Nutra Complete Reviews (Ultimate Pet Nutrition) Premium Beef Dog Food

Nutra Complete by Ultimate Pet Nutrition is a freeze-dried food for your dog that provides nutritious meat and vegetables with no loss in nutrition through baking. Get enough for an entire month, but if you have more than one pup, then the bags are perforated at the bottom for easy room between each serving.

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Every dog owner wants to ensure that their pet is well-exercised. Along with a lot of cuddles, a healthy diet is an important factor to consider as well. For too long, pet brands have not been paying close enough attention to the nutritional needs of pets. Nutra Complete offers consumers an innovative solution that provides better nutrition for their pooch.

Nutra Complete means that you get the benefits of an optimal recipe that includes ingredients such as beef from American farmers, and vegetables and vitamins. There are over 40 ingredients in the formula so it’s packed full of goodness for your animal’s coat and general health. Unlike other foods, this dog food has no grains and it even contains some healthy fruits to load your body with antioxidants. The resealable bag means that the food will stay fresh between feeds.

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Dr. Gary Richter, a vet with over two decades of experience has developed the cat food. His holistic integrative approach includes both medical training and Eastern techniques which he has spent years mastering to provide the best for these animals under his treatment. He’s also a published author of a book called The Ultimate Pet Health Guide.

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Purchasing Nutra Complete

If you want a monthly supply of dog food, for example, the total cost is going to depend on how many bags you order and on a set schedule. Typically, the company offers the food for $59.95 each. For one-time orders, consumers can choose from:

One bag for $29.95, plus $4.95 for shipping

Three bags for $80.85 ($26.95 each), with free shipping

Six bags for $149.70 ($24.95 each), with free shipping

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For customers who prefer to get their food delivered to them, there are monthly subscriptions that provide a service that includes 1) Save up to 5% every month on your shipments and 2) Free shipping options. All subscription packages come with 1) free shipping and 2) significant discounts for prepaid orders.

If a customer doesn’t find their new dog food a good fit for their pup, they can get a refund from SitStay within 90 days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nutra Complete

Why does the Nutra Complete formula go through the freeze-drying process?

The huge majority of dog food companies already cook their foods to make them safe for pets, but these high temperatures usually destroy valuable nutrients. Freeze drying the food instead preserves the valuable nutrients.

What should users do if they have more than one dog?

We recommend ordering three bags for two dogs. If you have more than one dog or a very large dog, get the six-bag boxes to save even more.

How does Nutra Complete need to be prepared?

A dog’s food needs water to be made – just add two cups of water for every cup of food.

We have a strict customizable schedule for feeding, so if the dog doesn’t eat any of their food they can keep it in the fridge for 5 days as long as there’s water in it. There is no need to prepare the food with water ahead of time – we take care of all that

How long is Nutra Complete good for?

Without being placed in a fridge, the Nutra Complete formula has a shelf life of 1 year.

What kind of meat sources are in Nutra Complete?

Nutra Complete includes beef, liver (from beef), and kidneys (from beef).

How long will it take for consumers to see a change in their health?

Every dog’s experience is different. Most people have seen improvements in their understanding of how their dog’s digestion and stools will change within a week. Dog owners have also seen an increase in their dogs’ energy and maybe less bad smells. The best reaction comes with long-term use, so the company encourages users to keep with it for at least three months.

What if this formula doesn’t work to improve their dog’s health?

The creators offer a 90-day return policy on the product. To learn more about it, you can contact customer service.


Nutra Complete provides owners with nutritious & healthy meals for their dog. They’re designed by a veterinarian heavily influenced by Eastern cultures, which give him a unique perspective on the nutrition needs of these furry friends. Consumers can choose to buy food as a one-time transaction or subscribe and receive regular shipments of six bags at a time. With beef and organ meat, you can feel confident that you’re providing great nutrition for your pet.

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