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Jeremy’s Impact Wrestling Review 11.17.20


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Hello there, Impact fans! It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for another episode of Impact Wrestling. I’m Jeremy, and y’all know how this works. We’re coming off of Turning Point where a couple of new champions were crowned, and tonight deal with the fallout of that and say goodbye to the Rascalz. So let’s jump right in!

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* Previously on Impact: We get highlights from Turning Point including Deonna Purrazzo’s Knockouts Championship win, Rohit’s victory over Cousin Jake and Joe Doering’s return to Impact, the Good Brothers’ defeat of The North, and Rich Swann’s victory over Sami Callihan to retain the World Championship.

WE OWN THE NIGHT! (AKA Title Sequence!)

Man, whether you like Moose or not, you gotta admit that he has one of the best entrances in American wrestling right now. Mack tackles Moose to the ground as soon as the bell rings and lays in punches, then gets up and hits a front dropkick. Charging shot in the corner and he comes off the ropes with a front kick, then back out to hit a charging senton cannonball! Moose to the outside and Mack follows, assaulting him and smacking Moose’s head into two ringposts. Knife-edge chop against the guardrail, Mack backs up and charges in but Moose moves and sends Mack over the guardrail to hit the concrete floor hard. Moose pulls mack up by his beard and throws him hard over the guardrail. He grabs Mack by the throat, picks him up and chucks him into the guardrail. Moose showboats as says the message is for Rich Swann as the ref checks on Mack. He says Mack made it personal as he throws him into the guardrail, then goes to the camera and tells Swann that this is what pain feels like. He picks Mack up, slams him into the apron and rolls him in, then follows. Moose yanks on Mack’s nose a bit, then locks in a sleeper. Mack elbows his way out, gets to his feet, and fires off a shot before coming off the ropes with a discus punch. Mack off the ropes, Moose goes for a dropkick but Mack holds on. Moose kips up, Mack comes off the ropes into a dropkick. Moose says he’s gonna hurt Mack some more and stomps on his chest, then again on his knee. A stomp to the hand and then he steps on Mack’s head, telling the referee to count and saying “It doesn’t matter!” Glorious. Moose continues to pick Mack apart with stomps and grabs him by the beard, ordering him to tell the camera he’s a wrestling god. Mack is defiant and takes punishment as a result. Moose picks Mack up and whips him incredibly hard into the corner, sending Mack to the mat. Mack crawls back to his feet, Moose charges in and Mack dodges! Moose hits hard and Mack gets to his feet, Moose charges again and Mack moves again! Moose hits a shot and Mack returns it, they’re trading blows in the center of the ring. Mack takes over, comes off the ropes with a couple clotheslines that don’t drop Moose. One more but Moose with a pump kick! Moose comes off the ropes, stops before getting kicked and charges in — SAMOAN DROP by Mack! Mack kips up, standing moonsault, pin gets two. Mack back up, he grabs Moose for a uranage but Moose elbows out, Moose tries the same but Mack elbows out. Mack goes for the stunner, gets pushed off by Moose. Mack with a shot off the ropes, he comes off once more and dodges a punch with a spinning bodyslam. Mack is going up top, leaps for the frog splash but Moose moves and Mack hits hard! Moose back up, he charges in but Mack hits the stunner! Moose off the ropes, hits the Lights Out! He climbs on top of Mack and starts beating him with punches and elbows, Mack is out and the match is called.

Winner: Moose (10:05)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: The story and psychology of the match was great, I enjoyed how they built the match up. I would have loved to give it more because it accomplished just about everything it needed to from a psychology perspective and kept both guys strong, but there were also some really awkward transitions in their moves that felt like the exact opposite of smooth. Good stuff overall, even if it could have been a bit better.

Afterward, Moose jumps on Mack and lays in more elbows as the ref tries to stop him. He gets up eventually and orders that his music get played.

