Tie wreath

Happy Friday, Crafters! Are you ready for a good laugh? Well, check out my craft fail….

Tie Wreath

I attempted to make a little tie wreath for Father’s Day to go with my Shirt and Tie card……and well, let’s just say it didn’t really turn out….

I think its a combination of the ugly red tie in the mix and not having enough ties so the wreath form shows through, but its just not jiving for me.

i kinda hate it.

tie flowerWith that all said, I think this wreath has potential to be cute and when I posted a picture on Instagram, a couple  people liked it. So I decided to go ahead and share how I made it and how to make it look better than mine 🙂

How to Make a Tie Wreath

supplies: thrifted ties, hot glue gun, scissors, wreath form, button, felt.

fathers day craft

  1. I used 8 ties, but I would recommend using 10 to get better coverage on the wreath.
  2. I used a 12″ square STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam wreath form. The square shape helps the points of the tie stick straight out.
  3. I covered the wreath form with 2″ strips of gray fabric, but if you use enough ties, you should be able to completely cover the form and would not need to do this step.
  4. Cut off the bottom 12″ {the largest end of the tie with the point}. Remove the labels and loop so the tie lays flat against the wreath form.
  5. Hot glue the tie around the wreath so that the point is on top and points out.

How to Make a Tie Flower

  1. tie flowerCut 2.5″ off the small part of the tie with the point of 8 ties.
  2. Arrange the small points in a circle and hot glue in place.
  3. Hot glue a circle on the back to secure them in place and glued a button in the center.
  4. Then I hot glued the “tie flower” to the wreath. {and tried to cover up the red tie on the form}

tie wreathSo that’s my ugly tie wreath.

Have you ever finished a craft and hated it? 

If you have a Craft Fail you’d like to share, I would LOVE to hear about them! Leave a comment here or post a picture on the Craftaholics Anonymous Facebook page and we’ll make a mini party of it!

happy crafting, linda

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