IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap Reviews


The IllumiFlow Laser Cap is a Class II Medical Device that has been tested for 100% safe and effective use in the treatment of hair loss.


About IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap

IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap is a hair growth support device that may help halt hair loss from the root and revive tired hair cells. According to the producer, this device may reverse hair loss in a few months, if used as recommended.

The brand prides itself on using a pain-free technology, and that this particular cap works on both men and women. IllumiFlow 272 laser cap uk supposedly uses lap approved laser levels, and that the application and design make it possible for users to have an effective hands-free system that can help regrow hair right at home.


IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap Pros & Cons


  • It claims to be an effective laser hair regrowth device
  • It uses 272 laser diodes that offer full scalp coverage
  • The product might be safe for long term use
  • It may support multi-tasking as it comes in a hands-free design and shuts off automatically
  • It promises results in as early as within 4 months


  • The treatment might be time-consuming for some people as it requires 30 minutes 3 times a week
  • Noticeable results may take up to 9 months
  • The device works with a battery which might need replacement at some point
  • It may not work as perfect as some people may prefer


How Does It Work? | The Science Behind IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap

This product works like most laser therapy hair regrowth devices, in that it helps rejuvenates the scalp to help restore healthy growth of hair. It supposedly reenergizes the hair cells and halts hair loss. All that happens in the first three months.

From the fourth month, as suggested also by a study featured in the International Open Access Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, users may start noticing a change.

In most cases, however, new hair growth may start to appear by nine months, and it is at this point that you may see some notable results in your treatment.

IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap

IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap Review – Health Insiders Images


What Technology is Used to Build IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap?

This is a laser therapy device that and according to the brand, derives its functionality from low-level laser power. It has 272 laser producing diodes as the main ingredient and that they are purposefully placed in position and designed to cover the whole scalp area. The laser points are supposedly designed to ensure optimum penetration, in that the calibration design allows a 650nm side by side placement of the diodes.

A review article in the Journal of Dermatologic Surgery considers using this amount of laser energy to treat hair loss as a novel approach that might deliver expected results.


IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap – Questions and Answers

Q: How to Use IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap?
A: This laser cap has a user manual and supposedly comes ready for use. The battery reaches you half charged, and all you do is connect the USB extension cord, put the device on, and place it on your head to start your treatment session.

Q: Does IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap Have Side Effects?
A: This device may be safe owing to the fact that it releases a low-level laser and that you only need to use it a few times every week. What needs more clarity, however, is if users should continue using it even after getting the results they needed.

Q: Is IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap Medical Grade?
A: The company behind this product, on the official website state that they used a medically supported concept to create this laser therapy technology in a device. And that, the product has already been rated well in over 20, 000 treatments.

Q: Does IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap Work?
A: Some of the first improvements you may notice after using this product for a few months include reduced shedding, your follicles may start becoming thicker, and in some people, new hair growth may prop. However, in most people, notable changes may start to occur after 4-6 months and the results might be amplified with continued use.

Q: What Is IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap Money-back Guarantee, Return & Refund Policy?
A: The product has a satisfaction guarantee policy. It states that if you have used the product for at least 180 days and still aren’t satisfied with the results, you may get a refund. However, the product needs to be in good shape to qualify for the money-back guarantee.


IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap Alternatives


Is IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap Safe? – Warnings & Complaints

This product’s official website tackles the question of safety and hasn’t shared any warning in accompaniment to its use. This notion is supported by the fact that the standard treatment requires you to wear the cap for only three times 30 minutes per week. Which means one a half-hour only per week.

Besides, so far there are no complaints against illumiflow 272 laser cap.


IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap Customer Reviews & Results

Seems that a larger percentage of users have hard a good experience with this product. It is also quite a popular device in the market. In illumiflow 272 laser diodes hair growth cap reviews, a 66-year-old user commented saying, “I lost most of my hair around the hairline and my doctor explained it was the drugs I was using that caused it. I decided to try illumiflow’s hair regrow cap and I’m thankful that the results are good. I’m already seeing some notable thick growth around my hairline.

On the contrary, in the lot that rated it low, one user points out that, “This device stopped working after one year of use, so I hard to order for another one.” – Lyn


IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap: Packages, Deals, Prices & Where to Buy It

The product currently has a discounted price tag of $799.00 on its official website. Its original price was $1149.00, so even without an illumiflow 272 laser cap discount code you can save around $350.00. There’s also an installment payment plan that allows you to pay in bits on the site.


The Bottom Line

Several aspects may make this laser cap worth some attention. First is that there is research such as one featured in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy that backs the laser therapy concept in supporting the growth of hair. Second, is the high price tag may suggest that illumiflow 272 laser diodes hair growth cap works, and third is that, half of the users seem impressed with the results that they got after using this device.

In addition, and depending on one person’s condition of their hair follicles, the product may still be effective even on someone who considers themselves as too old.

However, some customers have supposedly reported witnessing an increase in shedding in the initial stages of use, which the producer answers by saying that, that is an indication of a new hair growth cycle.

Also, some people may not like the notion that to see enhanced results prolonged use is highly recommended, especially if you after quick results.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know About IllumiFlow 272 Laser Cap?

The idea that this is a multi-task support treatment device is one detail that many users may find impressive. That is, it has a hands-free design that once you have targeted the problem areas and set you diodes on, you can do other things.

About the size of illumiflow 272 laser cap quality laser cap, it has a standard and partially adjustable circumference of around 24 inches, which the producer highlights, does fit well on the majority of head shapes and sizes.


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