* Josh and Madison break down what just happened and speculate on what’s next for Moose, then break down tonight’s show including:
Knockouts Tag Team Tournament Match: Havok & Nevaeh vs. Tenille & Alisha Edwards
Farewell to the Rascalz: Dez & Wentz vs. Trey & Rich Swann

* We cut to the Treehouse, where Trey says it’s cold and he doesn’t like being evicted. Wentz says he doesn’t want to leave, and Trey reminds him of the good times like when Wentz got a date with Gail Kim to see Jonas Brothers and left them behind. We get a flashback featuring Gail. Wentz doesn’t remember it at all, and he’d remember that because Gail, bro. Dez recalls Moose beating the hell out of everyone and taking Trey’s glasses, but Trey says that never happened either. Dez says he’s still Ticklebutt Champion and no one’s tried to take his crown. Trey then puts himself and Wentz out with his attempt to win. The lights go out, because they didn’t pay the light bill.

* We get an ad for Impact! Plus.

* Detective Holmes is in his office in his Sherlock gear when the Deaners come in to ask how the investigation is going. He says he’s narrowing down the list but since Cousin Jake is still under investigation, he’s not going to reveal much. Cody throws out Johnny Swinger and suggests checking his fanny pack. They all get very close and stare intensely before Jake boops Dreamer on the nose.

Lockup and Suicide with a waistlock, reversed and they counter wrestle until Gio comes off the ropes into a sequence that ends with am armdrag. Now Joe Doering and Eric Young come out, Doering steps into the ring and punches Gio and the bell’s rung.

Winner: Gio by DQ (0:42)
Rating: NR
Thoughts: A five-star classic, truly. In seriousness, it’s for the angle so it is what it is.

Doering missed a clothesline on Suicide but crossbodies him, clotheslines Gio and then EY comes in and grabs Suicide, throws him to Doering who powerbombs him. Young gets a mic and praises Joe, then points at the camera and says “I know what you’ve done.” He sees the truth and Doering will be the reason we can’t sleep at all. He reiterates his usual stuff that the world doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to them.

* Gia Miller is backstage with Deonna and Kimber Lee and congratulates Deonna, asking her how it feels to have the title back. She says it feels amazing to be a two-time Knockouts champion after only six months. She says her career is endless and the opportunities are endless. Their plans have come together perfectly. Kimber says it felt great to see what Deonna did to Su Yung and she’s recovering. She mentions the Knockouts Tag Team Tournament and it’s time she got a crown jewel herself. Deonna agrees and says with Su out of the way, she can have two titles. They laugh and things get real wonky. When the come back we get a message on the mirror: “Next Week Ur Time Haz Come…”

* Heath and Rhino are backstage, Heath says Swann gave him the number of Swann’s physical therapist and walks off while Rhino, seeing something off-screen, says he’ll be right back. He walks out and up to EY and Doering and says he knows what it’s all about and it’s not going to happen around here. Young and Doering attack and stomp Rhino down. Heath walks out and EY directs Doering toward Heath. They walk in and close the door and that can’t be good.

Myers jaws at Steve, who laughs in return. They lockup and Myers pushes Steve into the corner, Steve ducks a punch and chops Myers, climbs up on him but Myers pulls Steve into the turnbuckle and slides out of the ring. Myers gets back in the ring while yelling at the ref. Myers calls for the lockup, and then kicks Steve in the gut and hammers across the back. Irish whip, Steve flips out of an armdrag, comes off the ropes with a rana. He charges at Brian in the corner and eats a back elbow, then gets whipped into a corner. Myers charges into a knee, Steve sits on the top rope and then catches Steve in a leg choke over the ropes. Break is forces and Steve is outside, slamming Myers into the apron headfirst. He gets up on the apron, grabs Myers but Myers fights back and they’re trading blows. Myers takes control but Steve blocks and bites Myers, who pushes Steve into the ringpost and to the floor s we go to break.

Back from break and Myers with a back suplex in the ring for a two-count. Myers with a knee to the spin and a sitting crossface. Steve tries to get out and gets to his feet, elbow and a stomp to the foot. He comes off the ropes and Myers runs in, slides under the ropes and trips Steve up. He’s back in and stomps on Steve as he talks trash. He grabs Steve and hits a knee, then a suplex that gets a two-count. Myers with a series of knees to the spine and another sitting crossface. Steve manages to get to his feet and fights free, he comes off the ropes but goes right into a sleeper. Steve is looking to fade quickly but he hits a jawbreaker to break up the hold. Steve is getting amped up as Myers is in the corner, he charges in with a series of clotheslines, then charges in with a hard uppercut. Back across the ring, he comes in with a running senton and drags Myers into a two-count. Steve up and he climbs to the second rope, Myers across the ring so he drops down. Steve ducks a clothesline, Russian legsweep into an octopus-style submission. Myers gets his feet in the ropes and forces the break. Steve back up, he goes in but eats an enzuigiri. Myers sends Steve into the ropes but Steve off with a flying knee that gets a near fall. Steve picks Myers up, goes for a back suplex but Myers with a punch to get free. He goes in for a big clothesline, that gets three.

