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Is a Scam? A Must Read Review!


Rev Review Scam or Legit

Thanks for stopping by to check out my review.

It’s tough… worrying about money. Not able to work or just trying to escape the job you have. I know exactly how it feels. Freelancing is one option, but is it realistic? If you’re skeptical about making money online, you’re not alone. So was I. 

It’s difficult to know who you can trust… especially online. So you might be wondering then, is a scam. I can tell you they’re not, but instead of taking my word for it, I’ll share with you what I discovered because I had the same question.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What is

Founded in 2009, Rev is a company that provides transcription, translation, and captioning services to companies such as PBS and Comcast.

Transcribing on Laptop

They do this with both in-house staff, and work-at-home freelancers.

Rev has been the recipient of PC Mag’s Editor’s Choice Award for transcribing audio and video files, and has been featured on sites such as Tech Crunch and The Wall Street Journal.

Audio and video transcription is a popular work-at-home side hustle. The problem is that it rarely pays well and you’re still trading hours for dollars

It’s better than a job you hate, but still doesn’t give you the freedom you’re after.  

Whether it’s health, young ones at home, or even economic hardship, you’re probably looking for peace of mind.    

A steady income and no more worry is what you want and even though may be one option… it doesn’t provide passive income which may be what you need to get the peace of mind you want. 

To learn how I did it, I’m going to give you a free step by step beginner’s guide to making money online and you can get it by clicking HERE.

And, if you’re looking for some immediate money, you can do things like online surveys with market research companies like Survey Junkie, or earn cash simply by searching the web using ​​​​Inbox Dollars‘ search engine, and get paid for things like watching videos and surfing the web.   

To be clear, sites like these are not a way to make ton of money, but they’re a simple way to get started if you’ve never made money online before and if you’re not yet ready to commit to something more serious. 

Is a Scam?

Considering Rev’s associations with major brands along with their high-profile mentions, it would seem obvious they’re not a scam. 

But, you wouldn’t be the first person to ask that question. In fact… it’s a hard question to avoid when you read reviews like this…

Reviewer accuses Rev a scam
Source: Glassdoor

Many would see that, take it at face-value and dismiss them as a scam before doing any further research. After all… it’s an online work-at-home gig.

They’re all scams, right?

In the Glassdoor review (shown above) I highlighted something else… the reviewer says they worked at Rev for more than a year.

Usually when you’ve been scammed, it hits you like food poisoning. You realize you’ve been had, and the regret sets in.

What you don’t do when you’ve been scammed, is continue working with the scammers for a full year (and then some).

So… what the reviewer is really saying, is that they have a bone to pick with Rev.

Fair enough… but that does NOT make them a scam.

In fact, the review saying they worked at Rev for more than a year kind of confirms they’re not a scam.  At some point the relationship must have been good.

And, there are some other indicators we can examine to confirm Rev is legit.  

Two common things you rarely see with scams (real scams… the kind who take your money and run) are social media profiles (because people would pile on the negative comments) and published contact names and addresses (because people involved in illegal activities don’t publish who they are and where they can be found).

Rev doesn’t hide. They have a Facebook page with 11,000 followers as well as staff pictures and posts.  

And, Rev is not afraid of sharing their exact address (in case anyone feels compelled to visit them personally).

While many freelancer reviews don’t exactly paint a good picture of Rev, you can be confident you’re dealing with a legit company.

Rev is not a scam.

Rev Work from Home Jobs

Rev has 4 available positions for freelancers, which are…

  • Transcriptionist: Converting spoken English audio into a written document.
  • Captioner: Transcribe spoken English and add captions to video.
  • Subtitler: Translate spoken words on screen and add subtitles to video.
  • Translator: Translation for purposes other than video subtitles.

If you’re not familiar with online transcription and translation services, it’s a simple process.

Clients upload audio and video files to Rev, and then those files are sent to you for transcribing or translating. 

Basically, you’re sitting at your computer (in a distraction free environment) listening, and typing out conversations about things you probably have no interest in.

It seems simple enough, but quite often you’re dealing with poor audio quality, hard to understand accents and multiple voices talking over one another.

If that’s not exactly your skill-level or you have difficulty getting hired, there are other opportunities to make money online. Pay

Your pay rate at Rev depends on the job you do.

If you’re a transcriptionist the rates range from $.24 to $.90 per audio or video minute and captioners can expect to be paid between $.45 to $.75 per audio or video minute.

