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 We all know how *fun* it is to travel with babies and toddlers {ok, all kids!} but Christen from the Creative Team is here to make your travels just a little easier. She’s sharing an awesome tutorial on how to make a roll-up changing pad. This travel changing pad would have saved my life that time we got stuck at the DMV and the bathroom did not have a changing table. Oh and I didn’t have any wipes. {long, but very funny story!} Honestly, these roll-up changing pads are handy any time you leave the house! Enjoy! -Linda

I just love making items for friends with babies! I got the idea for this roll-up travel changing pad after a new mom friend of mine mentioned that she wished the changing pad in her baby bag could roll-up to hold dirty clothes, etc. when rolled-up and be 100% washable vs. only wipeable. This changing pad goes together quickly (one hour only!) and the metal snap detail makes it look super fancy.

Roll-up Baby Changing Pad


Roll-up Changing Pad Tutorial



  • 1/2 yd Main Fabric1/2 yd Flannel Fabric For Backing – can also use minky
  • 18″ x 26″ piece of backing
  • Heavy Duty Snap Kit – If you already have the kit, you only need one 5/8″ snap
  • Hammer

Cutting Instructions

  • Cut 1- 18in x 26in piece from the main fabric
  • Cut 1- 18in x 4in strip for the strap from the main fabric
  • Cut 1- 18in x 26in piece from the flannel for the back

Make the Strap

Take your 18″ x 4″ fabric strip and lay it right side down on your ironing board. Fold in each side towards the center, and press.

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Now, fold the strip in half and press – your folded strip will be 18″ x 1.”


Top stitch down both sides of the strip to secure using a 1/4″ seam allowance.


Attaching the Strip

Place your piece of batting flat onto your work surface. Place your main fabric on top with right side facing up. Center one short end of the strip flush against the edge of on one of the 18″ sides and pin in place.

Pin Strap In Place

Next, place the flannel backing fabric right side down on top of your main fabric with the strap pinned in place. Pin to hold all three layers together. On the opposite 18″ side (the one that doesn’t have the strip pinned), place pins 5″ in from each end to leave an 8″ opening when sewing around all sides for turning.

Pin Backing In Place


Sew around all sides of the changing pad using a 1/2″ seam allowance, making sure to catch the strap in your seam allowance. Also, don’t forget to leave your 8″ opening on the one end.

Clip your corners making sure not to get too close to the stitching. Turn the changing pad right side out and push out the corners. Press the changing pad flat, taking care with all side seams. On the end with the opening, fold in the top and bottom fabrics to create a finished edge and press. Pin closed.

Turn and Iron Opening

Top stitch around all 4 sides using a 1/4″ seam allowance, making sure to close your opening by catching it in your seam allowance of your top stitching.

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Sew Around Top Stitch

Place the changing pad flat onto your work surface. Measure and divide the changing pad into thirds (approximately 8″ in from each end), and use two pins to mark.

Divide in thirds

Then, sew two straight lines across to hold all three layers together.

Sew Straight Lines
Add The Snap

Both pieces of the snap go on the strap – the piece on the end will snap to the end of the strap closest to the changing pad. To mark where the two pieces for your snap will go, first roll up your changing pad. Wrap the strap around to find the location of where you’ll want the snaps to meet. You’ll notice that your strap is longer than needed. Cut off approximately 3-4″.

adjust the strap

Next, you’ll want to finish the unfinished end of the strap that is not sewn into the changing pad. Fold over the edge 1/2″ and then fold the 1/2″ under 1″ and sew down on both ends of the 1″ finished end.

Finish Strap

Using a sharpie marker or pen, place a small dot in the center of your finished end on the top side and another on the top side of the strap 1″ from where it is sewn into the changing pad. Using sharp scissors (I used my embroidery scissors), cut/poke a hole through the fabric where you marked the dot.

Then, gather your supplies to attach the snap. I used a 5/8″ heavy duty snap in silver. I already had the snap kit (which is the black circle and silver piece shown). Find a sturdy work surface to attach the snap. I personally use the floor in my kitchen.

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Add Snaps

There are instructions on the back of the snap kit, which are best to follow for how the pieces go together for the snap. One thing to note is that its sometimes difficult to get the snap through the hole, so just slowly keep adjusting and cutting threads away from the center of the hole. You want a snug fit with the fabric, so a little at a time is best.

Another tip is to start with the top snap first, and then prior to attaching the bottom part of the snap, that you wrap the strap around in the correct way to be sure that you don’t put it on backwards (trust me – I know from experience!).

finish snaps

The above photo shows how the top snap looks once attached (after you hammer the HECK out of it!).

Snap Detail

Once the snaps are attached – you’re done!


Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy Sewing!


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