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Ideal Boilers Reviews (2021): Prices, Range & Reviews


Cheap boilers are often cheap for a reason. Fortunately, that reason appears to be of genuine value. At least where Ideal boilers are concerned.

We’ve listed some reasons below why we’re Ideal fans.

Update: In a recent massive guide which we wrote, Ideal Boilers came 4th, not bad in a market with numerous big players. Check out the full guide to the best combi boilers of 2021.

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Ideal Boilers Prices 

According to Heatable’s statistics, the average price of a new boiler installation in the UK as of June 2018 stands at £2,070 but the average price of an Ideal boiler is just £1,700.

The difference is almost 20% and a possible saving of £370 – that’s like someone giving you a £1 every day for a year and a fiver on New Year’s.

But, just as it’s healthy to question the motives of a stranger tracking you down daily to bestow coinage upon you, it’s equally wise to examine the reasons why a new boiler installation might be 20% cheaper than most and what is or isn’t included for that price.

Ideal Boiler Warranty length

The warranty of a new boiler is often reflected in the price, and vice-versa. Cheap boilers will very often have short warranties, capping out at 2-years. Once that’s up, you’ll have no choice but to seek boiler repair at your own cost. If that becomes a regular occurrence, your combi boiler might just start to feel like a slot machine. And you can never beat the bandit.

Ideal boilers is a popular boiler brand, not just because of the competitive price but they’re often matching market leaders in terms of technical details, but compared to Worcester-Bosch their warranty length offered by installers is lacking. 

The average standard warranty of an Ideal combi boiler is an impressive 7 years – That’ll allow you to break a mirror and maintain total confidence that at the very least, your boiler is going to be alright.  

That 7-10 year warranty range doesn’t quite match Worcester’s 10-year guarantee (when purchased via Heatable). 

Hold on… Does a warranty give me total boiler cover?

The warranty of a boiler is essentially a promise from the boiler manufacturer that they will send an engineer to fix any issues with the boiler itself or any of its components. They will also replace the boiler if it cannot be repaired.

Boiler manufacturers generally have a good reputation for upholding their warranties – they’re legally obliged after all. Unfortunately, though, there can be disputes between the manufacturer and the installer over where the fault blame lies. Manufacturers can be notoriously adamant not to provide any assistance if they believe there were absolutely any errors at the installation stage and of course, installers are likely to argue it was not their installation – but the boiler itself.

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Issues like this are uncommon though and to reduce the likelihood of it, you should not only opt for a new boiler with a minimum 5-year warranty but also look for a Gas Safe installer offering at least a 12-month workmanship guarantee.

If you’re worried about being caught by unexpected repair bills, you should consider comparing quotes for a boiler cover plan, insuring your boiler regardless of the problem.


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Weather compensation devices

A nifty device designed to automatically save you energy and thus money by altering the the boilers water flow temperature in accordance with what it’s external thermometer is reading outside. Without having to manually adjust your boilers temperature settings, the Ideal weather compensation device will compare the heat outside with the ambient temperature inside your house and make a decision for itself on how hard it should be working. In simple terms, if it’s hot outside – it’s going to turn your heating right down before you’ve even remembered to check.

The addition of a weather compensation also makes the heating system Boiler Plus compliant – a recent Government initiative designed to make sure homeowners are getting top quality, highly efficient boiler installations that help them to reduce their energy bills as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

Ideal Boiler Reviews

The Ideal Logic+ boiler

The Logic is Ideal’s flagship range and rightly so. The basic warranty is a sturdy 7 years when installed by an approved engineer. It’s also small in size, so you won’t need to build an extension on the side of your house to accommodate it and it, of course, it’s rated A for both hot water and heating efficiency.

Look no further than the Ideal Logic for quality, peace of mind and genuine value for money. The Idea Logic+ is available in three power outputs; 24kW, 30kW & 35kW.

Note: Read our full Ideal Logic Combi Review here. 

Key features of the Ideal Logic+

  • Easy to read pressure gauge
  • Large backlit display with user friendly controls
  • Low component count which maximises reliability
  • Energy Saving Trust endorsed
  • 7-Year warranty widely available
  • Quiet Mark awarded
  • Frost protection
  • Small unit size allowing for installation in most standard cupboards
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Compatibility with smart thermostats

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Ideal Vogue

At Heatable, we like our articles to be a diverse blend of useful information and deranged nonsense which is why we’ll be recommending the Ideal Vogue for the more superficial boiler shoppers amongst you.

Because it is one serioulsy handsome boiler.

This Adonis of a heating machine looks like a groomed wild boar, purring with unshakeable self-certainty but at the same time, exuding the divine grace of a gliding swan. Some of the UK’s oldest ducks cower in shame at the ease of which water rolls of this machines back.

As rogue as it is in vogue, this boiler is a maverick, a bohemian. He does not conform. He is installed when he wants to be installed. He is all powerful, immovable. A god of boilers, utterly disenchanted with the lowly mortals he’s forced to share this earth with.

Having made the cover of Vogue no less than 73 times with 68 of those being fully nude pieces, if you’re basing your next combi boiler upgrade on sheer aesthetics then look no further than the Ideal Vogue.

Key features of the Ideal Vogue

Staggering good looks aside, it must be said there is more to Ideal’s premium combi boiler than just haunting beauty and silent charm. The White Knight has plenty to offer.

  • 10-year warranty*
  • Backlit 3.5″ LCD full colour display. Wow.
  • Mutli function buttons for ease of use
  • Energy Saving Trust endorsed
  • UK made
  • Built using only premium components
  • Compact
  • Good Housekeeping’ award in both 2013 & 2017
  • Frost protection
  • A rating for hot water efficiency 
  • A rating for heating efficiency

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