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Happy Fall! I am seriously in love with my new fall wreath! Its a simple monogram wreath that looks amazing on my front door! The fall tones, polkadots, and burlap are to die for. Bring on Autumn!!

Monogram Fall Wreath

fall wreath

monogram fall wreath
Fall is one season that I think every front door needs a wreath for. I don’t know why, but its a wreath season to me! What do you think? This fall monogram wreath screams fall to me and I am loving it! I am so ready for fall and this wreath just makes me happy. This wreath was inspired by this wreath on Pinterest.monogram wreath

{See my past fall wreaths here and here.}

How to make a Monogram Wreath


  • natural wreath form
  • 10″ wood letter
  • twine
  • craft paint: burnt orange and metallic gold
  • 6″ wide burlap ribbon {I used about 2 yards}
  • 5 stems of fall flowers
  • 2 stems of fall berries
  • 1″ round pouncer
  • paint brush
  • hot glue

polka dot monogram

1. Paint the wood letter with the dark orange paint. {I did 3 coats}. Allow to dry thoroughly. {I used a hair dryer to speed up the process in this humid VA climate!}

2. Use the round pouncer and gold paint to create the polkadots. Allow to dry thoroughly.

3.  Attach the letter to the wreath using the twine and hot glue.

burlap bow4. Using the burlap ribbon, make a bow. Here’s a tip on how to cut the ends of the burlap bow straight:

How to Cut Burlap Straight

how to cut burlap straight

Snip the edge of the burlap and pull one single strand of burlap out. Then using scissors, cut along the line where the strand was removed and you will get a completely straight line! This will also help the burlap from shedding as much. {you might remember this from here}

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5. After you trim off the ends of the burlap bow, its a good idea to sew across the burlap ends with a straight stitch on your sewing machine to keep the ends from fraying over time. {optional, but recommended}

6. Hot glue the burlap bow across the wreath from the monogram.

fall silk flowers7. If your silk flowers are upright, bend them over slightly {as shown above} so that when you lay them on the wreath, the flower will show.

8. Arrange the silk flowers and berry stems around the burlap bow and hot glue in place.  I put the berries on each end of the flowers to soften the look. I liked how my silk flowers had green leaves so I tried to make them show in a few places to add more color and depth to the wreath.

monogram wreathI used wire to attach the wreath to the nail in my front door. And I absolutely adore this pretty monogram fall wreath! If you enjoyed this wreath tutorial, please pin it on Pinterest or share it with your fiends!

Do you have a fall wreath? Are you going to craft a fall wreath this year?

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