Where Is the Biden White House Cat? Joe and Jill Biden Comment on Pet

socks the cat

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One ubiquitous rumor has swirled the Biden White House for the entirety of his presidency—will the Bidens actually get the cat they promised us? This weekend, President and Dr. Biden confirmed that, indeed, the cat is coming.

The First Couple spoke with NBC’s Craig Melvin, who was not afraid to ask the tough questions—namely demanding that the Bidens address their feline pet, or lack thereof. “She is waiting in the wings,” responded Dr. Biden.

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The President denied that the cat was his idea and the couple were cagey about when the new pet would arrive. However, feline lovers can rejoice in the news that there will be a First Cat soon. Melvin did note, however, a possibility for conflict between the now-unnamed cat and Major Biden. The President’s younger German Shepard has had some, well, trouble adjusting to life at the White House. Dr. Biden went on to address these concerns, noting that Major’s training included what sounds like exposure therapy, but for cats.

“[The Secret Service] took him into a shelter with cats and he did fine,” Dr. Biden said.

biden dogs

Champ (right) and Major Biden, two dogs unaware of their future housemate.


Indeed, time will tell how Major and Champ Biden react to their new housemate. We will anxiously await a name and breed for the new First Cat, as there is no more pressing issue facing our nation.

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There has not been a cat in the White House since George W. Bush’s presidency, when he and his wife, Laura Bush, brought their black cat, India “Willie” Bush, to Washington. She lived with the Bush family for nearly two decades. Prior to India, Bill and Hillary Clinton had an adopted stray cat, Socks Clinton, who garnered quite a bit of media attention. Will the new Biden cat will capture the public in the same way as prior presidential cats? We shall see if the new pet will, as Press Secretary Jen Psaki predicted in March, “break the Internet.”

socks clinton

Socks Clinton, cat icon.


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