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Sewing is one of my absolute favorite types of crafting. Although I will admit, I don’t do it nearly as often as I’d like. But there is one thing that I love to sew more than others and that is anything for my kiddos! I love to sew shorts, skirts, lovies, shirts, etc. for them. But I’ve never been able to put the size on the items I’ve sewn. Which is a bit of a problem when they become hand-me-downs and I have to guess which size it was when I sewed it.  So for this month’s Canon post, I decided to try my hand at making my own DIY Fabric Labels!

DIY Fabric Labels

DIY Fabric Labels tutorial

And of course, I couldn’t just make plain size labels…. I had to add in a little reminder of how much I love my kiddos! So I made a bunch of DIY Fabric Labels with, “Made with love by Mommy” on them AND the size.

DIY little girl skirt tutorial

Over the weekend I whipped up this darling little skirt with paper bag waist and lace trim detail for my little girl. It made me so happy to put my own fabric label on it! This skirt is very similar to this pom pom skirt I made last Christmas, except I used lace instead of pom pom trim.

Another added bonus to putting labels in your handmade clothing is it makes it easy for your child to know which side is the back. ha!

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DIY Fabric Labels tutorial

Here are the super simple handmade fabric labels I made with my PIXMA iP8720 Printer.

How to Make Fabric Labels Tutorial


  • White Cotton Fabric
  • Freezer paper
  • Printer {I used my PIXMA iP8720 Printer}
  • Scissors
  • White Vinegar
  • Cookie Sheet or flat dish
  • Iron


  1. Cut your white fabric to 8.5×11 and a piece of Freezer paper to 8.5×11. Place the Freezer paper on your ironing board with paper side down. Then place your white fabric on top of the freezer paper. The shiny side of the freezer paper will be against the fabric.


2. Use your iron on Cotton setting to press the fabric to the freezer paper. It takes only a couple seconds of the heat for the freezer paper to stick to the fabric. Trim off any excess or loose threads.

How to print DIY fabric labels tutorial

3. On your computer, design what you would like your label to say/look like.  I used photoshop for this, but you could very easily use Word or another program you’re comfortable designing in. Then to print, try to flatten your fabric/freezer paper combo as much as possible and feed through your printer like you normally would. (The PIXMA iP8720 is ideal for this because it has a paper feed tray in the back.) 

***IMPORTANT NOTE: ONLY USE BLACK COLORED INK. Using other colors may bleed.

*Side Note: I did not allow much of a margin on the sides of my label design and there were a couple issues with it not printing all the way to the edge. {see below} So when you make your label design, give yourself plenty of margins around the design to allow for printer error. Next time, instead of 4 columns, I would do 3 columns.

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How to make fabric labels tutorial DIY

4. Peel your fabric labels off the freezer paper. It comes off easily!


5. Pour vinegar into a cookie sheet and place your fabric labels in it to soak for 1-2 minutes. This helps set the ink. Allow your fabric labels to dry thoroughly. I threw mine in the dryer because I was impatient, but you can lay them flat to dry as well.

How to make fabric labels tutorial

6. With your iron on Cotton setting again, heat set your labels. Go over each section for a few seconds to make sure the ink heats up nicely. This will help prevent fading when washed.

DIY Clothing Labels tutorial with a printer

7. Then cut out each individual fabric label and sew them onto your handmade clothing! Or whatever you sewed! You can make fabric clothing labels to say anything you want 🙂

I hope this tutorial helps! DIY Fabric Labels are easy to make and add a personalized touch.

Make your own DIY Fabric Labels with your printer!

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Canon. All opinions are my own.

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