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FlexJobs Review 2021 | Is It Really Worth Paying For?


FlexJobs claims that it makes it “easier, faster, and safer to find a job that fits your life,” but how true is that? My FlexJobs review will determine if they deliver and whether or not it’s worth signing up for FlexJobs.

One of the questions I get pretty often is about how to find real work-from-home job opportunities. It’s an appealing way to work, and starting an online business that I run from home is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I have an insane amount of flexibility — heck, I can sit on my couch and work in my underwear if I want. Now, my job as a blogger isn’t your traditional type of work-from-home job, but the point is working from home has some major benefits. 

Parents can stay at home with their kids while still making money. Digital nomads can continue to travel while working online. Side hustlers can earn money outside of their normal 9-5 all from the comfort of their home.

My work-from-home job has one more huge benefit: I get to spend my day helping people find the best possible ways to make more money. I’ve made it a goal of mine to sort through the BS, so you can find the best opportunities possible, and that’s exactly why I wanted to do this FlexJobs review.

You’re going to learn what FlexJobs offers, the kind of work you can find on their platform, how much it costs, and whether or not I think it’s worth the investment.

FlexJobs Review 2021: Is It Really Worth Paying For?

What is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is an online platform for finding flexible jobs, including remote work, freelance work, and part-time positions. FlexJobs finds these positions from company websites and employment agencies, but they go through and hand screen each one before listing it on their site.

Not all of the jobs on FlexJobs are work-from-home. However the ones that aren’t 100% remote work do have some kind of flexible work option. They also remove listings once the job has been fulfilled, so you’re not wasting your time with work that isn’t there.

FlexJobs has more than job listings, including:

  • Job search checklists
  • Over 170 skills test to assess and promote your skills 
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Resume assistance
  • Member-only discounts 

How much does FlexJobs cost?

FlexJobs has four different pricing options, starting at $6.95 for one week access, but the price is discounted for one-month, three-month, and year-long memberships. The year-long membership breaks down to only $0.96/week.

FlexJobs Pricing Options

You can cancel your FlexJobs membership at any time, no questions asked. They’ll even issue a refund within 30 days of creating or renewing your subscription if you’re not happy with the service.

If you’re interested in signing up, click on the link below and start your membership. All you need to join is your name, email address, and a secure password.

You can receive 30% off your membership when you sign up through our <em>exclusive M$M FlexJobs link</em> and use the coupon code FLEXLIFE.

Join FlexJobs

Why would I pay for job listings?

Signing up and paying for a FlexJobs membership gives you access to job listings that you can find for free in other places on the internet. I’m always skeptical of paying for something that I know I can find for free, and I think you should be too. 

The listings on FlexJobs aren’t secret jobs that you can only apply for if you’re a FlexJobs member — these are listings that are shared publicly other places on the internet. You can spend your time finding these listings on company sites and other job boards. 

But I still think paying for access is worth it for some people because FlexJobs aggregates job listings for you, and they only include ones that qualify as flexible or remote work.

FlexJobs also screens each listing and reviews the company for you, which is really helpful because there are a lot of scams out there for work-from-home jobs, remote work, basically anything that’s super flexible because there’s such a big interest in that kind of work. 

Paying for FlexJobs is paying for a service, not access to job listings, and this can be a big time saver for people who are overwhelmed by the job hunting process. 

Who is FlexJobs for?

FlexJobs is specifically meant for people who want to find flexible, remote work. There are part-time and full-time listings, and some of the jobs have an in-person component, but you’ll be able to see that in the listing.

Because of the kinds of jobs listed on FlexJobs, it can be a good fit for:

  • Parents who want to bring in some extra money but want a job that allows them to work from home or have a more flexible schedule so they can be home with their kids more.
  • Freelancers who are looking for more clients.
  • Digital nomads who want a job that allows them to keep traveling full time.
  • Side hustlers who are looking for flexible work to make more money on the side of their other job.
  • Anyone who’s lost their job due to covid and wants something that will let them work from home in the future.

Honestly, anyone who’s looking for some kind of remote work and wants help with their job search can benefit from using FlexJobs. 

The kinds of jobs you can find on FlexJobs

There are jobs in over 50 career fields on FlexJobs, including accounting and finance, call center jobs, education and training, insurance jobs, internet and ecommerce, transcriptionist jobs, travel and hospitality, at home data entry jobs, and plenty more.

FlexJobs has listings for entry-level work all the way through top-level management positions for executives with years of experience.

And it’s worth noting that FlexJobs does remove listings once the job has been filled. 

I went through and searched for jobs in a few of those fields, and here are some current listings: 

Bookkeeping Jobs in FlexJobs
UI/UX design jobs in FlexJobs
Insurance jobs in FlexJobs

Data entry jobs from home

Data entry jobs from home

Each listing covers the date posted, flexibility, remote work level, where the company is based, job type, schedule, career level, education level, if travel is needed, company accolades, and the type of company.

There are filtering tools that can help you tailor your search to your needs. You can actually start searching through listings on FlexJobs without a membership, but you’ll need to sign up to see more details and apply.

Find a job on FlexJobs

Use the coupon code FLEXLIFE during checkout to receive a 30% discount on your membership to FlexJobs.

FlexJobs features

In addition to job listings, there are a number of features I want to cover in my FlexJobs review.

