DIY Paper Flower Letter with 5 FREE Floral Patterns!



First, download my free Paper Flower Letter SVG/DXF/PDF, Design #303, from my free resource library. If you’re going to cut it on your cutting machine, upload the file to your design software. This is what my Paper Flower Letter SVG file looks like in Cricut Design Space.

Paper Flower Letter SVG as seen in Design Space

TIP: If you are not sure how to upload an SVG cut file to Cricut Design Space, watch this helpful video training series I made. If you are on an iPad or iPhone, here is how to download and upload SVG files to the Cricut Design Space app.


The first thing you will want to do is to ungroup the Paper Flower Letter design file.

Paper Flower Letter SVG in Cricut Design Space

I have moved the groups of flowers apart and labeled them in the screenshot to better show each group and indicate how many pieces make up each flower.

As you can see, my design contains a pattern for 5 different flowers, from left to right, a Rolled Paper Rose, a Layered Dahlia, Layered Carnation, Layered Mum, and a Layered Rose. Each flower design makes 1 paper flower. So for example, the yellow star-shaped flower (Dahlia) has 10 pieces total: 3 center pieces, 3 medium petals, and 4 larger petals, which when assembled, make one paper Dahlia flower.

Design Space Canvas with five different flowers including rolled rose, dahlia, carnations, mum and layered rose

It’s totally up to you how many paper flowers and what types of flowers you use to decorate your wooden initial. I used approximately 58 flowers total (4 Dahlias, 3 Mums, 5 Layered Roses, 3 Layered Carnations, and 43 Rolled Roses) and they were all kept the same size as they were in the Paper Flower Letter SVG file.

If you want to change the flower sizes, make sure to keep all the elements of that flower grouped together so everything gets resized together. With the flower selected, simply click, hold and drag on the bottom right-hand side of the bounding box where you see the two arrows. You can make it bigger or smaller by dragging up or down.

arrow pointing to resize handle in the Cricut Design Space for Paper flower letter

arrow pointing to arrows where you click hold and drag to resize paper flower letter

Once you have made a decision on what paper flowers you want to cut, you will want to hide or delete any you do not need.

To hide a layer, select the layer and click on the eye icon in the “Layers” panel.

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arrow and text explaining how to hide a layer in cricut design space paper flower letter project

It will be removed from the canvas and the eye icon will be crossed out. Simply click again if you want it back.

shows hidden layer in cricut design space paper flower letter project

To delete a layer, select the layer and simply click “Delete” at the top of the “Layers” panel and that layer will be removed.

how to delete a layer in cricut design space paper flower letter project

Since you are going to want more than one of each flower you will need to make copies of them or “Duplicate” them. You can do this by selecting the flower and clicking on the “Duplicate” button at the top of the “Layers” panel. You can duplicate each flower as many times as you like. Again I used a total of 58 paper flowers on my Paper Flower Letter to give you an idea of how many you may want. You don’t have to cut out different numbers of paper flowers like I did. If you’d rather cut the same number of each flower, let me show you how!

arrow pointing to duplicate button in cricut design space paper flower letter project

Click “Make It.”

arrow pointing to make it button in cricut design space paper flower letter project

On the next screen, you can duplicate your entire project. So say you want five of each flower, you’d click on the arrow pointing up 5 times and click “Apply.” Now the machine will know to make 5 copies of your project. Next, click the green “Continue” button in the lower right-hand corner. Isn’t that cool?

arrow points to project copies and continue button in cricut design space paper flower letter project

On the next screen, you will select your material. I used 65 lb. cardstock so I chose the “Light Cardstock” setting.

choosing light cardstock in design space for paper flower letter project

I always like to select “More” for the “Pressure” setting to make sure I get clean cuts.

select more pressure in design space for paper flower letter project

Place your cardstock on a Cricut Green Standard Grip Machine Mat and load it into your machine.

loading mat into cricut machine for the paper flower letter project

Then press the other flashing button to begin your cut.

pressing start button on cricut machine for paper flower letter project

Once the cut is complete flip your Machine Mat over to remove your cardstock to keep it from curling. Use your scraper to remove any leftover paper from the mat.

peeling cardstock off mat for paper flower letter project


Now I’ll show you how to make each paper flower!

Let’s start with the Rolled Rose.

Insert the end of the flower into the slot of your quilling tool and start rolling. Use one hand to spin the quilling tool and the other to hold the cardstock in place as you roll.

Place the flower end on the quilling tool to prepare for rolling for my paper flower initial

When you reach the end, remove the flower from the quilling tool, put a dab of hot glue on the tab, and press it into the flower.

