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Is Vivid Seats Legit or Real?


7 Things You Should Know
Before using VividSeats

VividSeats Review Updated 8/18/2021

1. Is Vivid Seats a legit site?

Yes, Vivid Seats is a legit ticket exchange site that started in 2001 allowing individuals (or licensed brokers) to sell tickets to sports, concerts, and theater shows in the US, but there are some negative Vivid Seats reviews to be aware of

     > tickets marked up from face value (avg.  50-100%+)

     > tickets sold are from individual sellers or licensed brokers

     > service fee charges, hidden until checkout (avg. 26.5%)


Vivid Seats says they are a safe and secure ticket website with a 100% guarantee, but let’s take a further look…

are vivid seats tickets legit

Is Vivid Seats Legit to Buy Tickets From?

There are complaints you may find with VividSeats reviews on the web, which makes you wonder are VividSeats tickets legit and reliable to buy from today?


Vivid Seats is a ticket exchange online that has offices in Chicago with over 19 years of experience, so they are a legit company (once had an A+ rating on the BBB for a while).

VividSeats has its offices in the city of Chicago with a 500+ staff and support team helping out.



It was reported that VividSeats revenue was $1.5+ billion in 2018, and as of today VividSeats still seems to be growing.

One thing noticed though is VividSeats on had an A+ rating that’s been dropped (as of Feb. 2021).

vivid seats reviews bbb rating complaints

Now, VividSeats did respond online saying,

“It’s our goal that every customer has a good experience, and we want to speak with the Better Business Bureau to address concerns, because…

These negative Vivid Seats reviews and complaints on the BBB website are small compared to overall sales (represents only about 2-3% of millions of customers).

Now, Vivid Seats says they have a 100% buyer guarantee that:

> your purchase is safe and secure

> your tickets are guaranteed to arrive on time

> if your event gets canceled you’ll receive a refund

vivid seats legit buyer guaranteed reliable tickets


Are some Vivid Seats tickets fake or not real?

No, Vivid Seats themselves cannot sell fake tickets since they provide the platform for the sellers and buyers.

Most of the tickets for sale are sent directly by sellers or “professional licensed ticket brokers” to the buyer via UPS with tracking, or electronic delivery to your mobile device.

It’s actually standard practice with most resale ticket exchanges (StubHub, TickPick, SeatGeek, etc.) that are the go-between, and are supposed to provide a legit, safe and secure platform for their sellers and buyers using VividSeat’s platform.

The tickets listed on VividSeats are never in possession of the team at VividSeats.

This is standard practice and how most ticket sites work, like: 

> Stubhub, one of the largest fan-to-fan ticket exchanges in over 50 countries

viagogo reviews vs stubhub legit

VividSeats is supposed to “provide a legit, safe and secure platform for the sellers and buyers.”


Sell your tickets on


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2. Service fees and delivery

Average VividSeats service fee is 26.5%.

When ordering 2 NBA tickets we could see VividSeats service fee was about 26.5% of subtotal (as shown below).

As you can see the Vivid Seats service fees for the order below were $14.17 x 2 tickets ($28.34 total service charge).

The delivery cost for electronic transfer tickets is $2.50 x 2 tickets ($5 total shipping cost for electronic transfer).

what is vivid seats service fee charge

Here you’ll see when ordering concert tickets VividSeats charges were the same percent at about 26.5%.

With Electronic Transfer you will access your tickets via the email order received and then follow the instructions there.

vividseats fee charge mobile delivery

Also, like most ticket resale sites VividSeats is cannot show exact seat locations until after you purchase, but your seats will be side-by-side in less noted on the checkout page.

Sellers choose not to disclose actual seat numbers because they’re linked to the seller’s identity.


3. Ordering and checkout

1. When you first select your tickets on VividSeats you’ll get to a Login page to register via Facebook, or you can create a new account with your email address.


2. Next, is shipping and delivery on VividSeats and for some orders, like this one, you only get the option of “Electronic Delivery.”

Electronic delivery seems to be a safe and secure way to transfer a paperless ticket to your mobile device.

You will need your mobile device as entry to get into your event (it will be scanned just like if it was a real ticket stub).


3. Billing has three payment options, which are by credit card, PayPal, and PayPal credit (you can get 6 months no interest if paid in full with purchases of $99 or more).


Here you can see if purchasing on your phone while using the VividSeats app allows you to use Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and Android Pay.

Keep in mind that all phone orders (calling support) must be charged to a credit or debit card.

what payment methods are accepted at vividseats

4. The last step, is entering your credit/debit card info, or you’ll be sent to PayPal to finish your transaction, and then be sent back to this window you see below.



For urgent issues and immediate assistance you can contact:

VividSeats customer support at toll-free 833-228-5143, and International 925-206-3066.

VividSeats Live Chat support is available if you need any help.

You can also, browse Vivid Seats top FAQ’s to get your questions answered.

americas best customer service vivid seats from newsweek_______________________________________________

4. VividSeats rewards

With Vivid Seats rewards, you can earn credit back on your purchasing via their app on your mobile device.

vivid seats review 2020 are tickets legit

One good thing by reviewing Vivid Seats and using their app to buy tickets is that they have Vivid Seats Rewards (up to $100 off).


5. Any Vivid Seats Reviews on COVID?

We can see on that there is more information regarding the cornavirus impact on events and tickets.

From our experience, Vivid Seats will email you if your event gets canceled or postponed, and will notify you of options for a refund if that’s what you want.



6. Is Vivid Seats worth using?

With some recent negative VividSeats reviews seen below, we are on the fence about at this time, but with that said…

VividSeats seems to be a well-known online ticket giant helping sell millions of tickets each year.

They have been in the resale ticket business since 2001.

vividseats reviews 2020 is legit

VividSeats is designed to be a safe and secure online exchange platform for purchasing tickets to live events in the US.

They are supposed to back all orders with a 100% guarantee if something goes wrong.

is vivid seats real review vividseats prices

VividSeats looks to be getting even more popular with its advertising tactics on the web.

VividSeats is also, partnered with several big-name brands today in the sports world, as well as the music and entertainment industry.

As you can see below, VividSeats has joined with ESPN and Rolling Stone, just to name a couple.

vivid seats review 2020 reliable trusted partners espn

In some Vivid Seats reviews, they said VividSeats has good customer service support, while other reviews state they can sometimes be tough and not willing to help.

Customers are also assured to receive a full refund in cases where events are canceled with no rescheduled date. If the new date is not desirable to a customer, VividSeats will help them sell unwanted tickets.


7. Any good alternative sites?

We did compare Vivid Seats vs StubHub because some might ask, what’s the real difference, and is StubHub legit and reliable?

StubHub seems to have a larger selection of tickets to choose from to events in over 50 countries, while Vivid Seats has events in just the United States.

Also, VividSeats’s service fee is about 26.5% and StubHub’s service fee is 26.8%.


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