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My Unbiased Norwex Review | Is Norwex a Scam?


Is Norwex Legit?

Norwex is a company that sells personal care and household cleaning products without toxic chemicals. All Norwex products aim to reduce chemical exposure in the home, which is what Essential Moves to Wellness is all about! I’m here to give you my unbiased Norwex review on their microfiber cloths and how they can make your beauty routine a little less toxic. 

In this post, I’m going to take you through the amazing qualities of using Norwex microfiber in your daily beauty routine. The short answer is yes, Norwex is a legit company, and I think they’re worth it. But you should still read my tips below to get the most out of their products and avoid their terrible business model. Let’s dive in! 

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How Norwex Works and a Little Disclaimer on Any Norwex Product I Recommend

Before I get into how Norwex works and how it can benefit your beauty routine, I feel the need to insert this disclaimer on where I am now with the company. I want to stay true to this article’s title and keep this Norwex review open and honest.

I first discovered Norwex in 2012 when I first started my clean beauty journey, and I fell in love with them because I could use it as a body wash and makeup remover cloth all in one. It was a very appealing product for the broke college student that I was! 

I also wrote this post several years ago when I fully believed in Norwex and their claim that all you need is water to clean and kill germs. But I’ve changed a lot since this post was written, and it’s somehow become the most popular post on Essential Moves to Wellness! Hence the need for this disclaimer. 


Full transparency: I’ve never used Norwex to clean my kitchen; I’ve only used it as “body wash” and makeup remover. It works fantastic for those things! But I wouldn’t recommend following their sales pitch and using only water and the cloth to clean your house. Definitely use a nontoxic cleaner to kill germs! I still think they’re a great alternative to wasteful paper towels. 

The claim that the silver imbued in the microfiber will kill germs is inaccurate. Norwex even says that the silver is an “EPA approved antimicrobial additive for self-cleansing purposes only. The agent is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold and/or mildew growth within the product.” So the answer is no, Norwex is not a surface disinfectant, but is actually very good at making itself last longer without that mildew smell. 

The microfiber itself is very high-quality, and can be used for everything it claims to! Just make sure that you use a nontoxic cleaner if you’re disinfecting particularly germ-y areas. But you can use it in your beauty routine with water just fine! And that’s what I’m primarily going to be focusing on in this post.

Say NO to MLM’s!

Another thing I’ve learned since writing this post: I don’t support MLM’s in any capacity. And Norwex is, in fact, an MLM. It’s a business model that borders on scamming those who are desperate to make money and leaves people having spent more than they earned. I’ve come close to being victimized by several MLM’s since Essential Moves to Wellness started to take off and I will no longer support their business model. I don’t even buy from MLM’s in the clean beauty community!

Those who choose to go door to door or host those awkward parties at friends houses to sell Norwex usually make next to nothing, while the head of the company is living large. This article on the pros and cons of being a Norwex representative are outlined in detail, and it’s not pretty. 

You can get Norwex on Amazon, which I think is an okay alternative because microfiber is microfiber. I regularly get hate comments on here from Norwex consultants saying that the products aren’t authentic and I’m taking away their paycheck. But I disagree because the microfiber is of the same quality, and again, I don’t want to support a business model that involves people having to send me nasty-grams in order to make a few bucks. 

These are just a few things I really want you to keep in mind before you read the rest and maybe (or maybe not) choose to buy! I think Norwex is a great money-saving option for your beauty cabinet, so that’s why I’ll continue to update this post. It’s also a great sustainability option, because you won’t have to throw out all those cotton rounds and makeup wipes every day! 

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The Wide Variety of Norwex Products (Not) in This Norwex Review

The main product that Norwex sells is their amazing microfiber cloths. This microfiber is special, in that it picks up absolutely everything. Dirt, bacteria, you name it. Microfiber in and of itself is a great cleaning agent because the ribbed quality of the fabric will get rid of everything on a given surface. Those little fibers are about the size of a human hair, meaning that dirt can get trapped in them. 

Norwex makes cloths for your body, face, counters, windows, etc. And I think that you could totally use them as a paper towel replacement when cleaning your home! But that’s the extent of it.

Norwex makes just about every home product in-between, from mops to laundry detergent. As far as beauty goes, they even make mitts for tasks that involve scrubbing your body, and an extra long cloth for a back scrubber! But that’s all I truly recommend for your personal care routine. 

