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My little girl LOVES unicorns! I knew I had to make her a DIY Unicorn Costume for Halloween this year. And she absolutely loves it!

DIY Unicorn Costume for Halloween. Kids will love how comfy and warm it is! Love the thick mane and tail.

Handmade Unicorn Costume

This was actually a really easy costume to put together. And I love that its warm and comfortable. That can be hard sometimes when it comes to handmade Halloween costumes!

I wanted her unicorn costume to be cute, girly, whimsical, and colorful. She loves pink and purple, so she went nuts over the mane and tail!

DIY Unicorn Costume for Kids :: Easy handmade Halloween costume that is comfy, warm, and cute!

Yes, I bribed her with licorice during this photo shoot. As you can see, candy always makes my subjects a lot happier on and off film! haha!

Kids Unicorn Costume for Halloween

Ok, I LOVE this picture! She kept looking up at her horn and grabbing at it. She’d go all crossed eyed to take a peek at it. It was hilarious!

I made the mane and tail super thick and chunky and it totally made the costume awesome! It made a nice contrast to the gold on the horn.

DIY Unicorn Costume Tutorial


  • white hoodie {I used this one.}
  • white leggings {I used these leggings.}
  • hot glue gun
  • light pink yarn
  • hot pink yarn
  • purple yarn
  • white felt
  • light pink felt
  • pink felt
  • purple felt
  • gold tape {I used this gold tape.}
  • scissors
  • packing paper

DIY Unicorn Halloween Costume Tutorial :: Super easy way to make a handmade unicorn horn

  1. To make the unicorn horn, take 3-4 sheets of packing paper, fold into quarters and roll into a narrow cone shape.
  2. Wrap white felt around the paper and glue in place. Trim off excess felt with scissors.
  3. Cut the horn so that it measures about 8.5″ long.
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DIY Unicorn horn tutorial

4. Starting at the top, wrap gold tape around the horn. I secured the tape with a little hot glue at the beginning and end.

Felt ear

5. Cut 2 white ovals and 2 slightly smaller pink ovals for the ears. Glue the pink and white layers together and then pinch one pointy end together and glue in the pinch to create a 3D ear. {see below}

DIY unicorn costume for toddlers and kids

6. Hot the ears and the unicorn horn to the top of the white hoodie.

7. Make 5 small felt flowers and hot glue around the horn. {There are lots of felt flower tutorials on Pinterest.}

8. Use the light pink, hot pink, and purple yarn to create a mane and tail. Hot glue in place.

9. Cut a large pink oval measuring about 8″ for the belly and hot glue in place.

UPDATED: 10. For the main, I wrapped the 3 colors of yarn around my hand 10 times to create loops of yarn. I tied a small piece of yarn around one side of the loop to hold in place and cut the other side. {similar to making yarn pom poms} Then I attached the yarn tassel to the seam of the hood where the yarn bundle is held in place with the small piece of yarn tied around the bundle. I repeated this until I had a nice full main all the way down the hood.

11. For the tail, I wrapped the 3 colors of yarn around my arm until it I felt it would make a nice, thick tail. Then like the main, I tied a small piece of yarn around one side of the loop to hold the strands in place. Then I cut the other side of the loop, similar to what you do when making a yarn pom pom. Then I hot glue the tail {which is held together with the small piece of yarn} to the back center of the white leggings.

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Then let your little have some fun pretending to be a unicorn! If your kids are like mine, we never put Halloween costumes away. They are worn and played in year round!

Halloween Unicorn costume for kids DIY tutorial

One of my favoritest Halloween costumes I’ve made! If you have a little girl, you need to make her this easy DIY Unicorn costume! She’ll love it!

Unicorn Costume DIY Tutorial :: Such a cute handmade Halloween costume idea for kids!

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