The 14 Best Valentine’s Day Chocolates to Buy 2022

The stereotype so ingrained in our culture, it’s become a mandate—chocolates on Valentine’s Day. However, just because this tradition is commonplace, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Whether you’re buying them for yourself (no shame) or for a loved one, the world of Valentine’s Day chocolates has expanded from the Hershey Kisses found in middle school lockers. From creamy French confections worthy of a five-star dinner to elevated standards (chocolate-covered Oreos, anyone?), the creative, chocolatey options are endless. Want extra points? Pair any of these treats with flowers and/or wine for a day to remember. Here, find our favorite Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes.

La Maison du Chocolat Chocolate Selection, Set of 14

Perhaps the chicest chocolate box on the market, La Maison du Chocolat is a cult favorite. 

Signature Chocolate Truffles

Belgian Chocolate Covered Berries & Ultimate OREOs

For the ultimate deluxe Valentine’s Day treat, get your loved one this package of chocolate covered strawberries and Oreos. 

6-Piece Hand Painted Bonbon Assortment

Try this selection for a unique chocolate box—each of Kate Weiser’s bonbons is carefully hand-painted. 

Chocolate Lovers Tackle Box Valentine’s Day Edition

This Valentine’s specific tackle box from famed candy store Dylan’s Candy Bar makes for the ideal compilation of goodies. 

Baby Brownies Sweet 16 Gift Box

Do you know anyone who wouldn’t want a box of lush chocolatey brownies for Valentine’s Day? We didn’t think so.

Wine Pairing Chocolate Bars

These unique chocolate bars recommend complementary wine pairings for their consumption. Naturally, a bottle (or two) of booze should accompany this gift. 

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Charbonnel et Walker Milk Chocolate Thins with Caramel and Sea Salt

For those who prefer just a bite of something sweet, these decadent, thin wafers of chocolate are just the thing. 

Jacques’ Signature Chocolates

Jacques Torres didn’t earn the nickname Mr. Chocolate for nothing, and his collection of favorites including classic essentials like hazelnut and raspberry as well as playful finds like the key lime ganache-filled “Love Bug” and red wine filled “Grand Cru” are sure to set a romantic mood. 

Exotic Truffle Collection

Vosges has made a name for themselves with their decadent, uniquely flavored truffles. From chile, to absinthe, to wasabi, to Balsamic vinegar, this collection of dark chocolate treats will take your tastebuds on an adventure.

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Chefs Selection, 24 Piece

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate

Like a chef’s tasting menu of chocolates, this 24 piece seasonal selection follows the chef’s whims, so you can buy one for Valentines’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, and everything else worth celebrating and still get unique tastes like gingerbread, salted butter caramel, banana peanut, and French baguette.

Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Box, 19 piece

Everyone will love this classic gold box filled with some of this beloved Belgian chocolatier’s signature flavors.

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