Advanced job search filters

This feature is super useful when you’re looking on FlexJobs because there are so many listings, and advanced search helps you narrow your things down based on how remote you want your job, career level, titles, keywords, schedule, etc.

I used the advanced filters to look for entry-level marketing positions that were 100% remote work and part-time, and I found 12 postings. The majority of them were very fresh, posted within the last 30 days. 

When I changed the filters to search for full-time positions too, I got over 60 listings for entry-level marketing jobs.

Entry-level marketing jobs
Email updates

When new jobs are posted that match your search criteria, FlexJobs will notify you by email. This is a great way to stay up-to-date on potential job opportunities without having to check the website every day.

Company guide

This resource tells you more about top companies listed on FlexJobs, see past job listings, learn about any awards, and provides a direct link to its website. FlexJobs says you can use this to write cover letters that are tailored to each job posting.

Skills tests

Because some jobs have certain proficiency requirements, FlexJobs gives you access to over 170 different skills tests so you can gauge your skills and better sell yourself. These tests normally run around $10-$20/each, but come free with your FlexJobs membership. You can take each test as many times as you’d like to improve your skill level and test score.

In addition to specific skills, you can take a soft skills test to find the types of jobs and employers that are a good fit for you. 

Resume profile

When you sign up with FlexJobs, you’ll go through the process of creating a profile that gives you a professional-looking resume to use when applying for listings on FlexJobs. If you take any of the skills tests, you can add those to your profile. You can also add any relevant work samples.

Member savings partnerships

FlexJobs members get extra savings and discounts through some of its partner companies, including:

  • Audible
  • Grammarly
  • Sittercity
  • Costco
  • VSP Individual Vision Plans
  • Intuit Quickbooks and Turbotax
Referral program

FlexJobs gives all of its members a referral code that gives you a free month on the site when someone signs up using your link. 

Career coaching and resume reviews

These services aren’t free for FlexJobs members, but they are offered at discounted rates:

  • $64 for 1 hour of one-on-one career coaching
  • $129 for a resume review
  • $164 for career coaching and resume review

To give you some perspective, career coaching averages $100-$150 per session, and resume review and writing can run anywhere from $100-$400 depending on how advanced your resume needs to be.

Ad free

There are zero ads on FlexJobs — just jobs. Lots of companies and apps make money from placing ads on their sites, but it can get a little annoying when you’re paying for access to something and still see ads. 

FlexJobs vs. freelance job boards

One thing I noticed immediately is how many freelance job listings were on FlexJobs. Freelancing is a growing field, and many of the freelancers I know have left their day jobs to freelance full-time because it’s such a scalable option.

The problem some freelancers face is finding work: there’s not a lack of freelance work out there, but it can be hard to figure out where to look for new opportunities. 

Many freelancers turn to job boards, but they charge some kind of fee too, and it can add up to more than you would pay to find freelance work on FlexJobs.

  • Upwork has a complicated pay model that charges 20% of the first $500 you make for each job, then an additional percentage of 10% and 5% for fees over $500.
  • Freelancer takes 10% of your earnings for hourly jobs and the greater of $5 or 10% for fixed rate jobs.
  • Fiverr doesn’t charge a fee to join, but they take 20% of each transaction.

With FlexJobs, you pay the membership fee, and then you can quit your subscription once you’re hired. You can always re-up if you need to.

Learn more at Everything You Need to Know About How to Make Money on Fiverr.

Is FlexJobs legitimate?

You’re paying for research. Instead of searching through traditional job boards, digging into each option, and reading all of the reviews to see if a job is legit, FlexJobs does all of that for you. You’re paying for a service that helps you find the best possible work-from-home jobs. 

Paying for online access to jobs isn’t a scam. And like I explained earlier in this FlexJobs review, many reputable platforms have some kind of fee structure.

Is FlexJobs worth paying for?

There’s no magic pill that will automatically get you hired for remote work. And if anyone tells you there is, they’re full of BS. 

FlexJobs can help you find a job, and the research aspect is great, but you still have to do a little work on your own. That means you need to take full advantage of its features, send in high-quality applications, and regularly search through listings. 

Think of it like a gym membership: just joining the gym won’t instantly help you to lose weight or build muscle, but taking full advantage of their workout equipment and making it a priority to get there definitely can.

There are good work-from-home jobs out there, but you have to do your part to find them. And if you’re willing to invest a little of your own cash, FlexJobs can do some of that work for you.

If joining FlexJobs results in a decent job, then it’s worth the small subscription fee. 

Can’t you find work-from-home jobs for free?

Yes, you definitely can, and I have a lot of remote work options on my site, including:

That’s just a few and you can find even more ideas at 9 Legitimate Work At Home Jobs (For Real) and 13 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs (Earn An Extra $1,000 Per Month in 2020!).

But the reality is that there is no way that I could ever find and screen through as many options FlexJobs can. FlexJobs goes through online job boards, company websites, and hand screens each listing on its site.

You can certainly do all of that on your own, but you pay in time.

FlexJobs review: The final word

I’ve been skeptical in the past of sites that claim that they can help you find work, but as I’ve spent more time working online, I get it. I’ve seen people fall for scams, lose money, and waste their time on so-called work-from-home jobs.

Sites like FlexJobs eliminate that risk because they vet potential employers for you, and that’s what you pay for.

Now, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to be hired because that has more to do with applying for positions, presenting yourself in a professional way, and finding the right positions. Fortunately, FlexJobs has tools to help you with all of that.


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