Inside the Mind of the Entrepreneur

Inside the Mind of the Entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur and I want to share with you some of the thoughts and ideas that come up in my life. There is a lot of debate about what it means to be an entrepreneur. Is it personal ambition, the desire to influence society, or simply the ability to turn investments into profits?. Entrepreneurs often believe that only character qualities like perseverance, risk taking capacity and leadership skills can make someone an entrepreneur. Any business takes a lot of work and many people end up quitting long before they reach the same success as others. Let’s take a journey through history back to understand what entrepreneurs share in common. Around 60,000 years ago, I was taking the first steps outside the African savannah and foraging for food and safety. The use of ICT technologies in the workplace is becoming more widespread and these technologies have been revolutionizing the way we travel, communicate and gather knowledge. From industrial to information revolution, I was always building new technologies that allowed us to change the way we work. In a short time, I have transitioned from being a hunter-gatherer living in the wild forests of Africa to being a modern man living in bigger cities who orders his groceries from his couch.

How did this happen?

I am motivated to not accept the status quo and continuously defy limitations. I work hard to push the frontiers of humanity, which is what motivates me. Opportunities are there but you don’t notice them. Fear of failure makes you doubt yourself but it doesn’t stop you from trying. I fall only to rise again. I am creative and I use my talent to forge new paths. I create new ideas, start up new ventures and help drive revolutions. I invent, innovate and improvise. I have a lot of faith in my abilities. I recognize that luck plays a significant role in my life but I try not to rely on it too much. So much so that I…

What separates Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg from other entrepreneurs?

It is challenging to start a venture and earn profit from it. It’s even more challenging when you want it to kick-start a revolution and think beyond the immediate industry, geography or time.

What is ‘entrepreneurial spirit’?

Entrepreneurs are people who are willing to take risks and find innovative solutions for different problems in their workplace. This can be seen in the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ that they carry with them. When facing the challenges of running a business, entrepreneurs often utilize resources that they can control. As their life experiences learn how to make better decisions ahead of time, they are able to promote their business even when times are tough.It doesn’t have to be a business that’s running for your entrepreneur to tap into their spirit. Christopher Columbus explored America and Mahatma Gandhi led peaceful movements that had profound impacts on the world. Entrepreneurs have been using the entrepreneurial spirit to take different forms, such as business or venture. It takes a lot of courage and effort to start and maintain an enterprise, but it can be done! The spirit is alive & vibrant as it requires a host of skills and character to manage your organization well. Entrepreneurial spirit is a constant for business, and it will continue to have a strong influence on the future. The nature of its manifestation may change. Where the world is going these days, such as, poverty, hunger, environmental degradation, poor healthcare services and war atrocities, the entrepreneurs were faced with challenges, but they fought through them & found solutions. Together, they can make the world a better place to live.

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