Narciso Rodriguez on Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s Wedding Dress on PBS’s ‘Finding Your Roots’

It goes without saying that of all the secretly conceived and designed wedding dresses in matrimonial history (both royal and otherwise), the simple slip dress designed by Narciso Rodriguez for Carolyn Bessette Kennedy for her wedding to John F. Kennedy Jr. has to be at the top of that list. The designer, who famously counted the late Bessette as a close friend, recently sat down with Henry Louis Gates Jr. of PBS’s Finding Your Roots to delve a little deeper into his friendship with the icon and how that has impacted the trajectory of his life.

In a clip from the season 6 premiere, Rodriguez explains that the dress that he designed was done so with so much love, for the person “that he loved most,” and that he didn’t see it as a press event for the woman who would be Mrs. JFK Jr. As such, when the news of the secret wedding broke, he went from being a private person, to a person in the public eye nearly overnight.

In the exclusive clip shared above, the designer also reveals that not only did he and Carolyn both work at Calvin Klein together (where Bessette was a publicist, and he was a designer), but they also happened to live in the same apartment building, which was a catalyst for their bond. Another tidbit Rodriguez shares is that his apartment was bigger, so the fashion plate used to keep her shoes “and herself” in his apartment, instead of her own—the sign of a true friendship.

Finding Your Roots season six premieres with Rodriguez in the “Fashion Roots” episode on Tuesday, October 13.

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