Use hot glue to glue the bottom of the rose to the flower for my paper flower letter

Once the glue has dried, curl the petals of the flower over the end of the quilling tool to give it that realistic rose shape.

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Curl the petals of the flower to shape my paper flower letter

Here is what the finished Rolled Rose will look like after petals are curled!

Here is what the finished rolled paper flower looks like when finished for my paper flower letter

Next, we’ll look at the Layered Rose and the Layered Carnation. Both are put together the same way. So I will show you the Layered Rose, and you will just repeat the same steps for the Carnation.

First, separate the flower layers according to size. There will be 3 sizes of petals for each of the flowers. There are a total of 8 petals for the Layered Rose and 10 petals for the Carnation. Take each layer of petals, stack them and pinch the petals together between your fingers to give them some shape. Do this for all three sizes of petals.

shows hands pinching petals of a layered rose paper flower letter

Once your petals are pinched, you will want to put each individual petal into the palm of your hand and press it into your hand at the base of each petal. This will curve the petals upwards.

pushing petals into palm of a paper flower letter

When you have your petals prepared, begin to layer your paper flower by gluing each petal shape into another, trying to straddle the alignment when placing them so that all the petals are not lined up. Bunch the petals together and glue the bottom. Place inside another petal. Continue this process until you have the first set of petals that are the same size all glued together.

Straddle petals to glue so that all the petals are not laying on top of each other for my paper flower letter

Follow much of the same process for the next two sets of petals that are the same size. Be sure to mold the petals upwards by pressing each petal at its base in the palm of your hand. Continue bunching the petals together and gluing them at the bottom, then placing them inside the corresponding petal of its size.

You will now form a rosebud for the middle of the flower. To do this, take one layer of the smallest sized petal and wrap each petal around the next and use a teensy bit of glue to keep it all in place.

Add a touch of glue to the center set of petals after rolling for my paper flower letter

Then squeeze it together to form a bud.

squeezing rose bud of paper flower letter

Take the bud and glue it to the bigger layer and shape the petals by rolling them back with your fingers, a pen, or the end of your quilling tool.

shaping the center of the paper flower before gluing in place for my paper flower letter

Glue it in the center and you now have a beautiful Layered Rose!

Finished layered paper flower for my paper flower letter

The Layered Mum is shaped a little differently but its assembly process is the same as the Paper Rose.

Stack about 3 or 4 of the Mum petals together and use your quilling tool or pencil to curl the petals. I found it easier to curl downwards but upwards is fine too. Just so you get some curl in those petals!

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Once petals are all curled, begin to layer the paper flower. Again, mold the petal with your fingers and the palm of your hand as you go to give it shape. Glue the layers together, again trying to stagger the petals. This is a little more difficult to do with the Mum as it has so many petals! But the end result is such a feathery flower that neither you nor anyone else will be able to tell if it was done “perfectly!” It will look so wonderful no one will care!

curling the petals of the paper flower mum for my paper flower letter

Mold the petals to the paper flower mum in the palm of your hand for my paper flower letter

Gluing mum layers for my paper flower letter

Repeat the same process with the center pieces of the mum. Then scrunch them together tightly into a bud-like shape. Push down the top of the centers a bit to curl them inwards and glue them into place.

And you have your Layered Mum all ready to go with the rest of the flowers for the Paper Flower Letter!

shape and glue the center of the mum for my layered flower letter

Using glue to adhere center to the mum for my paper flower letter

finished paper flower mum for my paper flower letter

Now to the final flower, the Dahlia!

The outside or larger petals of the Dahlia go together just like the outside layers of the Layered Rose. The center goes together like the Mum. So you can follow those steps for this flower.

Here is a picture of all the flowers in this file assembled. You will notice on the white flower there’s a bit of color on the tips. I just took a stamp pad and swiped the flower edges along the pad to get the desired coverage.

Finished assembly of flowers for my paper flower letter


Now to the fun part, putting your paper flower letter together! For this step, you will glue your flowers onto your letter into a pattern that is pleasing to you. I laid out my design first before gluing the flowers into place and I found this very helpful. Another tip, glue the larger flowers in place first, then nestle the smaller ones in between. Just pick up the glue gun and have fun with your creation!

Arrangement of paper flowers on letter for my paper flower letter

Ready to glue flowers in place on paper flower letter.


Now it’s time to show it off! These Paper Flower Letters are so fun to make and make great gifts and wall art! I would love to see what you did with the Paper Flower Letter design!

pretty paper flower letter on the wall over a side table

pretty paper flower letter next to flower bouquet

Here’s another version I made with different colors…which one is your favorite?

If you make one, please share a photo in our Facebook group, email it to me at [email protected], or tag me on social media with #jennifermaker.This is the finished paper flower letter

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