On average, people are able to transcribe or caption about 20 minutes of audio or video per hour, which works out to $8.00 – $15.00 per hour.

Not great money, but you’re also not doing manual labor and you can stay at home. Don’t expect a steady stream of assignments though.  

Rev reports average earnings of about $240 per month with top earners making about $1500 (per month).

Rev is not a “fire-your-boss” type of gig. It’s for extra money when you can make it, or an additional income source to add to your freelance portfolio.

The best way to earn an income online though is to never depend on one source. Most freelancers have other ways of making money, from doing simple surveys with companies likeSurvey Junkie to having a part-time online business. You can even earn some extra cash by watching videos, visiting websites and searching the web with ​​​​Inbox Dollars.  

Doing surveys and small tasks online will NOT make you rich of course, but they’re an easy way to earn a few extra bucks in your downtime when other freelance jobs are not available.  

If you’re fluent in multiple languages you might qualify to be a translator or captioner. The rate for a captioner is $5.00 to $8.00 per video minute, so your earning potential is much greater.

Translators are paid $.05 to $.07 per word.

Rev doesn’t specify average (or top earner) salaries… but interpreters for companies like Lionbridge Smart Crowd for example, report earnings as high as $36/hr.  

It’s possible to see similar hourly earnings with Rev.

Reviews and Complaints

It’s unfortunate, but the more you read what people are saying, it feels lopsided towards the negative.

We already discussed what Rev pays, which is not out of line with other transcription companies. But you’ll find a lot of complaints about it.

Transcribing is a speed job. You can make decent money, but you must be fast and accurate, which requires experience that you can’t get overnight. Some people never find their rhythm and therefore you end up with a many complaints about low pay.

Some examples of the “not-so-good” reviews…

Rev Negative Reviews GD
Source: Glassdoor

And… to be fair, there are some positive reviews.

Rev Positive Review 1
Source: Glassdoor
Rev Positive Review 2
Source: Glassdoor

Again… whether you have a positive or negative experience with Rev will depend on your ability to work efficiently… as well as your expectation of what the job really is. 

It’s important to remember that the benefits of this type of work are doing it where you want, and when you want. 

When people go in with expectations that this is comparable to a traditional job, they usually end up disappointed.  .

What I Like

  • Flexible schedule and the ability to pursue other freelance opportunities alongside Rev.
  • Good pay if you’re fluent in multiple languages.
  • Rather than being assigned specific jobs, Rev lets you pick and choose projects among those that are available.

What I Don’t Like

  • There are a significant number of complaints about poor support and unfair (or unrealistic) graders checking your work.
  • Rev is not strict on qualifications, but the truth is… even if you perform well and get hired after doing a grammar and transcription test, your pay is determined by your speed and accuracy. In other words… you need to perform at “test speed level” consistently to make decent money.
  • The work is not consistent, and you can’t depend on Rev as your only income.

Next Steps…

Rev is a legit way for you to make money online, and a good place to start if you’re serious about a work-at-home lifestyle.

But you will need other sources of income. The problem with online jobs is not necessarily the pay/per task (or hour). It’s the inconsistency of work and the downtime. 

They won’t make you rich, but you can fill your downtime with surveys on sites like or make money using the web for things you already do… Inbox Dollars pays members for things like visiting websites, watching videos and searching the web. 

Of course, you can’t make a full-time doing online surveys, but if you’ve never made money online before, they can be a simple way to start. 

If you’re looking for something more substantial, you can read about my top recommended strategy for making money online here.   

You can fit transcription and captioning work into your current schedule, or you can “stack” freelance jobs to come up with an overall strategy that combines gigs with other work-at-home opportunities.

For long-term stability though, and no more worry… what you’re really after is passive income from multiple sources.

Depending on your reasons for needing extra money… your health, kids at home, or nobody hiring… you may not have the security you need.

I’ve been there… health problems, kids to look after… and no job (I’ve even had them all at once) 😀

Peace of mind and no worry is what you want and learning how to find it online with passive income is what you need in order to get what you want.

I’m going to give you a free step by step beginner’s guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

If you’re a gifted typist… Rev is a good hustle to open the online money-making door.

I hope this review was helpful and to get started you can apply for work at Rev here.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience translating or transcribing? Have you worked for Rev before?

Please share in the comments section below.


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