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good morning, friends! i love a good candle this time of year. they make my home smell so good and feel so very cozy. i’ve really been into cinnamon this year {remember my framed pine cones?}. so here’s another nod to my cinnamon craze this winter…

candle craft

super easy + inexpensive. awesome.

How To Make a Cinnamon Stick Candle

diy candle
1. supplies: large pillar candle {mine is 9″ tall}, bundle of large cinnamon sticks- approx. 8″ long {from the craft store}, burlap, jute twine, faux berries or other embellishments, scissors, and a hot glue gun.

2. put a small dab of hot glue on a cinnamon stick and place on the candle. {the hot glue is NOT a permanent adhesive, its just going to hold the cinnamon stick to the candle temporarily so that you can embellish it. once the candle is burning, the hot glue will melt.} *recommend using a high temp hot glue gun for this project. but handle with care! you may need your finger prints someday. haha*

3. hot glue the cinnamon sticks to the candle. they will vary in height and width.

4. 1 package of cinnamon sticks went around my 4″ diameter candle, but depending on your cinnamon sticks and your candle’s diameter, you may need a second bundle.

5. cut a strip of burlap {tip on how to cut burlap straight is below} to 1.5″ wide by 18″ long {adjust as needed for the diameter of your candle + cinnamon sticks} and hot glue the burlap in place so that it holds cinnamon sticks together tightly.

How to Cut Burlap Straight

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cut burlap straight

to cut burlap straight, pull one strand of burlap all the way out. this will create a line straight across for you to cut along. this gives you a nice straight line and helps prevent some of the shedding that burlap is so famous for. {not all of it, but some of it 🙂 click here for more Burlap Tips and tricks.

have fun embellishing your candle. add some fun colors or keep it simple. either way, makes a great looking candle! these make lovely gifts that smell amazing 🙂

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getting excited to start our Christmas Advent calendar!

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