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The Only Fully Automated Online Sourcing Solution For Amazon Sellers

Cyber Monkey Deals Makes You Money

Thousands of products are scanned, compared to Amazon, and analyzed for profitability. Exact FBA fees are calculated to determine net profit, ROI and margin. The only products you’ll ever see on Cyber Monkey Deals are profitable products. Product categories include: Toys, Home & Kitchen, Sporting Goods, Grocery, Health & Beauty, and more.

Cyber Monkey Deals Saves You Time

The online arbitrage job is done for you. Cyber Monkey Deals is continuously scanning products to find the profitable products for you. Quickly and efficiently research products on Amazon, Ebay, Google, CamelCamelCamel, and Keepa with one click.

Scanalyze for Profit

For analyzing and evaluating individual products for Amazon, Scanalyze is the ultimate online arbitrage tool.
Simply enter an Amazon ASIN and Scanalyze instantly calculates all fees, net profit, ROI and margin. See all the relevant data needed to help you make smart buying decisions.

Have a spreadsheet of hundreds or thousands of products to analyze? Simply upload your file and ScanSheet will analyze them all for profit. All your products are re-scanned every day so that you always have up-to-date results. View and filter your results online, or export them for further analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cyber Monkey Deals locate all of these product finds every day?

Cyber Monkey Deals is a fully automated online sourcing service that scans retail store websites to compare retail store pricing on thousands of products per day to Amazon retail prices.

How often do they update product finds?

Every day! We don’t even take the weekends off!

How will I receive my latest product finds?

The product finds are added to your account every day. All you need to do to access them is log in with your email address and password.

At what time can I expect to receive my daily finds?

All product finds are available by 9am PST (noon EST).

In which categories are the products listed on Amazon?

The products come from several different Amazon ungated categories including toys, kitchen items, sporting goods, home improvement, etc… Some of the products are in gated categories, including groceries and health and beauty.

Can you use Cyber Monkey Deals for retail arbitrage too?

Yes. Many of the online retail stores where the products are listed allow you to check nearby brick & mortar stores to see if they have any of that product in inventory.

How do I subscribe to this amazing online sourcing service?

It is a 2 step process:

  1. Go to our subscribe page and select a subscription model that suits your business needs and budget. Then create an account – all we need is your name, email, and a password.

  2. After you create your account you will automatically return to the subscription page to select your desired subscription plan. Click on the corresponding PayPal button and your account will be charged every 30 days after your 7 day free trial.

How does the 7 day free trial work?

After you submit your PayPal information you will not be charged for 7 days. You can use this time to try out Cyber Monkey Deals to determine if it fits your needs. On the 7th day after you sign up you will be charged for the first month and every month thereafter on the same date. If you decide that Cyber Monkey Deals does not fit your needs then simply cancel your subscription in PayPal.

Can I subscribe to multiple plans for more daily product finds?

Yes, you can select 2 subscription plans for a maximum of 35 product finds per day. However, please note that there may be a couple of duplicate product finds uploaded to your account if you select 2 subscriptions.

Can I change subscription plans at any time?

Yes. Simply cancel your current subscription and then subscribe to another one on the subscription page

Sometimes the retail price of my product find does not match what is on the store website or Amazon. Why is that?

There are a variety of factors that can contribute to price changes: deals can expire quickly, the store sale ended, product sells out, etc… Because the product finds are randomly assigned you may receive a product that was scanned 2 days ago and the price may have fluctuated since that time.

How long do product finds stay in my queue?

You will have access to your product finds as long as your account is active. The product finds that are listed go back 6 months. Beyond that you will need to search by title or store. If you have a particular product find that you want to revisit later then we recommend using the “Favorite” button.

The 10 PLUS DEALS list is not currently available. Can I be put on the waiting list?

Yes, we can add you to this waiting list if you emai your name to with the subject line: “Add me to the list”. However, we highly recommend that you try out 25 product finds/day subscription first. Even though the qualifications are under 250k rank and over 35% ROI, several of the product finds are still within the 100k rank and over 50% ROI. Plus, it’s a great way to check out the service!

How can I report products that do not match the Amazon listing?

Use the Flag button to report mismatched products, or email us at with the title of the products.

Is there a way to create a list of my favorite product finds?

Absolutely! Use the “Favorite” button on the bottom right of every product listing and it will save it in your Favorites list. To access your Favorites list simply click on the Products drop down menu on the home page and click Favorites.

Are there any discounts available to Scanner Monkey members?

Members of the Scanner Monkey tribe receive $60/year discount to both the 25 DEALS and 10PLUS DEALS. To receive your Scanner Monkey discount you must log in to the Member Exclusive Discounts page on the Scanner Monkey website. This offer is only available to Scanner Monkey members. If you are not a member and wish to join go to to learn how.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please login to your account and use the Unsubscribe button on the My Subscriptions page. Your subscription will remain active until your next billing day. Once your subscription is cancelled, you will no longer have access to that product list.


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