Winner: Brian Myers (5:38)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: Expected result, though I’m just not sold on Myers in Impact so far. His character is generic and while this match was technically proficient, there wasn’t any real heat to it. Steve did a solid job here but Myers just feels out out of place right now.

* The Impact! Plus moment of the week is Gail Kim and Madison Rayne against Brooke Tessmacher and Tara from November 3rd, 2011. Karen Jarrett distracted Earl Hebner to allow Rayne and Kim to get the win and capture the Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

* Another Impact! Plus ad during the break.

* Detective Dreamer is visited by Johnny Swinger, who is looking for a draw. Tommy says he needs to look through the fanny pack, which Swinger calls the “waist pharmacy.” Swinger has a gun in his fanny pack and asks if it’s a Magnum, which gets a condom thrown his way. He points out the OTHER Magnum and Swinger pulls it out. Swinger says he has a box cutter in there two. Dreamer says he’s literally holding the smoking gun and says that’s it; he’s guilty. Wrestler’s Court: The Boys vs. Johnny Swinger returns next week!

Kaleb with a K is back and in the ring to introduce Tenille as usual. Nevaeh and Alisha start off and Alisha asks why Nevaeh is so mad. Nevaeh points out that it’s for the Knockouts Tag Titles and should be serious, and Alisha stomps on her foot to start the action. Nevaeh takes Alisha down and goes into a headlock, Alisha gets free and Nevaeh with a kick, Alisha catches it and clotheslines Nevaeh. She charges in and splashes Nevaeh in the corner, bulldogs her and gets a one-count. Edwards pulls Nevaeh over and tags in Tenille, double suplex and Tenille covers for two. Tenille picks Nevaeh up, slams her into the turnbuckle and then pulls her back through the ropes by her hair. A couple of kicks, a snapmare and a Dashwoogie. Nevaeh gets free and decks Tenille, charges in but gets drop toe-held into the corner. Low crossbody gets two. Tenille gets Nevaeh up but she fights back with punches, Tenille counters with a clothesline and locks in a chinlock. She then steps on Nevaeh’s neck but gets distracted talking to Kaleb and Nevaeh tags in Havok! Tenille quickly tags out and Alisha ducks a clothesline, hits a bunch of punches and comes off the ropes into a bear hug. Ear clap and she comes off the ropes again, gets caught but hits a DDT! Alisha off the ropes, crossbody is caught and its a spinning sidewalk slam from Havok. She grabs Alisha by the hair, slams her into the turnbuckle and tags in Nevaeh. Double whip out of the corner and back in, Havok throws Nevaeh into Alisha and then charges in with a splash. Nevaeh cover gets two and Tenille is posing for pics, not paying attention. Nevaeh’s snap suplex gets two. She picks Alisha up, slams her into the hostile corner and tags in Havok. Havok whips Alisha hard into the corner, charges in but Alisha moves. She charges in with an avalanche, says she has this and charges with a low crossbody. Alisha showboats and makes a cover that is emphatically kicked out of. Havok up, she catches Alisha and picks her up for a tombstone but Tenille makes the save. They go for a double clothesline, Havok breaks through and charges but they pull down the second rope and she slips to the outside! Nevaeh is in, Tenille throws Alisha into a clothesline and then Nevaeh with a reverse Sister Abigail. Tenille is out, Nevaeh elbows out of an Alisha uranage, whip to the corner reversed, Alisha charges in with an avalanche and climbs up for an elevated bulldog! Alisha is slow to get up, Havok is in now and Alisha goes for the wheelbarrow, Havok catches her and Nevaeh hits a cutter out of it! Pin attempt gets the win.

Winner: Havok & Nevaeh (6:32)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Solid all-around match. I’m not totally sure what the end goal is for Tenille right now but she’s working in a storyline capacity, while the right team moved on.

