Quicken For Mac 2021 Review

Quicken for Mac

Quicken was traditionally known as one of the best personal finance software options for desktop users. However, the Mac version had traditionally lacked the features found in the PC version, and that was disappointing to many users.

Over the years, Quicken has tried to close the gap between its two software versions. And that was again the case with its latest iteration — Quicken For Mac 2021.

So is the Mac version finally on equal footing with the PC software? Unfortunately, no. Quicken for Mac still lags the Quicken for Windows experience. But it’s still a power piece of software that may perfectly meet all your needs. In this article, we’ll look at the latest features in Quicken for Mac and compare it against the current Quicken for Windows.

Quicken for mac 2021

    Quicken For Mac 2021 Details

Who Is Quicken?

Quicken is a personal finance software company. It used to be part of Intuit. Quicken was spun off from Intuit in 2016 and was purchased by H.I.G. Capital. The CEO of Quicken is Eric Dunn. He joined Intuit as employee #4 when Quicken was still under the Intuit umbrella.

The Quicken Home & Business subscription allows you to run your personal and business transactions within the same software. However, Quicken H&B is not as nearly business feature-rich as Quickbooks.

Quicken for Mac is still missing the H&B option. You can only get it in Quicken for Windows.

What’s New In Quicken For Mac 2021?

Each version of Quicken gets faster and more robust. That hasn’t changed with the latest version. Being a subscription, you’ll automatically get the latest updates.

Specifically for Mac users, expect the following in the latest version of Quicken:

    Up to twice as fast on start-up
  • Backup is four times faster than prior versions
  • New enhanced Portfolio View
  • 5 GB of secure online backup for your Quicken files with Dropbox
  • Manage your money anywhere with Quicken on the Web

Both the Windows and Mac version get the following enhancements:

    Over 500 customer-requested improvements and fixes plus significantly improved reliability
  • Quicken On The Web

    Quicken on the Web is a recent development for Quicken. While most other financial apps are completely web-based, Quicken on the Web is only a companion. This means it is a scaled down version of Quicken. If Quicken can continue developing Quicken on the Web into a full-blown financial app, it will eliminate the inferior Mac user experience.

    With Quicken on the Web, you can do all of the following:

      View balances, budgets, accounts, and transactions
    • See spending trends by category, payee, and more
    • Monitor investment performance with up-to-the-minute portfolio value
    • Search and see details of past expenses
    • Keep your finances continually up to date: your accounts sync across desktop, web, and mobile
    • Enjoy a fresh, streamlined Quicken experience

    What Does It Cost?

    Quicken moved to a subscription-based pricing model in 2017. Unlike many other subscription services, Quicken’s software is not purely cloud-based. It is desktop, mobile, and cloud-lite. Desktop software still needs to be installed to use all of Quicken’s features.

    While some may balk at no longer having one-time charge licensed software, the subscription model does make better sense in the end. It means more cash flow for Quicken. And hopefully, with more cash, incremental improvement will keep coming, making the software better each year. Here are the current prices:

    Basic budgeting, no investments

    Users with investments and loan tracking

    Users who want BillPay or Premium Support

    The Quicken for Mac prices do mirror the Windows prices. Also, Quicken does come with a 30-day money-back risk-free trial.

    If you want to use Quicken on Mac without installing a Windows emulator, Quicken for Mac is the only way to go. Despite it being less efficient than Quicken for Windows, there isn’t much of a learning curve and one can fairly quickly overcome most drawbacks.

    But if you’re willing to give another brand a try, you may want to consider Moneydance. Moneydance offers a well-designed and fully-featured Mac version in addition to its Windows and Linux options. Plus, you only pay for the software once instead of having to renew a subscription each year. Learn more in our Moneydance review.

    Quicken For Mac Features

      Starter: $35.99/yr
    • Deluxe: $51.99/yr
    • Premier: $74.99/yr

    Mon-Fri, 5 AM to 5 PM (PT)

Yes, 5 AM to 5 PM (PT) daily

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