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How to Make a Rosette

Come learn to make one of the hottest crafts…. How to make a Rosette!

Hey hey! I have a fun little tutorial for you today to make your hump day a little brighter! This tutorial on How to make a Rosette was a bit long in the making….. several of you were asking for this tutorial after I posted my Rosette Memo Board.  With my crazy summer going on right now, I just barely edited my pictures last night. Definitely worth the wait!!

how to make rosetteI know you’ve seen these adorable little fabric rosettes eVerYwheRe.  I know I can’t get enough of ’em and it sounds like you can’t either! lol There are probably a jillion different ways to make these, but here is how I made mine for my memo board. Fabric Rosettes are perfect for bobby pins, rings, necklaces, hair clips, pins, frames, belts, etc.

Are you ready to learn…. how to make a rosette?

How to Make Fabric Rosettes


  • 3″ x 22″ strip of fabric {this will make a 2″ diameter rosette}
  • approx 2″ circle of scrap fabric or felt
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors

how to make a fabric rosette1. fold your fabric in half so that it measures 1.5″ x 22″. tie a knot in one end.

*Don’t pull tight. Leave it kind of loose.

fabric flower tutorial2. Tuck under the short ends of the knot.

make fabric rosettes3. Take your fabric next to the knot and twist it up and over the knot.I twist from the bottom up.

fabric rosette4. Twist the fabric around the knot to create petals. *TIPS: Always twist in the same direction that you started with!

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make fabric rosette5. Continue twisting the fabric around to make a rosette.

*TIP: If using 1 sided fabric, make sure to keep your fabric folded in half prior to twisting to hide the wrong side of the fabric.

make a rosette6. When your rosette reaches the desired size, snip off the remaining fabric.

*TIP: For a larger rosette, use a longer piece of fabric. ex: 3″x28″

rosette7. Twist and tuck under the end of the fabric. Hot glue in place. {sorry for the blurry pic!}

8. Hot glue your fabric or felt circle on the back of the rosette. Be sure to cover the ends of the fabric! Trim your circle if needed so that it doesn’t show when looking at the right side of the rosette.

how to make fabric rosettes9. You’re done! Simply attach your rosette to a pin, hair clip, frame, or whatever you want to adorn! You can also add rhinestones, button, pearls, etc to the center of the rosettes for a different look.

make rosettesWhat do you like to add fabric rosettes to?

happy crafting,


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