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Ideal Logic Combi 30: Review, Prices and Specs


Ideal Boiler ManFounded in 1906, Ideal is a UK based boiler brand (who also ranked #4 in our top 10 boiler manufacturers) that have built a reputation for offering competitively priced, reliable boilers and in recent years – becoming the mascot of West Bromwich Albion F.C. (a.k.a Boiler Man).

The Ideal Logic Combi 30 is one of Ideal’s bestselling combi boilers from their entry-level Logic range, offering a balance of all the essential features, reliability, and a very reasonable price point.

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Here is a summary of the Ideal Logic’s major selling points:

  • Made in the UK 🇬🇧
  • Compact in size (ideal for cupboards) 📐
  • Won the Queens Award in 2013 👸
  • Won Good Housekeeping Award 2013 & 2017 🏆
  • Quiet Mark Certified – an award for especially quiet appliances 
  • 10-year parts and labour warranty (when purchased via Heatable) 

Note: Here at Heatable, we offer the Ideal Logic+ featuring an upgraded fully backlit LCD display not found on the standard Ideal Logic. 

Ideal Logic Combi C30 Gas Boiler

Ideal Logic Boilers

Ideal’s three main ranges include their entry Ideal Esprit range, the mid-range Logic range, and their premium (a.k.a expensive) Vogue range. The Logic range includes all the essentials for a reasonable price point, the equivalent Worcester Bosch boiler would be something like the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30i.

The Ideal Logic range includes: 

  • Ideal Logic – the standard model 
  • Ideal Logic+ – features an upgraded LCD display 
  • Ideal Logic Max – compatible with Ideal controls and features a brass system filter 

Ideal Logic Combi Range 

The Ideal Logic is available in the following sizes (power outputs):

  Heat Output Flow Rate
24kW 24.2kW 9.9 litres/min
30kW 30kW 12.4 litres/min
35kW 35.3kW 14.5 litres/min

The Ideal Logic 24 combi boiler has a heat output of 24.2kW and a flow rate of 9.9 l/min, making it suitable for small properties with a single bathroom. 

For comparison, the Ideal Logic 30 has a heat output of 30.0kW and a flow rate of 12.4l/min, making it suitable for medium-sized properties with multiple water outlets. 


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While the Ideal Logic 35 has a heat output of 35.3kW and a flow rate of 14.5l/min, making it ideal for larger proper properties with multiple water outlets. 

If you have not got a clue what any of the above means, call us on 0330 113 1333 and we will be happy to help.

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Ideal Logic Combi Dimensions 

To know if your boiler will fit, it makes sense to be familiar with the dimensions, especially if you have limited space and plan on installing it in a cupboard. 

The good news is that Ideal Logic Combi 30 is designed as a standard to fit into smaller spaces, while the Worcester Bosch Greenstar range varies in size, with the Compact CDi being specifically designed for small spaces i.e. cupboards.   


Ideal Logic Dimensions




Which Ideal Logic Combi model is ideal for your home?

At Heatable, we offer the Ideal Logic range, specifically the Ideal Logic+, which features an upgraded LCD display not found on the standard model. 

Which? Best BuyYou can determine the exact boiler you need for your home using our free tool to determine which size boiler is right for your home. 

The exact size boiler appropriate for your home is dependant on a few factors, but it is largely dictated by the number of water outlets in your property. Essentially, the more bathrooms, the more power you will need.

It’s worth noting that a more powerful combi boiler will not blast hot water out of your taps like the crashing of a thousand waves.

Ultimately, combi boilers rely on water pressure from your mains. If that pressure is low, the pressure coming out of your taps will be too.

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Ideal Logic Combi 30 Warranty 

When you are looking for a new boiler replacement, the warranty period is an essential factor, since it is the period the manufacturer will provide support for, in the event that your boiler needs repairing. 

Ideal Logic Combi Features

As a result, the aim is to purchase a boiler that comes with a warranty that lasts as long as possible. 

When purchased via Heatable, the Ideal Logic+ boiler is offered with an exclusive 10-year warranty, which is far better than many other rival boiler brands.  

Ideal Logic Combi 30 Prices 

To purchase an Ideal Logic 30, it costs around £900 (boiler only), while a Worcester Bosch Greenstar costs around £1000 (boiler only). 

