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2021 Update

Our desire to invest in Armorax Inc has decreased as the company continues to show signs that it is struggling.

Drop in Armorax BBB Rating

The BBB rating for this product has dropped to a C+ status, which is indicative of the company not providing satisfactory solutions to customer complaints-even if they are filed with the BBB. In our secret shopping, we have found that the sales department isn’t always picking up the phone. Inbound calls are greeted by a voice mail that instructs you to get in touch with 911 if this is an emergency…or to stay on the line for the sales department. Your call gets taken by the answering services after 2-3 minutes on hold. It would be nice to know how they follow up but knowing that you’re not alone in an emergency situation is good enough for now, right?

Frequent Equipment Changes

In addition to this, Armorax has switched manufacturers several times over the course of the past year. They’ve previously had a 2 Gig panel and briefly offered a panel from Interlogix called Somon XT. Now they are offering a model from Resolution Solutions called Helix

Price Increases – Armorax DIY  vs Spectrum Home Security

They’ve also made drastic changes to their price monitoring structure, which has changed three times in the past year. You can find mixed reviews online for this company, but it is worth taking the time to search through them. They originally gave no contract programs and free equipment rates for monitoring services starting at $19.99/month.The Intelligent Home had a significant price advantage over their security and home automation at one-time rate of $48.99. The cost of the service was an outstanding value, when we first started reviewing TWC Intelligent Home (Now Spectrum Intelligent Home) it looked very promising, but they are no longer available. They would cost $99 to start and standard monitoring would be $34.99. To use the mobile app separately would cost extra.

Lack of Transparency

Apart from the lack of transparency there is also a lack of online reviews for this kind of service which is hardly reassuring.  The Company currently has a 1-page website that offers little to no information on the Company background, equipment, pricing or anything else that would be beneficial for potential customers. The website also lacks any instructions on how to install the product or what to do if problems arise. We no longer see the company as a good alternative to Spectrum Home Security. We believe there are better alternatives. For instance, Vivint is a professional installation service, while Protect America & Frontpoint provide DIY alarms.

Armorax DIY or TWC Security Professional Install?

Like all the telecom companies, Time Warner Cable tries to convince you that you will save money by bundling your home security system with the rest of their services. This probably saves time & effort since they offer professional installation for $99-$199. If you want to save money on your alarm installation, you might want to think about doing it yourself. When you find out how affordable DIY installation is, you’ll see that it’s only $200!

Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome Alarms are professionally installed, however that is not necessarily a good thing.  Installation and experience highly depend on who you get to install it. You can’t just say that an individual is a professional alarm installer because they can install cable TV. These people often don’t have the necessary knowledge of security systems to be effective so it makes sense to be aware of online TWC Security reviews where customers go into detail about their most recent experiences with this type of company.

There was a time when home security systems required professional installation. Security systems used to be complicated and require drilling holes, fishing wires and programming systems; this is no longer the case. Today, modern wireless technologies have evolved to the point where installing a security system from a reputable DIY Alarm Company means mounting a few sensors and then calling them to activate the system. Armorax pre-programs and config solves the majority of the installs beforehand, making it easy for DIY customers to get started with their new alarm system. This leads to over 90% of them rating the install process as ‘easy.’


Armorax has a similar BBB Rating. They are fully accredited with the BBB and have complied 88% positive reviews on their BBB reviews page. This translates to a 4.67 out of 5 stars! On the other hand Time Warner Cable is one of the most middling rated TV providers. It might’ve had a temporary rebrand, but Spectrum has been there for some time and it had an extremely negative reputation too. Last year it scored a 51 on the American Consumer Satisfaction Rating and received 93% of all customer reviews as negative on BBB ratings.

