up

Buyer’s Guide

How to Choose the Best Wireless HDMI Extender

Range and Distance

Range is the most important attribute you should examine when sourcing for a wireless HDMI transmitter. So since most of these transmitters use IR technology (the popular 5G), the distances they can move signals differ according to strength. For instance, the standard extender can comfortably transmit up to 30 ft. while the stronger ones go up to 600ft +. Whichever range you choose depends on your needs. But the higher the range, the more expensive the extender will be.

Operation stability

Since transmitters and their receiver are constantly working, they tend to get hot after prolonged continuous use. Some devices tend to overheat, especially ultra-compact models. Since you cannot predict how the Wireless HDMI Extender will perform at your home, it is recommended that you check Amazon reviews before you buy.

Installation Procedure

The true definition of a wireless HDMI extender lies in its ease of use. You shouldn’t need any extra skills to use it. Instead, an easy plug and use, just the same way you do with your regular USB should be the way to go. But even though that’s far from the reality on the ground, well, because you’ve to evaluate where to position each unit, everything else should be easy.  At least no need for special drivers or software installations. 

Extra Cables

Your transmitter and receiver need power to operate. If you purchase a quality wireless transmitter, then the manufacturer will give you a few options to make your work easier. 

Check out for brands that provide extension cables and other necessary accessories with their packages. This makes it easy to achieve a stable connection, plus you don’t have to spend more on the basics, which should otherwise be provided. But this doesn’t mean all other kits without necessary accessories are low-quality or passable. 

You can compare the pricing, and decide whether picking extensions on the side is less costly. However, generally, kits with extras offer convenience.

What are the Benefits of Wireless HDMI Extenders?

  • They allow you to transmit data from any source to the TV or any other monitor without using wires.
  • Enables transmission through walls, especially when the monitor or TV is in another room
  • They don’t require Wi-Fi to transmit. Plus, you don’t have to bother about software installation. Simply plug-in and go!
  • Imagine how expensive it can be to source copper cables above 50 feet? The transmitter saves you from the hassle.
  • As a business running various projects at the same time, you get to save on cable expenses, which could otherwise be used to connect various monitors. 
  • They offer sleek setup solutions, especially for perfectionists.

Where Can I use the Wireless HDMI Extender?

Wireless HDMI extenders can typically be used in almost all spaces. Be it at the comfort of your home, small business set-up, restaurant, classrooms, and large conference rooms, there’s a suitable type for each environment. The best thing is that they give you customized solutions while enabling multitasking on cross-platform systems. 

Users sharing the device can each access their presentations on their laptops, guaranteeing privacy. So, this is one of the most convenient ways to connect distant users. 


Will the HDMI Transmitter and Receiver work between floors?

More advanced HDMI Extenders, like the J-Tech WEX310, offer a wide coverage range and can be used on different floors of a house. Although much depends on the thickness and material of the floors. For example, a metal barrier will obstruct the signal. For a more stable connection, the distance between receiver and transmitter should be as small as possible.

Can I use a Wireless HDMI Transmitter with the projector?

Wireless Extenders can send images to a wide variety of devices, including projectors. You will only need to provide a power source. The IOGEAR GW3DHDKIT and some other receiving units can draw power from a USB port. If your projector does have one, this makes the installation much easier.

Is HDMI Sender suitable for gaming?

Some devices, like IOGEAR GW3DHDKIT and Nyrius Aries Home+, broadcast video and audio without any visible latency, which means they are great for gaming. Keep in mind that the HDMI Extender is only responsible for the picture. The controller will still be connected to your PC, Xbox or PlayStation 5, and if the distance is too long, the gamepad can lose the connection.

Should I buy the Wireless HDMI Extender for presentations?

You can consider devices like Nyrius Aries Prime as an affordable alternative to wireless presentation systems. On the other hand, devices like the BenQ InstaShow WDC10 make it easy to work together and switch between users with the touch of a button.

How to Reduce Wireless Interference?

Even if your HDMI Extender automatically adjusts to the optimal frequency, other devices with 2.4GHz or 5GHz wireless can interfere with its operation. This includes Wi-Fi routers and access points, baby monitors, smart home hubs, wireless audio systems, and more. Try to keep the radio transmitter and receiver at a distance from the potential source of interference. You can also change the wireless channel of the router to help avoid overlap.


Your choice to source for a wireless HDMI extender could have been fueled by various reasons, curiosities even. But we hope that by going through this article, you can now make an informed choice. Remember to consider your space limits, number of users, and all other specific needs before settling for one. One thing you can be sure of though, is that you won’t have to run into random cables in your space ever again!

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