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I think we can official say that we are the last ones to start school this year…..The boys just started Preschool yesterday! Some kids have been in school for about a month now. But not us! We’re doing a co-op preschool again this year with some other moms from church. So we set out own schedule. Its kinda nice that way!

We usually buy cheap clothes for our kids {think the store with the bulls eye!}. Especially for the boys. They are so hard on clothes! So I try to find small ways to personalize or refashion their clothes to make them more stylish/cool. Plus it makes them feel special when mommy “makes them something”. My boys LOVE pockets! {check out my pocket shorts tutorial} So I decided to add some funky and really easy pockets to some of their t-shirts.

Pocket T-shirt

 He LOVES this shirt! He thinks the zig zags on the pocket are so cool. It was fun seeing him so excited about a shirt I altered. Now if he only knew how stinkin easy it was to add that pocket!

pocket t-shirt tutorial #sewing

This is a great boy craft! Plus its a great way to cover up a stain…because if your kids are anything like mine, they stain their clothes all.the.time!

how to make a pocket t-shirt

How to Add a Pocket to a T-shirt 

DIY pocket t-shirt

You only need a t-shirt and a small piece of fabric. {and scissor, thread, pins, and sewing machine. ha!} This is a great way to use fabric scraps! pocket-tshirt2

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1. For the pocket, cut a piece of fabric to 4″ x 8.5″. I used 100% cotton fabric.

How to Sew a Pocket

How to sew a pocket

2. Fold in half with right sides together {you can iron in half if you’d like, but its not required}. Then sew with a 1/2″ inseam around the 3 sides, excluding the side with the fold, and leave an opening {about 2″} on the side opposite of the fold {see picture above}. Snip corners. how to make a pocket

3. Turn the pocket right side out using the opening at the bottom. Push the corners out with a wooden dowel or your to add a pocket

4. Pin the pocket onto the shirt with the opening at the bottom. Then top stitch around the 3 sides, as shown above. {make sure you only sew the pocket to the front of the shirt and not the back!} This will close the opening and create a nice finished pocket.

This is a great sewing technic that can be used on pants, shorts, skirts, or nursing covers.

pocket t-shirt tutorialI love simple easy ways to personalize my kids’ clothing. It makes them feel special and it makes their cheap clothes look cooler!

How do you personalize clothes? 

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