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Is Bitskins Legit? Full BitSkins Review of 2021 + Bonus


BitSkins Review: Is Bitskins reliable? Check out this CS:GO Skins site for Trading


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You wonder if Bitskins is reliable, you’ve come to the right place.

We will bring you all the information you need to know whether Bitskins is reliable or not.

For you who don’t know, is a site for buying and selling game skins, among the most well-known, CS:GO.

Earn Free Balance on BitSkins

The site has been in operation since 2017 with thousands of users and operations carried out.

free bitskins

Bitskins uses blockchain technology as a base for its operations, as a way of making transactions more secure.

The site sells thousands of CS:GO items, giving you the opportunity to sell, trade or buy your favorite Skins.

As soon as you enter the site you will already come across an incredible amount of items and very good prices. And of course, with a large number of platform options for you to be able to withdraw money from your sales on the site. Like for example the famous PayPal.

In addition to prices, one of the cool advantages that Bitskins offers is that you can exchange more than one item in exchange for just one item of higher value. You are not restricted to making the exchange in 1×1. You can also participate in auctions and even draws of skins.

But you may be wondering, why use an alternative website to the Steam market itself?

If the reasons above were not enough, another big reason includes you escaping the high rates of the Steam market and the difficulty of seeing your money.

For you who play CS:GO, Bitskins would be a good site for buying, exchanging and selling CS:GO skins.

But is Bitskins reliable?

This is what we will try to discover for you with our analysis.

is bitskins legit

How do I know if Bitskins is reliable?

To answer this question, we will assess some factors of great importance. It is always a very big responsibility, to take actions that can bring you some financial loss or even and quality in your games.

So we have put together some of the most important points that we can analyze to assess whether Bitskins is reliable.

The two main points are:

  • Company reliability
  • User reviews

1. Bitskins’s reliability

The Bitskins website is the result of a Ukrainian fintech that has managed millionaire investments to create a blockchain-based marketplace, where players could turn gaming money into real money.

The company has only been in operation for a few years but has already made several updates to its security systems, such as two-point login authentication.

The company is registered in the USA and has a third-party review and evaluation system at one of the most respected online companies, All of this greatly helps the company’s reliability.

trustpilot bitskins

We were able to see where the company started, a little of its history and also the more than 2,200 opinions on an outsourced website.

Of course, none of this guarantees that you won’t have any problems. But it is already an important indication that the company seeks to offer a good service to its users.

Continue on this post and we’ll show you another point to find out if Bitskins is reliable.

bitskins legit

2. User ratings

User ratings are mostly very good. In addition to the reviews on you will also find many positive reviews on your Facebook page.

On, Bitskins has a score of 4.5. Which is considered excellent by the platform. With 80% of the evaluations in maximum grade.

In it you will find several evaluations and you can check in order of date, to follow the most recent evaluations.

Negative reviews

To evaluate a website well, we need to read the negative reviews to know the problems that usually happen and also how the company deals with these problems.

All companies have negative ratings. Anywhere. What must be analyzed is the problem that people usually face and the way the company deals with the problem in question.

So let’s talk about negative ratings.

There were 4 negative evaluations, and the problems reported are linked to delays in transactions and technical difficulties.

Moving on to negative reviews in English you will encounter some problems with people who have lost items due to security issues with their Steam and Bitskins accounts. As the user below:

  • So using login with 2-factor authentication in conjunction with a strong security password, can save you some of the problems faced.
  • Other users complain about the delay that some transactions take to complete.

Transaction delays can be a problem if you expect everything to happen quickly. Like the user below who only got his CS:GO Skin on Bitskins after 2 weeks.

Within a universe of more than 2,200 reviews, only 8% of them were below 3 stars. A very good number. But the most important thing we could observe is that in all of them the support service of the Bitskins website responded by trying to resolve the situation and by contacting the user.

This concern is important and shows Bitskins’s commitment to its users. Despite contrasting with some complaints of delays in solving users’ problems while using the platform.

is bitskins safe

Final verdict: Is Bitskins reliable?

You who seek Skins from CS:GO on Bitskins, or even from other games, have great chances of getting good deals.

By our research, Bitskins is a registered company, with a good reputation and with great interest in the evaluations of its customers.

This may not be enough for you to not experience any problems on the site but they are great indications that you are using a serious service.

We have no partnership or relationship with Bitskins. We wrote this post from our research and as gamers we saw no reason not to try the service. However, this is always an individual decision and we cannot be responsible for any problems you may have with the site.

If you know, have used or even have something to contribute to other people. Leave your message in the comments! Comment and help other players to make sure Bitskins is reliable.

Freequently Asked Questions about

Is Bitskins reliable?

Bitskins uses blockchain technology as a base for its operations, as a way of making transactions more secure.

How do I know if Bitskins is reliable?

The Bitskins website is the result of a Ukrainian fintech that has managed millionaire investments to create a blockchain-based marketplace, where players could turn gaming money into real money.


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