A Note on Where You Should Buy

Norwex also offers things like towel turbans and bath mats on their website, but if you want the security of Amazon or not support an MLM company, you’re going to have to be a little bit careful. Not all of the products you see listed on Amazon are actually by Norwex. 

I personally don’t have a problem if the product is authentic or not. Like I said, microfiber is microfiber. But I do know for sure that the link I have to their body pack is legit. It’s really up to you whether you want to buy through Amazon or their website. Another thing to consider is that a consultant reached out to me to mention that you won’t get a warranty if you purchase through Amazon.

But you can get the body pack and their kitchen towels made of the same microfiber fabric on Amazon. Just be careful of the fakes! One tip I’ve learned is to make sure you can see the Norwex tag in the actual photo. But I’ve managed to find my exact body pack of cloths and verify they’re real.  

If you’re really looking to overhaul your beauty and routine, see what their website has to offer! I’ve been meaning to try the turban out, because this cloth is super absorbent! Plus, the quality of the microfiber won’t snag on your ends and make them split. By the way, if you want to find some easy tweaks to your beauty routine to help your hair grow fast, I’ve got some hair growth hacks here

How to Use Norwex in Your Beauty Routine

These microfiber cleaning cloths work to keep your body just as clean as your home! I use their body pack towel set instead of body wash in the shower. With Norwex’s very thorough and exfoliating microfiber, my body gets just as clean, if not cleaner, than using regular body wash.

Since I’m only getting rid of bad things on my body, and none of the good things that regular body wash takes away, my skin has never felt better! Seriously. I suffered from terrible body acne most of my teenage years, and I tried everything.

Within about three months of only using Norwex microfiber cloths on my body and face, my acne vanished! I was completely floored! Now it’s been years since I’ve used any kind of soap on my body regularly, and I haven’t looked back. 

If you take anything from this Norwex review, it’s that this microfiber cloth should be called the Swiss army knife of beauty! I also use my body pack to remove makeup. I love the satisfying feeling of removing foundation with this cloth! Then I just rinse out the cloth as best I can before hanging it up to dry. I put it in the wash every week just like my other towels. 


Save Some Major Green by Going Green!

If you only used Norwex cloths as body wash and makeup remover, imagine how much money could save! You wouldn’t need to buy cotton rounds or individual products! I wish I could have kept a tally of how much body wash I’ve skipped out on buying since writing this Norwex review. And those makeup wipes riddled with nasty toxins? Don’t need those either!

Caring for Your Norwex Cloths

Now I’m going to address one question that I see a lot about Norwex: How on Earth do you clean these things?? It’s actually pretty simple.

The official Norwex instructions state that you can wash them with low-lint items, like sheets and jeans. Regular detergent is fine, just don’t use bleach. You also want to use HOT water instead of cold to open up the fibers and let them get a deeper clean.

I found this article written by a Norwex representative that goes through her own tips and tricks for cleaning her cloths. One tip I learned was that they must be washed in hot water. I always put things I want to last longer in a cold delicate wash by default, so I put one of my cloths in a hot wash, and wow! It practically looks like new!

The cloth came out much fluffier, and it felt so soft! I had completely forgotten what these cloths feel like when they’re new. So one thing I’d recommend if you do get Norwex cloths, is to always put them in a hot wash, and the dryer is fine to use too.

Final Thoughts on My Unbiased Norwex Review | It’s Legit, But Be Careful!

Getting Norwex to replace several of my body care items was one of the best decisions I made when I was transitioning to a natural lifestyle. I haven’t bought body wash in years, and I don’t need to buy makeup remover either!

These amazing little cloths can get rid of any unwanted stuff on your body, including makeup! Just remember to always use hot instead of cold water when washing! Hot water will open the microfibers up to help them release all that nasty stuff they just sucked up. 

Another thing you should be careful with is that Norwex is a MLM company, meaning that there are representatives that sell these cloths at those awkward parties where no one actually wants to buy anything. You can easily avoid the pressure by choosing your cloths on Amazon instead!

If you’re looking for a way to revolutionize the way you look at personal care, I highly recommend you take a look at Norwex. I promise you won’t regret it.

Have you ever tried Norwex? What do you love about it? Let me know in the comments below!

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