* Havok & Nevaeh move on to face the winner of Killy Kelly & Renee Michelle vs. Jordynne Grace & her mystery partner.

* Jordynne Grace is backstage on the phone, says the competition is really stiff. She’s glad her opponent has agreed to it and doesn’t know what to say. Apparently her partner is retiring. We’ll find out who it is next week.

They charge in right off the bat and neither are taken down. Another charge and the same, one more and Bahh ducks, then comes off the ropes with a big crossbody. Bahh chokes Hernandez in the corner, back elbow and a chop. Hernandez whipped across the ring, he floats over and hits a shoulder to the charging Bahh’s gut, then leaps over the ropes with a shoulder tackle! Bahh rolls out of the ring and Hernandez with a big dive to take Bahh down! He gets up and hits Bahh, then rolls him into the ring. Back in and Hernandez with a kick and double axe handle, Bahh fires back to no effect and Hernandez with a big chop in the corner. Shoulder to the gut, he whips Bahh who counters. Hernandez dodges out of the corner, off the ropes with a big clothesline. Hernandez wrenches the head for an extended period before Bahh gets back to his feet and fights free. Headbutt and he whips Hernandez into the corner, big avalanche and then he runs in for another one. Samoan Drop gets two. He grabs Hernandez, goes for another Samoan Drop but Hernandez elbows out and claps the ears. He slingshots Bahh to the ground, goes up top for a frog splash to get the three.

Winner: Hernandez (3:35)
Rating: * 3/4
Thoughts: It was probably as good a match as we can get out of these two, especially with the time given.

* Rohit is boring D’Amore with his celebratory story and complaining about EY and Doering stealing his spotlight. D’Amore is annoyed to no end as Rohit walks off, and says “I really miss the Austin Aries days.” TJP comes up and they commiserate over Rohit’s annoyingness. D’Amore says he got screwed, and TJP says he needs to do some soul-searching. D’Amore says a contract is a contract, and there’s no way anyone named TJP can get the contract, and he wanted to say he’s sorry. At times like this, he wonders what Dusty would do in this situation. He was so smart at getting around things, and no one named TJP can. Anyone else can, any other persona can but TJP can’t and it’s SO frustrating! D’Amore walks off giving TJP something to consider.

* A vignette plays documenting the Good Brothers’ run in Impact so far including their rivalry with the Machine Guns, battle with The North, failure to capture the tag titles at Bound For Glory and then The North mocking them. We then get a highlights package of the Turning Point match which saw the Brothers get the win by pinning Page.

* Backstage, D’Amore is complaining about Rohit still when Anderson gives him a Good Brothers hat. Page comes up and complains. Page says he needs a match against them for the belts. He says he doesn’t cause problems or ask for much, but this is an official request for a rematch. D’Amore says he makes a point and he needs to give him an answer. The Brothers consider it. Alexander says Page is a pretty great wrestler in phenomenal shape. He suggests Page “go through a Phenomenal opponent” to get a title match. Page doesn’t get the reference and says he’ll beat whatever opponent they want. Page is fine with it, he says he’ll beat whoever it is and then get the title shot. Page leaves and D’Amore says not to screw around on this. “Dixie’s heart is fluttering.” Gallows says the Phenomenal is on the way, but D’Amore feels like this isn’t on the up and up.

* Josh and Madison speculate lightly on the Phenomenal reference and then hype next week’s matches, including:

– Knockouts Tag Title Tournament continues
Impact World Championship Match: Rich Swann vs. Ken Shamrock

All three men come out at once and come down to the ring together, followed by Swann. They all do splits, Wentz less successfully, before we go to break

