how to design a plate wall

Good morning and happy monday! I’m excited to share another project I did for my new dining room…..I decided to display my collection of white milk glass plates on the wall! and I’ll show you a few pointer and tips on doing your own plate wall. {and no, my dining room is still not finished. i still have a couple more projects to finish. 🙂

I don’t think I’ve ever told you lovelies, but I collect milk glass plates. {you might recall that i’ve used them as props for a few posts here and here} but I’ve never told you the extent of my collection or the history behind it.

I started with a small milk glass plate from my Great Grandma Nielsen when I was little. I loved the cut out lace edge and thought it was just the prettiest plate ever. Then when we moved to Virginia 5 years ago, I found a milk glass plate sitting in the clearance section for $1 at an antique store and knew it would match the plate my Grandma had given me. Ever since then, I’ve hunted for milk glass plates at thrift and antique stores!

I’m not sure why, but I’ve left these pretties hidden away collecting dust in the closet. I finally decided I should do something with them. They are gorgeous!!

That plate in the right hand corner was the first plate in my collection given to me by my great grandma.

How to Hang a Plate Wall

{this is for those indecisive people who have hubby’s who hate it when their wives put 10 holes in the wall while trying to hang 1 picture…… i do. this is the way to do it with only 1 hole!}

1. First collect plates that have a common theme- color, pattern, type, design, etc

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2. Trace the outline of each plate onto a sheet of paper and cut out with scissor to make a template of each plate.

how to hang a plate wall3. Pput tape on the back of each plate template and arrange on the wall until you like the way they look together. {my 2 year old thought i needed a blue plate template as you can see!}

how to arrange a plate wall4. Determine where you need your nail for your plate hanger and nail it through the paper. {tomorrow i will show you an almost free way to hang plates!}

milk glass plate5. When you have your plate in the place you like, pull off the paper. and that’s way the way to hang a plate wall and only put 1 hole per plate! {fingers crossed!}

milk glass plate wall

plate wall

To see how I added upholstery to my dining room chairs, check out my tutorial here.

*want to learn how I made my own plate hangers for FREE using this tutorial here.*

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