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California Psychics Review – Accurate or Fake Readings? ( Reviews)


Dallas, Texas – ( NewMediaWire ) – November 29, 2020 – California Psychics claims to have 25 years of industry experience and a wide selection of trusted psychics to choose from. Clients can choose from psychics based on experience, price, or popularity – a 3-tier system that promises to be a great way for clients to decide which psychic can provide the answers they’re looking for.

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Even though California Psychics is considered one of the best psychic sites available, this alone doesn’t guarantee that they’re able to answer the big questions people have in life. To answer this question and determine California Psychics readings are accurate, this review will cover in detail the services and readings the site provides.

Types of Readings Offered on California Psychics

California Psychics’ spiritual advisors offer several types of readings either via online chat or by phone. Not all types of readings are offered under both options, but most are. Individuals that prefer anonymity will feel more comfortable with a reading by phone. The types of readings offered by California Psychics are as follows: 

Love & Relationship Readings

There are literally hundreds of psychics to choose from for anyone who has questions about love and relationships. Clients can narrow down their choices using the 3-tier system. Pick by price, experience, or popularity. Customers can further refine their searches via tools used during the readings or by the psychics’ abilities. These advance options are on the main menu page.

Career Advice Readings

There aren’t as many lowered-priced psychics that provide readings on career-related questions, but there are some on the middle and upper tier. It does not mean that lower-tiered spiritual advisors aren’t competent, only that many haven’t given readings to seekers looking for career advice.

Destiny/Life Path Readings

California Psychics is one of the few sites that offer this type of reading. Clients can choose a psychic from any tier. The purpose of this reading is to help the questioner take the right steps through life. Some of the tools used during the reading are tarot cards, crystals, and pendulums.

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Financial Readings

This is a delicate subject, and for any reading associated with finance, it’s always best to choose an experienced psychic, though the site offers skilled readings at all tier levels. Combining financial questions with career-related ones is a good idea. The two subjects are often tied together. 

California Psychics allows its clients to pick advisors based on their reading tone and style. For topics like career and money, it’s best to choose a psychic that gives straightforward answers. 

Additional Categories

The previous readings cover most of life’s questions people have for their psychic advisors, but there are others offered on the site that aren’t as common.

Pets are an important part of many people’s lives, and they are physics that can help answer some common concerns. A spiritual advisor can do a reading on the pet to determine if it’s anxious, stressed, or depressed. It’s a rare type of reading not offered on many other popular sites.

Over 80 psychics on the site offer readings on past lives, though their experience level demands higher rates. Clairvoyant psychics are also present on the site with star ratings of 4.5 and higher.

Another type of reading that is offered by California Psychics are questions that deal with lost objects and missing loved ones. 

How to Use California Psychics

It’s easy to get a California Psychics reading. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS desktop and mobile devices. The website is simple to navigate, though it is detailed. It might take new visitors a minute to read through the information. There’s also an introductory $1 a minute rate for first-time customers that create an account.

California Psychics Sign Up Steps

A California Physics review isn’t complete without looking at the site’s sign up steps. The process is a little confusing, and clients do need to input some personal information.

– Clients must input their names, dates of birth, and email address.

– The customer is automatically signed up for the middle-tier reading at $2 per minute, which equals a $40 charge.

– PayPal information is also required to pay for the readings.

– Choose the type of reading, psychic, and whether it’s delivered via a chat message or phone call.

The confusion usually starts on the second step. The order for the reading is automatically assigned to a psychic. However, once the order is complete, the client can choose their advisor and the paid tier.

Each California psychic has reviews posted from other clients, giving new ones an idea of what to expect from their reading. There are also appointment calendars attached to each psychic that allow clients to schedule readings.

To continue using California Psychics after the introductory readings, individuals must keep their accounts current and able to pay the advisor’s rate. Unlike other sites like PathFoward, clients cannot add money to their accounts during a reading.

Check out California Psychics’ most popular psychic advisors here!

Accuracy of California Psychics Readings

Accuracy and trustworthiness go hand-in-hand and are a natural concern for first-time users. Here are some of the ways California Psychics works to install trust in their advisors and readings.

Advisor Screening

All psychics on the platform are rigorously screened. The process involves four steps and takes a month to complete. Only individuals that complete the process are considered for addition to California Psychics.

According to the site, only two out of every 100 applicants make it through the screening process.

Past Client Reviews

To ensure consumers’ trust in the site’s advisors, reviews, both positive and negative, are visible on the psychic’s profile page. Being able to read unbiased reviews gives new clients assurance in the trustworthiness and accuracy of the psychic they choose.

Money-Back Guarantee

There is a full money-back guarantee if a client isn’t happy with their California Psychics reading, but there are terms and conditions. The complaint must be filed with the site’s customer service department within 24 hours. According to the terms and conditions, clients can only request a refund once.

California Psychics does have over twenty years of experience, and their strict screening process indicates that the site’s readings are trustworthy. It’s also easy to get in contact with their customer service office. And there are several international and local numbers provided.

California Psychics Pricing

There are three options to choose from when a client first signs up for California Psychics, popular, preferred, and premium. These three tiers also determine the pricing, with premium the most expensive.

Clients are automatically enrolled in the premium package during the sign-up process but can change their preferences at the end. Customers do have to purchase the premium package for the first 20-minute reading.

Readings are charged per minute and are rounded up to the next full one. However, chat readings are charged per message instead of a minute.

Unique Features of California Psychic Readings

California Psychics has several unique features that similar sites do not have. One is their Karma Rewards program that gives points to clients every time they purchase a reading. The accumulated points are used for free reading. Other program benefits include a free birth natal chart, along with gifts on birthdays and anniversaries.

The site also features a blog with plenty of useful content. Clients can learn more about various subjects like astrology, zodiac signs, love, relationships, and more. 

California Psychic Review: The Bottom Line

California Psychic has years of experience and a strict screening process that shows the site values its customers. They have a variety of psychics at levels to fit all budgets, and the unbiased reviews policy gives clients a clear look at the person they’re hiring. There’s also the site’s unique readings and features. The only downside is the one-time money-back guarantee.

Find out more about pricing and deals

California Psychics FAQ

Q: What Should I Ask A Psychic? 

A: Knowing what’s a good question to ask a psychic can be tricky. Depending on your situation, you might have several concerns regarding love, life, family, and so on. If you’re unsure how to start, consider asking broader questions at first that don’t focus on anything too specific, for instance, “Can you offer guidance about my future?” 

You could also look for sites that offer 1 free psychic question via email

Q: Are there alternative psychic sites to California Psychics? 

A: Yes. There are plenty of other popular sites that you can try out, including Keen, Mystic Sense, Psychic Oz, and more. Follow the links to read reviews for each of these sites: Keen Psychic Reviews, Mystic Sense Reviewed, Psychic Oz Review. You could also have a look at the best online psychics here. 

Q: Does California Psychics also offer rune stone readings?

A: Yes. There are plenty of experienced psychics available that specialize in different fields, including rune stone reading. Runestones are divination tools with symbols from an ancient language that predates Latin. Knowing how to read runestones is not as easy as it may sound. It’s best to rely on a professional Rune Psychic to guarantee an accurate reading.


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