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How to make DIY Plate Hangers using household items like safety pins. Brilliant!

DIY Plate Hangers

I LOVE plate walls! I love seeing a collection of pretty plates hung gallery style on about any wall. I think its just stunning. Plus, it can be a cheap way to decorate your walls…except when it comes to plate hangers. Those little buggers are expensive! They can run you upwards of $5 a piece! That’s crazy business! Because you can make your own for almost FREE! Years ago, I happened upon this article and I decided to try it out. The gal super glued paper clips to the back of her plates to create plate hooks. I wasn’t so sure if it would work, so I added an extra step, which I’ll tell you about in a minute when I did my plate wall.

I used this technique 3 years ago for my milk glass plate wall. {want to design your own Plate Wall? Here’s a super helpful post with tips!} I was very happy with how my DIY plate hangers held up. I had no issues at all! They all held up well. So when we moved to our new house and I decided to add more plates to my plate wall, I used this same technique to make more plate hangers.

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Turn safety pins into Plate Hangers!

How to Make Your own Plate Hangers using Household items

DIY Plate hangers Supplies:

  • plates {see note below}
  • safety pins or paper clips
  • E6000 {I’ve tried other adhesives, but this one works the best.}
  • Fine grit sandpaper {I used 100 grit}

diy-plate-hangers-2 1. Turn your plate over and lightly sand a small circle where you want to put the plate hanger on the back of the plate. *This is the step that I added. I think it helps the glue adhere better to the plate. But you may not need to do this.

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apply super glue to plate. She recommends which type works best. 2. Apply E6000 on the small circle you sanded in Step 1.plates hangers DIY 3. Place the top of the safety pin in the to hang plates. Make your own plate hanger! 4. Then apply more E6000 on top of the safety pin so that it is covered. Allow to dry for 24-48 hours, depending on packaging instructions and your climate.

How to make DIY Plate Hangers using household items.5. Then hang on a nail! See this post for tips on designing your own plate wall!  diy-plate-hangers-paperclip

Instead of using safety pins, you can also use paper clips or even soda can tabs.


  • Yes, I do collect vintage milk glass plates. I find most of them at thrift stores or antique stores.
  • I have plates that have hung with these DIY plate hangers for 3+ years without any problems. They are in fact, still hanging in my dining room.
  • I do NOT know of a way to remove these plate hangers! So please keep that in mind.
  • Do NOT use this technique on highly valuable plates, heirlooms, or plates that you plan to use regularly. See previous answer.

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