Craftaholics Anonymous® | 18 Ribbon and Fabric Storage Ideas

Happy Friday! Need some ideas to store all your Ribbon and Fabric? Here are 18 great ideas from crafters like you on how to store your ribbon and fabric collections! This is a round up of your suggestions on the Craftaholics Anonymous Facebook page. If you have a craft question, post it on Craftaholics Anonymous FB page and the great community on there is more than happy to offer help, advice, and great tips! I love it!! I have learned so much from your answers. You guys are amazing!

Ribbon and Fabric Storage

ribbon and fabric

I recently got a question from Susan about the best ways to organize and store ribbon and fabric – such a great question! Fabric and ribbon can get out hand quickly and having a fun way to store and organize them means you can always see what you have for your projects and it can add some fun and color to your craft room!

Ways to Organize & Store Ribbon and Fabric

1. “Ribbon – Use old CD holders. The kind that have the insert that sticks up. Fabric – Store in a filing cabinet. You can even use wide folders to hold smaller amounts.” – Lisa F.

image from Craftaholics Anonymous Craft Room

2. “Empty tic tack boxes for ribbon and I store my scrap fabrics in a dollar store laundry bin. You could organize different color fabrics in shoe boxes or small clear bins by color or whether it has a pattern.” – Emily B.
3. “I have seen several ribbon organizing methods on Pinterest. A cafe curtain rod(s) on your wall would work great.” – Jodi D.
4. “I have a pin for a ribbon frame…cute and effective. I’ve also seen people use dowels through a little storage box.” – Stacy P.
5. “One way is to hang fabric from pant hangers if you have closet space.” – Kelly A.
6. “Check out the ribbon ring!” – Pepper H.

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the ribbon ring

image from The Ribbon Ring
7. “I use the pant hangers to store my ribbon. Also a paper towel holder works well too!” – Kevin A.
8. “I have all my fabric sorted by type (cottons, fleece, knit, heavy weight) then I have them all folded neatly and on clear rubbermaid tubs. My ribbon is kept on the spools I buy them on or neatly rolled and rubberbanded. I keep all my ribbon in a 4 drawer plastic container under my craft table. The shallow drawers hold the small pieces where the deep drawers hold the rolls.” – Tamara C.
9. “I saw a blog where someone wrapped each fabric around cardboard or foam board and stood them up on a shelf. Like at the fabric store, but at a much smaller scale.” – Aimee W.
{That was Smashed Peas & Carrots – thanks Danni S. for letting me know!}

fabric storage

image from Smashed Peas and Carrots

10. “I have a very wide, 2 drawer cabinet that i store my fabric in. I just cut up old boxes and used slats of them to wrap the fabric around to store. For my larger rolled ribbon, i have 3 units of those shelves you would put in your pantry nailed to the wall. For my rolls of 1.5″ ribbon, i have plastic paint tins (like a gutter) hanging on the walls with shelf brackets. Also, the expedia shelving from ikea is wonderful! I have all of my 100 yd ribbon in bins that fit into the cubbies of the system” – Jamie B.
11. “I had a open space on my wall in my craft room and hung up 5 curtain rods and slid on the ribbon spools. Keeps them handy and makes it easy to dispense. I have plastic storage boxes labeled by colors. I also have a hand towel rack on the wall to fold my current project material so I don’t get it wrinkled or lost.” – Katie B.

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ideas for storing fabric

image from Craftaholics Anonymous Craft Room

12. “I store my longer ribbons on a hanger. Fold it in half and do a loose loop to hold it in place. It works for me because I can see what I have at a glance. Just cut it off as you need it.” – Melissa L.
13. “This is how I store my ribbon. I am still working out the fabric. Right now it is in rubbermaid tubs which doesn’t work that well to know what you have.” – Laura S.

ribbon storage

image from Laura’s Crafty Life
14. “Here is my new way to store my ribbon!” – Rebekah H. {see below}

ribbon organization

image from Rebekah Dawn Designs
15. “I personally use the photo boxes from Michaels. They’re always on sale and you can fit a good amount of ribbon in them and label the outside by theme, color, or width. With having over 200 rolls of ribbon, I find this is the easiest and nicest looking way to do it. Then when you need just one width, take that box with you.” – Ashlee H.
16. “I store my ribbon that are on spools in a fish line box–pull the plugs and stick the ribbon through–they work great–and you can get them from Walmart – Fish Line Box is what I think they are called.” – Barbie H.
17. “I’ve seen white rubbermaid-like baskets with larger holes in the sides used for ribbon storage. Stackable, and you can use the holes as dispensers.” – Stacey G.
18. “my friend uses half a drin pipe (so it is like a curved shelf) with the ends of the ribbon hanging over.”

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*You can find the complete thread of responses on CA’s Facebook page here. Come join the active crafting community on Facebook!

Looking for even more fabric storage ideas? Read my other post with lots of pictures here!

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