Armorax Pricing

Armorax believes in making the best possible products available at a reasonable price. Their pricing structure allows our customers to have more pieces of body armor for a lower cost than any other competitor out there. For just $299, Armorax offers a free GC2 system for 36 months with monitoring included. Add-on sensors are almost 50% cheaper than professionally installed components. See how much you can save on add ons by calling 866-355-0640. Unlike TWC Security, you are not purchasing proprietary equipment with an Armorax security system and in fact, when you buy from us, everything is yours. All for one low monthly price. Time Warner Cable holds onto the control panel. Time Warner Cable retains ownership of the control panel which needs to be returned when the service is cancelled, and it’s also suggested to not put any additional equipment you might buy, because this can’t work with most major carriers’ systems.  That means that you will have to start fresh and purchase new equipment when you switch providers. But, the monthly  monitoring rate is where Armorax really outshines the competition. Armorax  Cellular Monitoring, with full services is just $24.95! And that is not bare boned monitoring it includes:


  • Interactive Service- Arm/Disarm/Notifications and Alerts

  • Comprehensive Home Automation

  • Video Surveillance Monitoring/Management

  • Crash and Smash

  • Geo Services….and more.

All for $24.95/mo.

And that is NOT an introductory price.  That includes a Rate Lock Guarrantee!

IntelligentHome  Pricing

The initial installation cost for IntelligentHome Security System is $99.00- $199.00. You can add more sensors to the standard equipment packages if you wish, but they get rather expensive after a while.  Cost is a significant problem with this system. Not only do you have to buy the system, but the machines they use for this task are also proprietary, meaning that you’ll have to buy new ones if your contract ends or your company decides to go with a different service provider. Depending on the introductory promotion you may receive, there is a range of pricing options at Intelligent Home start from $39.95/month…..However with Armorax, we have locked in prices at $24.95/month and you will own all the equipment once your commitment has been satisfied in 36 months . As a current customer you can lock in the low rate plan for as long as you remain a customer. Payments of $24.95 a month is really affordable and will help your business thrive

Armorax recognized as Top DIY Alarm Company

Armorax has a comprehensive and interactive cellular monitoring program for just $24.95/mo. and is taking the alarm industry by storm. They don’t stop there though; they also provide an installer database to make things even easier on you. Armorx has low monitoring rates and a high quality go control system. They were awarded the Silver Award in recognition of their value to customers.

we are one of the TOP Home Security Companies of 2017. When it comes to telecom providers, they all try and convince you that you will save by bundling their services, but after the first year, the honeymoon is over. Let’s discuss those alleged bundling savings now.

Is IntelligenHome  intelligent financially?

That is, assuming you have TWC service. The lowest monitoring rates for Intelligent Home are 60% higher than the Armorax monitoring rate, so you could spend more than TWICE the Armorax rate. You can avoid this by bundling your Security or Home Automation System with TWC services, thus avoiding installation fees and won’t have to worry about if your system is . With Armorax, you can save hundreds by avoiding the installation or upgrade fee. You’ll also save on service fees with our monitoring packages.  Ultimately TWC Security ends up costing even more with a 2-3X rate on extra packages

Interactive Features

TWC Monitored security services provide protection for your home and business 24/7, with state of the art equipment. TWC offers full cme packages that use their proprietary app for secure interactive service through Armorax. The platforms they use are monitored by, who has an award winning Interactive Platform that is one of the most stable in the industry due to:

  • Smash and Crash Protection– alerts the central station of an intrusion- even if the system is destroyed

  • Geo Fencing– uses GPS location on your cell phone to automatically control security and home automation functions

  • Power Outage Notification – if there is loss of power, the system sends you an alert

This product features a premium touchscreen 2gig GC2 control panel. This gives you access to local weather forecasts up to 5 days in advance during normal conditions, and severe alerts if there is a danger. The GC2 features an integrated Z-Wave adapter, which unlocks comprehensive home automation and management capability of virtually any Z-Wave compatible device! There is a $49.95 upgrade fee to the GC3, which includes additional features & capabilities, along with a 7-inch touchscreen display.


Armorax is one of the top DIY security providers in the industry. They provide full featured monitoring services for an affordable rate, starting at $24.95/month, including services which is free with your purchase of a system. With Armorax, you get top-of-the-line products and rock bottom prices for cellular monitoring!

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