Back from break and Trey and Wentz are in the ring as we start the match. They circle and fistbump, then lockup. Wentz pushes Trey into the corner and they break. Another lockup, Trey then pushes Wentz into the corner and rolls back. Lockup again, Trey with a shoulderblock into a wristlock. Wentz flips out, goes under and leapfrogs into a headlock. Trey gets Wentz down to a knee , La Magistral cradle gets one. They’re back up, another lockup into a wristlock by Trey, flipped through and an armdrag by Wentz. As much as Madison and Josh are playing this up, I’ll be shocked if there isn’t a Callihan attack to ruin all of this. Some more counter-wrestling, Trey with a springboard armdrag, Wentz ducks a clothesline, so does Trey, double dropkick and they’re up for a handshake fake. Swann and Dez tagged in and they circle. Lockup pushed out of, they go back into it and Swann is pushed back this time. Dez charges into a Japanese armdrag, then hits one of his own and they go into a series of flip counters. Dez off the ropes, leapfrog and flips to his feet. There’s just a bunch of counter-wrestling here until Swann hits a hard roundhouse kick. He tags in Trey and they dodge punches, Trey with an elbow, comes off the ropes into a fist to the gut and a kick. Dez sends Trey into the corner, leaps in and tags Wentz. Dez holds Trey in place for a Wentz Bronco Buster. He pulls Trey into the middle of the ring for two and we’re on break.

Back from break and Trey with some hard punches to the gut. He comes off the ropes, dodges a clothesline and hits a rana, Wentz springboards off the ropes with a kick for two. Wentz slams Trey into the corner, tags in Dez. Dez with punches to the gut and tags in Wentz, holding Trey there until he whips Wentz but Trey moves! He decks Wentz, ducks out of the way of a splash from Dez that hits Wentz and then hits Dez with a uranage knee. Colorful Combination on both guys! Trey crawls toward his corner, but Wentz catches him. Enzuigiri and Swann gets the tag! He kicks Dez on the corner, back kicks Wentz twice and a third time in the but. He charges in but eats a boot, Wentz on the top but gets kicked. Dez charges into a kick, and leaps up for a superrana! Swann with Rolling Thunder for two.Wentz gets Trey in a waistlock, Trey back kicks out of it, grabs Wentz and it’s a double kick by Swann and Trey! Springboard stomp by Trey, standing shooting star press by Swann and Dez breaks up the pin. All four men are down now and slowly getting up, using each other for support. Trey with a shot to Dez, Dez to Rich, Rich to Wentz and they’re just trading shots now. A boot to Rich, who hits Wentz who hits Trey, all for up. Double kicks by Swann and Trey caught and pushed away, it turns into a double superkick! And then a superkick from everyone to everyone! All four men down in the ring again. Wentz up enough to punch Swann, who returns the shot. They trade blows as they get to their feet. Swann takes control with several punches, he goes for a discus punch but Dez blocks it and they go to town on Swann! Kicks followed by Wentz off the ropes with a double stomp. Hot Fire Flame on Swann, Wentz makes the cover but Trey kicks Dez onto Wentz and breaks up the fall! Wentz up and leaps on Trey, who counters and kicks Wentz to the second turnbuckle. Kick to Wentz’ head and he slides out, charges in but into a boot. Trey comes back with a kick to the head and he goes up top but Wentz is fighting back. He slips off the turnbuckle and grabs Trey, Dez goes in and belly to back suplexes Trey across the ring! Swann with a frog splash onto Dez and goes for the pin, but Wentz breaks it up with a kick to the head. Wentz revives Dez and they go to pick Swann up as Trey is on the outside. Swann pushes both Dez and Wentz away and he recovers, then lays into both men. He swings and Wentz misses, ripcord and a knee. They prep for Hot Fire Flame, Trey is up top and Swann moves! Trey with the knees to Dez. Swann is up and a charged kick to the back of Dez’s head. That’s the pin!

Winner: Rich Swann & Trey Miguel (12:21)
Rating: ****
Thoughts: I suspect this match may divide some people. Sure, it was overly choreographed at times, particularly in the beginning, and it got a little cutesy here and there. But the four men also turned it the hell on and gave a very strong outing. I get why some may rate this lower, but it was a great send-off to The Rascalz and I loved it.

After the match, all four men are incredibly emotional, particularly Trey. They get to their feet and embrace, with all four hands raised in victory. The Rascalz hold their jackets up and hang them on the ring ropes, leaving them there as they back away and exit the ring. One more pose on the ramp and they exit.

We then cut to backstage, where the three of them commiserate about the loss. They thank each other and Swann comes in, hugging them — and there comes a garbage can! Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock attack! Callihan directs traffic as they get beat up, and Callihan holds Swann while telling Shamrock to look in his eyes. Shamrock decks Swann and Callihan says next week he’s got a date with the World’s Most Dangerous Man. Shamrock says he’s going to tear every limb from his body next week. The two walk off and we cut to black.


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