On top of that, you’ll need to factor in the costs of the flue, controls, labour, warranty, VAT, chemicals, flushing and any other extras.

Ideal Logic boilers sit at the mid-range end of the market, so, fully installed, you should be looking at around £1,800 – all in.

If you purchase an Ideal Logic+ boiler through Heatable, our fixed price offer includes both the boiler and complete installation. 


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Prices for the Ideal Logic+ range begin at £1,820 and are available with 0% APR (over 2 years). Get your fixed price here.

Ideal Logic Combi 30 Efficiency 

Securing yourself a central heating boiler with green credentials is not just a bonus for those who care about the environment, but it will also help you save energy and in turn reduce your energy bills. 

At a similar level to Worcester Boschs Greenstar range, the Ideal Logic 30 boasts some impressive efficiency ratings – an A-rating for heating and hot water, achieving a 94% efficiency rating. 

Old G-rated boilers (typically those over a decade old) were only 70% efficient, while today’s A-rated boilers, like the Ideal Logic, are 94%, this means that for each pound you spend, only 6p is wasted. 

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Ideal Logic Combi Controls & Sensors 

As well as efficient design, you can stay in control of your heating and hot water and save even more by using Ideal Logic’s innovative controls. 

These include the following: 

  • Electronic programmer 
    This user-friendly interface allows you to set a 7-day schedule, determining what times the boiler will be active i.e. when you come home from work. 
  • Outdoor sensor
    The boiler can monitor the external temperature, adjusting the water flow in your home as a result. This has shown to improve efficiency by 2%, not a huge difference, but every little helps. 

Learn all about combi boilers in our what is a combi boiler guide. 

Boiler Frost Protection 

A major concern during winter is a frozen boiler, particularly if it is in the loft which tends to get very cold at certain times of the year. This can cause the components of the boiler to freeze, with the condensate pipe being especially susceptible. 

A frozen boiler can be at risk of malfunctioning and being unusable, which is a terrible prospect on a cold, winters morning. 

Thankfully, the Ideal Logic is equipped with a boiler frost protection feature. Essentially, if the boiler detects a temperature below 8°C the pump will run to circulate water and prevent the system from freezing. 

Other noteworthy features of the Ideal Logic combi boiler: 

  • Backlit digital display for easy reading and adjustment of the pressure gauge. 
  • Built-in service indicator – reminding you when it is time for a service (to ensure your warranty stays valid).

Worcester Bosch vs Ideal Boilers 

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Compact and Ideal Logic Combi 30 boilers are similar in many ways, for example, both are extremely efficient, have compact designs and are available in a variety of sizes. 

However, ultimately, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi has an edge over the Ideal Logic for a few key reasons, these include the following: 

Which Best Buy Award winner for 10 consecutive years  

Which? Is a reputable consumer advice organisation that carries out thorough testing and impartial reviews. 

So it’s a pretty big deal that Worcester Bosch has won the award 10 years in a row, receiving several high 5-star ratings the consumer choice organisation considers most important to consumers, including full marks for their build quality and availability of parts and spares.

A 10-Year Guarantee not just a “warranty” 

Most major boiler manufacturers offer a warranty, but Worcester Bosch offers a guarantee instead. 

Sounds like a blag, what’s the difference? 

A guarantee is an agreement from the manufacturer that they will attend your property and repair or replace the boiler within a reasonable amount of time.  

Most other boiler manufacturers just offer a warranty as standard, this is an agreement to investigate the problem, but is not an unconditional agreement to fix or repair it for free.

Availability of parts 

Worcester Bosch has earned themselves an industry-wide reputation for having parts that are very easy to source in the UK, which is extremely handy if you want your boiler fixing quickly. 

Ideal Logic 30 Conclusion

Are you looking for a compact, energy-efficient condensing boiler like the Ideal Logic+?

If so, get your new boiler installed with Heatable, here’s why: 

  • Gas Safe installation within 24 hours
  • Thousands of happy customers – an average score of 4.9 on Trustpilot (that’s better than the market leader).
  • Price match guarantee – if you find a cheaper quote, we will match (must be like for like)
  • Multiple payment options – interest free available
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Fixed price guarantee – no hidden costs
  • Save your quote until later

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